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As we headed towards the place Cento-san wanted to go to, the Eastern Street, I suddenly got curious about something, so I turned to Cento-san and Cien-san, and there I saw the two of them faithfully holding hands just like Tre-san and I, looking somewhat heartwarming.



[Speaking of which, Cento-san likes ceramics, but what about you, Cien-san Do you have hobbies]


Im actually a bit like Cento, as I also collect handicrafts.]

[Cien likes glassware.]

[I see.]



Cento-san likes ceramicware, while Cien-san likes glassware.

From what Ive heard, both of them seem to be collecting them, so I guess you can say that collecting handicrafts is their hobby.



[In my case though, I prefer to collect glassware that can be displayed rather than those that can be used as tableware.

Although Im an amateur like Cento, I have made glass work several times.]

[Cien is good with her hands, so her glasswork is also wonderful.

Miymaa-san, if you have the chance, please check out Ciens works.]

[Im looking forward to it.

If the opportunity comes, Id like to do that…… Is there no glassware on the Eastern Street though]



Since we still have some time to spare, I thought it would be nice if we could also look around for glassware that Cien-san likes, but judging from the expression on Cien-sans face, she doesnt seem to be very enthusiastic.

As I was wondering if there werent a lot of glassware on the Eastern Street, Cien-san explained.



[……Symphonia Kingdom is famous for their ceramics, but the quality of their glassware is a little lower than in the other countries.]

[Ahh~~ I see, each country has their own characteristics after all.]


When it comes to glassware, the one good at them would be the Archlesia Empire.

Blacksmithing was originally a prosperous industry in that country, so their glasswork was also quite developed, having a considerably deep history in that industry.

Hydra Kingdom has many avant-garde and gorgeous works, which are also quite wonderful.

However, Symphonias glassworks dont really have those characteristics…… Of course, there are some good ones that appear sometimes but……]



Archlesia Empire has many mines, so I can certainly picture them having good glass products.

Hydra Kingdom is a country that is at the forefront of trends in various fields, so they must have innovated a lot when it comes to glasswares.



[Since the Symphonia Kingdom is rich in greenery, the woodcrafts here are strong.

Just as Cento mentioned earlier, its also famous for pottery because Symphonia can produce good soil.]

[Well, Kaito, its that, you know Thats just something Cien, who is knowledgeable about this matter says, and if its people with knowledge about them on our level look at Symphonias glassware, I think theyre good enough.]

[It certainly is difficult to determine the quality of handicrafts.

In my world, there were these people called appraisers, but are there any like that in this world]


There are…… The Appraisal Organization is a large organization that appraises the quality of various items under the jurisdiction of the Phantasmal Kings subordinates, so people who want to appraise things basically consult them.]



Heehhh…… Now that she mentioned it, I think Ive heard of an organization like that…… As expected, talking about things I dont normally get to know about is fresh and interesting.



[What about you, Tre-san Are you also collecting something too]

[Do you think Id be able to properly manage something like that]

[I dont think so.]

[Thats your answer then.]

[……I see.]



Well, even if its simple to collect stuff, managing them and not having any knowledge about them is rough, so collecting stuff really isnt that easy.

I dont think I can do it either…… Thinking of Lilia-sans hobby of collecting dragon models though, I think collecting stuff like that would be interesting……

However, I dont really think I have anything I really want that I can pour my passion into…… Well, I guess thats just something you cant force.



[How about you Do you have a hobby, Kaito]

[Hmmm, if I had to say one, it would be reading, and then taking care of Bell and Lynn.]

[Ahh~~ That certainly feels like something youre particular about.]

[……You can tell]

[Unnn, unnn.

Bell-chans hair is fluffy, while Lynn-chans scales are shiny.]

[Thats right.

I recently bought several types of brushes for Bell, but it seems like I would have to swap brushes depending on the weather.

It seems like it has something to do with humidity……]



As expected of Tre-san, it seems like she has an eye for the good stuff.

Yes, I also think Bells hair has become more and more fluffy lately.

Although this might sound like Im tooting my own horn, I feel that my brushing skills have improved.

I used to use 3 types of brushes, but I now make use of 7 different types of brushes, and the feel of Bells fur is something Im really proud of.

Ive also recently bought a special brush for finely polishing Lynns scales.

It seems that you would need something different when brushing a Dragon, as you would need something with an appropriate stiffness so that the scales will not be scratched, but will properly remove the dirt, so its difficult to choose a brush.



[Fufu, seeing Miyama-san being this talkative about something is unusual.]

[You really must like doing that.]



Seeing me talking about Bell and Lynn to Tre-san, a heartwarming smile, just like what I had earlier, appeared on Cento-san and Cien-sans lips.


















Serious-senpai : [Indeed, when youre talking about Kaitos hobby, it has been his hobby of taking care of his pets.]

: [Hes pretty particular about their food and other matters related to his pets, so I can feel how much he dotes on them.]

Serious-senpai : [The way he reacts when the subject of pets is being talked about is also different……]


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