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The second semi-final match was between Alexandra-san and Emily-san.



“In our second semi-final match will be a battle between Competitor Alexandra and Competitor Emily.

The audience is very excited as this would be another match between fellow Super Maids, but President Ein, what is your opinion of this matchup”



How should I say this…… I think the Live commentary is quite capable.

I think that many of the maids present here…… the people who come to attend the Maid Olympia have already come multiple times and were well aware of the characteristics of the Super Maid, enough that such a thing could be considered common knowledge, but it’s great for first-time spectators like us who need those explanations.

And since the pass of the Live Commentary to the Analyst, Ein-san explains the key points well, which makes it quite easy to understand.



“Let’s see.

Unlike the previous match-up, this match is between two maids who have clear areas of expertise.

Alexandra is good at technical matches…… such as Setting matches like earlier, and will have an advantage in such things.

On the other hand, Emily excels in matches that require one to use their stamina to do a lot of things.

If it turned out to be a match where they would compete for numbers, such as Production matches where the competitors have to produce something as many as possible within a certain amount of time, you can say that she has an advantage.”

[I see, so it’s a battle of quality and quantity.

If it’s a quality match, Alexandra would have the advantage, and if it’s a quantity match, Emily would have the advantage.]

[That’s certainly an easy explanation.

I guess that is to be expected of Ein-sama huh.]



Listening to Ein-san’s explanation, Akane-san and Lilia-san nodded in agreement.

Even with all these and that, it seemed like the two of them were enjoying Maid Olympia like the others around us.

In fact, it was indeed just as the two of them said, as both competitors clearly have their own forte, and it can be said that unlike the match between Camellia-san and Beatrice-san, this match would depend more on the match format.



“……Now then, the match format has been decided.

The subject is…… Dressing! Both players will be responsible for coordinating the clothing of one person each.

Assuming that they will be attending the commemorative party on the eve of the Festival of Heroes, and they are to wear clothing befitting a Viscount.

Please check the board provided for the characteristics of each person and where they are from.”



Along with the match explanations, people who seemed to be nobles appeared in front of Alexandra-san and Emily-san, followed by a board with very detailed settings written on it.

A box whose inside wasn’t visible from the outside was also provided for the participants and their model, prepared as an area for them to change clothes in.



“The time limit is 40 minutes.

In addition, accessories are also available, and it’s also possible to tailor the dress itself.

However, please do note that the time limit also includes the time for our models to wear the dress…… Well then, match start!”




This is also a very interesting match.

If both of them are Super Maids, they are able to tailor a dress within 40 minutes, but they also have to consider dressing time within calculation.

It’s not simply a matter of making the models look gorgeous, as there’s a board provided with detailed information, such as them being a “Viscount”.

However, in terms of content, this seems to be a competition of quality, so in that sense, Alexandra-san may have a slight advantage.



“Whoa, it looks like both of them will be tailoring their dresses!”

“Such is inevitable.

In this kind of match, the impression that the dress gives is extremely significant.

Accessories were indeed important, but more emphasis was placed on the dress…… Thus, the decision to create a dress that suits their model rather than picking one of the prepared ones is natural.”

“I see…… By the way, President Ein.

Can it be said that Competitor Alexandra has an advantage in this match”

“Comprehensively speaking, that may be the case, but when you look at their specializations in clothing, the Hydra Kingdom is at the forefront of fashion, and in that sense, you could say that Emily has the advantage.”



Ahh, I see, the Hydra Kingdom certainly was so famous for their fashion that they were referred to as Hydra of Clothing.

If that’s the case, you really can’t simply say that Alexandra-san has the advantage.

While I was thinking about that, both participants quickly finished tailoring their dresses.



[The atmospheres in the clothes they made sure are different……]

[Alexandra-san made a traditional Imperial Dress.

Meanwhile, Emily-san seemed to have made a dress that was on the cutting edge of fashion.]

[It’s like a battle between good old traditional and modern fashion……]



Nodding to Akane-san and Lilia-san’s words, I watched the outcome of the match.

Although the more eye-catching one seems to be the dress made by Emily-san…… As the coordination progresses, Emily-san looked as if she made some sort of blunder for a moment.



“……Oya The expression on Competitor Emily’s face just now”

“The dress she made was certainly a splendid piece that incorporates the cutting edge of fashion, but also shows the elegance of a noble.

If this was simply a Dress Making match, Emily would have won…… but unfortunately, this was an Outfit Coordination match.

Most of the ornaments available are orthodox, and few of them can be matched with that dress.

Even she wouldn’t have enough time to make all of the ornaments matching such a dress from scratch.”

“I- I see! In contrast to that, Competitor Alexandra’s dress is a traditional design and can be easily matched with various ornaments!!!”

“I guess she has been too caught up in the idea that Hydra Kingdom is at the cutting edge of fashion, making her think that her dress should be cutting edge as well.”



That was an impressive way to explain that.

No matter how cutting edge the dress is…… No, it’s precisely because it’s cutting edge that it was difficult for the designs of the ornaments to match with the dress, which ends up dragging the dress down.

Meanwhile, Alexandra-san’s dress is a standard dress that can be easily matched with other accessories, so you could really feel the sense of incongruity from Emily-san’s dress when the models stand side by side…… Of course, it would still depend on who looks at it……



In the end, after the Judges gave their scores to the completed works, the winner was Alexandra-san, who, as Ein-san said, had put together a classic but beautiful outfit matchup.

Thus, the finals of the Maid Olympia were decided to be a match between Beatrice-san and Alexandra-san.


















Serious-senpai : [What would have happened if Alice had appeared in that competition]

: [Of course, if it’s Alice-chan we’re talking about here, she would make everything herself, from a trendy dress to trendy accessories that match it, with plenty of time to spare, so there was no factor where she would lose.]

Serious-senpai : [As to be expected of Ein’s rival as a maid.]

: [That’s one absurd slander you’re making there, you know Seriously, please stop with that.]


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