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I continued painting for a while, learning from Rosemary-san, and completed my painting.

Of course, if I were to be particular with my painting, I would never have been able to complete it in a day or so……

When I looked at the finished painting, I found that it doesn’t look that bad.

No, of course, it can’t really be described as something extremely good, but I think I did a better job than I expected.



No, I knew this wasn’t because I may actually have a hidden talent for painting…… but because of Rosemary-san, who gave me accurate advice from time to time, guiding my hand to correct my painting as needed.

All that was left was for me to try my best to concentrate on the painting and not to be conscious of my back, which may have helped me to concentrate better as a result.



[……H- How should I describe it]



But well, what I, an amateur, think is a good work may be different from what the discerning Rosemary-san feels.

Rosemary-san isn’t the kind of person to criticize the painting of an amateur…… but well, errr, let’s quietly turn off Sympathy Magic.

It kinda stings when you know what the other person is about to say is just flattering words……




I think it’s very beautifully painted.

It’s great that you can paint so well even when this is your first time.]

[Hahaha, but it’s thanks to Rosemary-san’s help.]


Of course, I gave you some advice along the way and lent you a hand on how to paint…… but the way the painting expresses itself, it’s based on Kaito-kun’s personal senses.

For example, I think it’s great that you used a slightly lighter shade for the flowers here.

It softened the atmosphere around.]



Rosemary-san complimented me with a bright smile.

It doesn’t seem like she had no hidden thoughts behind those words, as even when I activated Sympathy Magic again, I could feel that she was genuinely praising me instead of flattering me, which made me feel a little ticklish.



[I think landscape paintings are particularly sensitive to the artist’s feelings at the time of painting.

For example, the touch of your brush here is a little strong, which shows your nervousness or impatience.

Since it’s your first time painting on canvas, your body seemed to be tense at the beginning, which may be why there were many touches in the painting that expresses your nervousness.]

[……I did feel some nervousness back then.]

[It can’t be helped in the beginning.

For example, this area is painted a little small because of your nervousness, but this could have been painted larger.]

[I see……]

[However, the color schemes are great.

I think your coloring sense is very good, Kaito-kun.]



Well, if I were to be honest about her comments, I would say that it was because I was putting a lot of effort into trying to forget the feeling of her breasts on my back, and that’s why I may have painted it strongly.

Of course, I did feel some nervousness, and part of me was feeling flustered, but I think I got back to my right frame of mind.

Also, I got the impression that Rosemary-san was good at teaching, or rather, she’s the type of person who compliments you, cheering you up as you develop.

While she occasionally offered advice, she basically praised me with a bright smile, which made me feel happy about painting even while I was painting.

If she doesn’t have that extreme fear of strangers, I think she would have been a good teacher…… Seriously, if she didn’t have that extreme fear of strangers……



[Meanwhile, the areas you painted midway had been freed of that nervousness, and you’re starting to paint freely.

I really like how you paint the gentle slopes here.

I think it’s overflowing with Kaito-kun’s charm.]

[My charm]


The touch and the coloring really show Kaito-kun’s gentle nature.

I really like the soft way you painted this area.]

[T- Thank you very much.]



I’m not sure if I’m getting hyped up or not, but Rosemary-san’s smile was so dazzling that I felt embarrassed when she looked straight at me.

After praising my painting for a while, looking as if she suddenly had an idea, Rosemary-san spoke.



[……Ahh, if Kaito-kun is alright with it, can I display this in my painting room]

[Eh My painting]


It’s not like my house is a museum, and I’m just displaying things I like…… Not many people come to see them too.

Is it no good]

[Ah, yes.

If Rosemary-san has no problem with it, I’m alright with it……]



It may seem out of place to be displayed with the multitude of masterpieces she has here, but Rosemary-san seems happy, and it was indeed a fact that only a few people can come to her home, so it’s unlikely that people will see it.

If that’s the case, well, I guess it’s not a problem.

It’s not like it’s a blunder like that model back then, and I think I’ve made a well-done painting that I can be proud of……



[Thank you, Kaito-kun!]

[N- No, I used Rosemary-san’s canvas and paints for them anyway…… Errr…… Ummm, Rosemary-san…… Your face is a bit close.]

[Awawawa, I- I- I’m sorry!]



Rosemary-san was happily holding my hand as she thanked me, but she may have become a bit too excited, as her face was quite close.

Rosemary-san is quite the beauty, so when her face becomes that close, my heart throbs wildly.

Well, Rosemary-san didn’t do it on purpose, as when I pointed it out to her, she blushed red and flusteredly apologized, which made me chuckle.



How should I say this…… This may have been a rude comment to make to an older person…… but I felt that each of her reactions was quite cute.


















Serious-senpai : [……That ends it, right It’s fine to end this arc here, right There are no more events after this, right!!!]

: [……Why the heck are you setting up such a huge flag With you saying that, this arc would totally not end now……]


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