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Isis-san’s way of washing my back, after she had learned that strange lesson from Alice’s unnecessary advice, was absolutely terrific.

The experience made me feel like I had been communicating with the truth of the universe, and I almost blacked out several times during the process.

However, if there’s one thing I’d like to say…… it would be that Alice would definitely get a smack from my piko piko hammer later.

Even before I actually got into the hot waters of the bath, I felt like the big event had already ended, but I somehow managed to get myself motivated…… Or rather, get myself calmed down as I soak my body in the bath.



[……Ahh, that’s right.

I have that thing……]

[……Kaito…… What’s that]

[Errr, it’s a sample of the bath salts Kuro’s company had made.

To put it very simply, this is the kind that gives off the scent of flowers when you put it in the bath.]

[……I see…… That’s amazing…… I’m looking forward to it.]



This bath has an onsen-like appearance, but the water is just normal.

So, I decided to add some bath salts to make it feel more like an onsen.

The ideal bath salts would have been those that are similar to those found in onsens, but unfortunately, due in part to the minor popularity of onsens in this world, no such bath salts have yet been produced.

This bath salts is one of the first series of bath salts released by Kuro’s company, the Noble’s Bath Series.

If this series sells well, a second and third series may be made, and eventually, bath salts that produce the atmosphere of onsens may be created.



Considering the size of the bath, I added several bath salts and mixing them lightly, the color of the bath soon changed and a pleasant floral fragrance wafted out.



[……It smells good.]


It smells nice.

Let’s go in.]




After confirming that the bath salts are well mixed, I entered the bath with Isis-san.

Although there’s actually a barrier around the place, the open-air bath still feels liberating and comfortable.

The stars are looking quite beautiful today, and when combined with the mountains beyond our field of vision, it was quite a beautiful sight.



[……The stars…… are beautiful.]


Ahh, but this place might be a little too bright to go watch the stars…… I’m going to dim the lights a little bit.]



After notifying Isis-san, I get out of the hot water once and touch the magic tool near the entrance to adjust the brightness of the area.

It’s dangerous to make the whole place pitch black though, so I made sure that I had darkened the place enough for me to see my footing before returning to back under the waters.

The starry sky looks more beautiful than before, and I think this is quite a luxurious sight.




[You seem to be having fun, Isis-san.]

[……Unnn…… When I’m together with Kaito…… even the smallest thing…… feels very fun…… making me feel very blessed.]


[……Taking a bath together with Kaito makes me happy…… Watching the beautiful stars together with Kaito makes me happy…… Being together with Kaito is happiness…… Even if I’m not conscious of it…… I just find myself smiling naturally.]



The expression on Isis-san’s face as she said that with a happy smile was much more beautiful and dazzling than the starry sky, making one feel that she was truly brimming with love.

Perhaps, it was because it was just the two of us and the mood was good…… but I found myself gently wrapping my hand around Isis-san’s shoulders, bringing her body to my embrace.

In response to my actions, Isis-san happily entrusted herself to me, and I felt the touch of her bare skin underneath the water.



[……I’m not sure how I could describe it, but I feel the same way as Isis-san.

It’s hard to express, but being able to share the feeling of fun and happiness feels really nice……]

[……Unnn…… I feel the same way as Kaito…… and thinking of that…… also makes me feel very happy.]


[Kaito…… Hnn.]



Putting a little strength into the hand holding her shoulder, as I felt like I’m drawn in by Isis-san’s face as she looked at me, I brought my face close and kissed her lips.

The feeling of our lips overlapping was so pleasant that it was difficult to describe, but the faint sweetness I could taste lingered in my mind.

After a while, we let go of each other’s lips, and with my hand still wrapped around Isis-san’s shoulders as she leaned her body against mine, I turned my gaze once again to the starry sky.



Looking at the beautiful starry sky in an open-air bath like this feels very luxurious, but being able to enjoy this luxurious scenery together with Isis-san gives me more happiness than that.

Strange it may be, but even when I’m filled with this much happiness, as time goes by, I feel like such happiness only grows greater and greater.

And just as how I’m sure Isis-san feels the same way, I’m sure Isis-san also knows that I feel the same as her.

I’m not sure if you should describe this state we’re in as our feelings being deeply communicated with each other, but even without exchanging words…… I could really feel the feeling of how the two of us are together.





[……Can we…… do it again]

[Of course.]

[……Kaito…… I love you.]

[I love you too, Isis-san.]



Feeling deep happiness that seems to permeate from the bottom of my heart, my lips and Isis-san’s overlapped again.


















Serious-senpai : [……Sorry…… I’ll just…… melt for a sec.]

: [Melt! You’ll melt when the sweetness reaches dangerous levels! Even for beings with amusing ecology, that is just pushing it……]


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