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The Maid Burst triggered by Lunamaria raises the voltage in the stage, but of course, there are those who aren’t able to keep up with what’s going on.

With an indescribable expression on her face, Akane asked the nearby Frau for explanations.



[……Frau, what’s that Maid Burst I can somehow feel the people around me getting excited.]

[The Maid Burst is a technique where one flares up their Maid Spirit, the foundations of the Maidric Aura, allowing its user to temporarily exert Maid Power that exceeds its limits.

It’s said that Maid Burst is the very state of a maid seeking their ideal, and that the one who activates it sees the Ideal Maid Vision they should aim for and reproduces that ideal beyond its limits.

Due to its nature, it’s said that Maid Bursts can’t be activated unless the maid has a strong image of their ideal, and above all, it’s a difficult technique that tests the depth of the Maid Memory cultivated every day as a maid.

However, as it consumes a large amount of Maidric Aura, you can say Maid Burst is a double-edged sword, so it’s only unleashed at a decisive moment……]

[……The heck is that Why the heck is it that when I ask for an explanation of a terminology I don’t know, the number of terminologies I don’t know just increases Stop it, seriously, even though I can’t process the words that have just appeared……  Or rather, Maidric Aura is something you use up like magic power]

[……Chairman, why in the world are you questioning something obvious…… I know you like jokes, but if you question that common sense, people will look at you weirdly, you know]

[That’s just common sense in your world! We don’t belong in that world!!!]



Kaito and Lilia deeply nodded at Akane’s fierce tsukkomi…… Unfortunately, this place was mostly made up of people living in the Maid World, and the three of them could only feel like foreigners like never before.

For the time being, deciding to just give up on trying to understand and watch Lunamaria fight, they returned their gaze to the venue.



On the stage, seeing Lunamaria radiating a pale glow, Anne, her opponent, lets out a daring smile.



[I see…… but I’ll not let you underestimate me!]

“Whoa there, this is! Competitor Anne has also activated her Maid Burst! She is a maid who has fought many battles in the past, and of course, she can use Maid Burst…… In that case, President Ein, do you think this match……”

“Yes, their Maid Visions…… The reproductions of their Ideal Maids will make the difference between the two of them.”



While Lunamaria was clad in a silvery-white light, Anne was clad in a golden light.

While Akane, in the audience seats, retorted “Why the heck are they glowing” with a distant look in her eyes, but those words didn’t reach the ears of both the competitors.

Anne quickly arranges her ingredients on the kitchen table and starts cooking with movements that even look beautiful.



[……Unfortunately, you have no chance of winning.

I have trained under Alexandra-sama for a long time.

Of course, what I reproduce with my Maid Vision is Alexandra-sama’s techniques! The accuracy of the Maid Vision produced by one’s Maid Burst depends on how deeply you know your Ideal Maid.

Even if you try to manifest Alexandra-sama as your Maid Vision just like me, that would still be far behind————!]



Anne was about to speak with confidence, highly assured of her victory, but immediately afterward, she stopped speaking and her eyes widened in astonishment.

At the end of her line of sight, Lunamaria had also started cooking, and Anne felt a cold sweat dripping behind her back from her movements.



(T- That is…… an extraordinary pressure from her Maid Vision! Also, what elegant movements…… That’s impossible! F- For her to exert such movements…… For me, who should be clad in an Almost-Perfect Maid Vision of Alexandra-sama…… to be this terrified!)



Seeing Lunamaria’s cooking, Anne’s body unconsciously trembled.

It was because she felt tremendous power in the target of the Maid Vision Lunamaria was clad in, from the Ideal Maid she was trying to reproduce.

While Anne’s comprehension was unable to catch up with what was going on, watching their battle at a different spot, a Super Maid…… Alexandra quietly muttered.



[……I see, it seems like she won’t be winning this time.

After all, the Maid Vision that Lunamaria-san envisions is overwhelmingly stronger than me.

With Lunamaria-san’s skill, even if she were to use Maid Burst, she can’t reproduce her target perfectly…… However, for even the imperfect state of her Maid Vision to convey such incomparable Maid Power…… Who in the world is the target of her Maid Vision]

[Phew, let me tell you who it is.

The person her Maid Vision envisions, just as she had taught her, is the one who taught me the basics of being a maid.

She never appears in the Maid Olympia, so it’s no wonder you wouldn’t know her.]

[Beatrice-san Come to think of it, you mentioned before how you call someone Teacher…… For such a being to exist that isn’t a Super Maid…… That was surprising, but that certainly makes the situation interesting, isn’t it]



At Beatrice’s words, a ferocious smile creeps up Alexandra’s lips.

If one excludes Ein, she can be said to have the greatest Maid Power in the Maid World.

Knowing that there are still maids in the world who surpass her in Maid Power, she seems to be both surprised and happy.

Meanwhile, the nearby Beatrice smiled kindly as she observed Lunamaria’s growth.



(……You have grown well, Lunamaria.

You still haven’t been able to replicate Teacher Illness’ techniques yet, but thinking about the time when Teacher Illness was still teaching you back in the royal castle, you have become beyond recognition.

If it’s you, there may come a time…… when you’d eventually rise to the realm of Super Maids.

Fufu, I’m looking forward to when such a day comes.)


















Serious-senpai : [The battle is described as a battle of wits for the past chapters or so, and the atmosphere in which the powerful people talk amongst each other seems serious…… but thinking about how this is all about maids, I really don’t want this.

Also, I agree with Akane immensely.

Stop increasing the number of Maid-related terminologies already……]


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