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Even after we finished fishing, we played around with each other and before I knew it, the sun went down.

For dinner, the two of us enjoyed cooking together using the small fish that Isis-san caught, and before long, I wanted to take a bath.

Though I say that, taking a bath while camping is difficult…… normally, that is.

Yes, there’s magic in this world, and in this world where portable lodging houses exist, portable baths naturally also exist.



[Since Isis-san likes onsen, and I myself like onsen too, I bought a rather rare onsen-type bathhouse.]



Onsens are something like a minor culture in this world, and because they are so rare, it was rather difficult to find one of these, but I somehow managed to buy an onsen-type…… or rather, an open-air portable bathhouse.

It’s a high-end product with built-in Barrier Magic, and because the Barrier Magic makes it impossible to see inside or jump in from the open areas of the bath, you can bathe with peace of mind.

Well, it isn’t really an onsen, and more like an onsen-styled bathhouse……



[……The space around this area should be enough, so let’s deploy it…… Whoa, this thing’s huge!]

[……What an unusual building…… Everything is wooden…… resembling Lillywood’s place]

[Ahh, this was probably modeled after the onsen back in my world.

That wooden building is the changing room.

That area looks like a porch, so you sit there and take a break after taking a bath.]

[……I see…… So that’s a porch…… I’ve read about it in books…… but this is the first time I’ve seen one.]



Come to think of it, back when I visited Sieg-san’s home, she did mention how porches were unusual, didn’t she Rei-san apparently made it by copying the house of an acquaintance of his, so I suppose their house wouldn’t be so common.

Well, it’s true that buildings in this world basically have Western-style designs, so stuff like that certainly may have been unusual.




[Errr…… It seems that if you operate the magic tools here, you can get ready for a bath right away.

Isis-san, would you like to go in first]

[……Eh ……We aren’t…… going in together]

[Ah~~ Errr……]

[……Does Kaito…… not want…… to take a bath with me]

[No, I don’t not want! Let’s go in together!]




I had somewhat expected it.

With how the development had been like in the past, I had wondered if things would turn out like this…… and when I saw the lonely expression on Isis-san’s face, I knew that refusal wasn’t something I could choose.

It’s just, no matter how many times I’ve experienced this, bathing together with someone still has this own unique sense of embarrassment.

W- Well…… Of course, it isn’t like I dislike bathing together with her……



Since I had already expected this in advance, my heart was calm to some extent, so as soon as the bath was ready, I moved to the dressing room.

The changing room in this bathing house isn’t separated for men’s and women’s, but it’s fairly spacious, so there’s no problem for multiple people to use it at the same time.



[I’ll get in first then.]

[……Unnn ……I can just erase my clothes…… so I can immediately finish my preparations though]

[……Wait! I’ll get you a towel first.]

[……U- Unnn…… Alright.]



Speaking of which, that was indeed the case.

I thought Isis-san would take some time to take off her clothes, but since Isis-san makes her clothes with her magic power, it would only take her a moment to undress.

However, Isis-san suddenly stripping naked in front of me isn’t something I can just prepare myself for, so I made sure to firmly tell her this in advance.



As a result, Isis-san was the first to finish getting ready and I was the one who had to make her wait, but in any case, Isis-san is waiting for me to go in the bath together with her.

Well, it didn’t really take me too long to undress either, so I got ready quickly and we headed to the bath together.



[……Ohh, this place is bigger than I thought.]

[……Unnn…… It’s beautiful.]



The open-air bath inside was so large that it was hard to believe that this was something you can carry on the go.

As expected, it wasn’t as big as the large onsen in Isis-san’s castle, but it was large enough for two people.

The stone bathtub was very onsen-like, and the atmosphere around was perfect.

The view of the mountains near the lake is also quite nice.



[……Kaito…… I’ll wash…… your body.]

[Ah, yes.

I’m in your care.]




I have experienced bathing together with isis-san several times already.

At first, I was quite flustered and felt overwhelmed, but now that we’re lovers, I myself have matured mentally and managed to keep my composure.

I won’t be shaken just by her washing my back, so I should be able to keep my calm without any problems.



[……The other day…… Shalltear…… had taught me how to wash the body…… that would make Kaito happy.]




And at that moment, I suddenly have a bad feeling from those words.

A really bad feeling…… With how upfront with her emotions Isis-san is, she will take whatever that idiot says seriously, so the flow of things doesn’t feel that good at all.

If it’s that idiot we’re talking about here, I at least don’t think she’d teach her some seriously proper method at all.

With her hogging all the pranks as if she got the patent for the very concept of pranking, and with how knowledgeable that perverted virgin is, what could she have……



[……Ahh~~ By the way, Isis-san, what kind of washing method did you hear about]

[……That washing method…… Ein did to Kaito…… back then…… I had her teach me…… in detail.]



Well, that isn’t good.

That would seriously be a disaster.

The washing method Ein-san did back then, in other words, that method she used back when we bathed together during the Six Kings Festival……



Just as I was thinking about this, I felt an astonishingly smooth and soft touch on my back, and I felt like blood immediately rushed up to my face.



















Serious-senpai : [T- The sweetness, it’s killing me…… My consciousness…… is drif…… ting away……]

Makina : [Don’t you worry! Here, all cured.]

Serious-senpai : [……Huh]

Makina : [You can be relieved.

As long as I’m around, you won’t suddenly pass out in the middle of the story!]

Serious-senpai : [……That basically makes me unable to escape from this situation, so you telling me that kinda feels no different from telling me to go suffer and writhe in agony…… ]


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