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With the battles heating up(), the Maid Olympia continued…… and to our surprise, Luna-san won the second round as well and made it to the Top 8.

Unlike in the first round, it seems like she got lucky with her opponent, as Luna-san had apparently won because her opponent had less Maid Power than her, so Luna-san was generally much better.

[Luna-san, that’s amazing! You reached the Top 8.

If you make it into the Top 8, you are exempt from the qualifiers for the next tournament, right]

[You’re doing great.

Seeing Luna doing well there makes me happy as well.]

Although there are many aspects of Maid Olympia that I don’t understand, I’m honestly happy that Luna-san is doing well, and when she came back to the audience area, Lilia-san and I congratulated her.

Luna-san scratched her head, looking a little embarrassed, and with a slight grin, she spoke.

[Thank you very much.

I was quite lucky in this year’s tournament.

This time’s qualifiers were also a Battle Royale, so it was easier for me to win.]

[……This time Are the qualifiers different for each year]

[Of course.

The qualifiers and the number of people who advance to the main tournament are also different.

In addition to Battle Royale, there were instances where maids are to take a written test, and there was also a pattern where the basic actions of the maid were judged using a demerit point system.

That also goes for the main tournament, as when there are a lot of people, many of the matches selected are those that could be settled faster.

This year, there were less than 30 people who got in the main tournament, so some of the matches, like my Confectionery Making match, could take a long time……]

[I see……]

Well, now that she mentioned it, if the qualifiers would always be a Battle Royale every time, maids who aren’t good at fighting, even if they’re highly skilled, won’t have a chance to enter the main tournament, so that part will change every time the tournament is held.

From what Luna-san says, it seems that there are many types of formats for the main tournament, so it’s difficult to prepare and take measures, but it allows people the chance to compete with their own strengths.

[The matches at the Maid Olympia are so diverse that maids really require all kinds of skills as a maid.

So, I guess you could say that people like Camellia-sama, who have consistently high skills in everything, have an advantage.]

[I see.

Of course, they must have a certain level of skill, but the one who is more versatile is stronger than those who just have strengths and weaknesses huh……]

Luna-san’s explanation was supplemented by Frau, and Akane-san nodded her head in understanding.

Perhaps, the fact that Camellia-san has won the most tournaments was due to her versatility.

However…… Does this mean Camellia-san also understands Maidology and all that other stuff Somehow, it kinda feels like Ein-san told her to study it and she couldn’t turn her down.

[……However, it seems that my pleasurable advance ends here huh……]

[Beatrice-sama would indeed be a tough opponent.]

[Yeah, putting aside hoping to surpass her in the future…… I still don’t have a chance to win now.]

Yes, Luna-san, who had won the first two rounds of the tournament, will be facing Beatrice-san in the quarterfinals.

For Luna-san, she is like a Sister-Apprentice who also received Illness-san’s teachings, and it seems that she loses in every skill as a maid against her.

[……Arehh You don’t stand a chance against her even in battle]

[Beatrice-sama is a Baron-Class Demon, so my current strength is completely lacking.]

[Incidentally, regarding the other Super Maids, Alexandra-sama is said to have the strength equal to that of Peerage holders, and Emily-sama, who was once said to be Her Majesty Laguna’s rival, is a Viscount-Class Demon.

As for Camellia-sama, her strength goes without saying.]

I thought that Luna-san, being a former Top Adventurer, might be able to win when it comes to combat, but as expected of Super Maids, their combat skills were super as well.

While nodding to Luna-san and Frau-san, I noticed something unusual with Frau-san’s explanation that I’m curious about, so I decided to ask about it.

[……Why is Alexandra-san the only one described as “having strength equal to that of Peerage holders”]

[According to the person herself, Alexandra-sama is Half-Demon…… but at the time when Alexandra-sama became a maid, there had been no information of a Demon being part of Archlesia’s Royal Family.

Furthermore, she erased all information about herself when she left the Royal Family, so she’s a person with many mysteries around her.

However, as had been stated by the Emperor of that time, there is no mistake that she was indeed of the royal bloodline……]

Frau-san answered my question, but she herself doesn’t seem to be sure of her answer.

I see, information about her was just things the person herself claimed and her even her species was still unclear, so I guess that way of describing her is reasonable, but indeed, if she’s Half-Demon, you’d wonder which one you should count her as.

As I was thinking about this, Luna-san suddenly muttered, seemingly as if she had just remembered something.

[……Come to think of it, regarding Alexandra-sama, there was a rumor that she might actually be the First Emperor who founded Archlesia Empire.]

[Is that so]

[Yes, there is a theory that Archlesia Empire’s Capital was named after the First Emperor.

However, the Archlesia Empire had a large-scale civil war 800 years ago, and at that time, the documents related to the 1st to the 3rd Emperors were lost, making information about them uncertain, so it seems that such a rumor spread.]

Speaking of which, they did say that Archlesia Empire has the oldest history among the Human Realm’s three countries, so I suppose various theories like that are being whispered around.

Serious-senpai : [……So, well-informed fellow, what was it really like]

: [She was indeed the First Emperor herself.

Moreover, her being a Half is a lie and she was in fact a Demon.

She was a Demon who drifted from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm in an accident, and through various connections, she founded the Archlesia Empire and became its First Emperor.

However, thinking that the Head of a Human Country should be a Human, she handed over the Emperor’s seat to a trusted subordinate and supported the country as an adviser for a while.

However, after seeing how they settled the Demon Lord incident, she discussed with the Emperor at that time that it was time for the Empire to get out of her own hands and as a result, she left politics.]


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