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[……I- I see.

T- That means that this is whats going to happen In exchange for handing over the baby dragon to Miyama-san, the D- D- Dragon King-sama…… will make a contract with us and send his subordinates to us]


[……Im sorry.

Its just that my head refuses to understand.]

When I returned from the Demon Realm and explained the situation, Driver-san looked bewildered as she muttered.

[……M- Miyama-san, youre acquainted with Dragon King-sama]

[Y- Yes, well.]

……Its not just Magnawell-san, but I think I would know what would happen to Driver-san if I told her the truth.

Trust me, I have experienced it from Lilia-sans reaction in the past.

Seeing me nod, Driver-san remained stunned for a while before she spoke.

[……That would certainly make us grateful.

Or rather, making us extremely grateful…… Im quite grateful that Dragon King-sama is sending his subordinates to us, but having a direct connection with Dragon King-sama isnt something you could be measured with money!]

[Is that so]

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[Yes, the Dragon King-sama is like a god to the peddlers and to us who belong in Flying Dragons industry.

Including me, many merchants carry around decorations symbolizing a dragon as good luck charms.]

Apparently, after Magnawell-san gifted multiple monsters to humanity and created the foundation of the Flying Dragon Services, he has received immense faith as a God of Commerce.

It seems that having a direct connection with Magnawell-san is a promise of success for businessmen, and thats why there are many people who seek to have connections with him.

[If its alright with you then…… He said he would send an envoy in the near future.]

[Yes, I understand.

Well then, once that contract is signed, I promise to hand over the baby dragon to Miyama-san.]

[Thank you very much.]


Incidentally, it seems that Driver-san is also the person in charge of this Flying Dragon Services, so she also has the right to make decisions.

Therefore, if Driver-san agrees to it, it can be said that the decision to acquire the baby dragon is made once the contract with Magnawell-san is completed.

And, as if the baby dragon could also understand, it happily looked up towards me.

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With this, I can take you with me the next time I visit.]

[Kyuii! Kyuukyuu~~]

[Ahaha, that tickles—]

As if shes really happy, the baby dragon rubs her face against my cheek, fawning towards me.

Being soothed by her very cute appearance, and after using my Teleportation Magic Tool one time to tell Magnawell-san the result of our conversation, I decided to play with the baby dragon for the remaining time.

[……And so, thats how it is…….]

[……Haahhh…… Just when I thought youd already encountered all the Six Kings along with the most powerful Gods…… You started reaching out your hands to monsters this time huh……]

In front of me, who was explaining to her what happened, Lilia-san lets out a sigh with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

I was prepared if she gets angry, so I just sincerely requested her but…… She doesnt seem to be as angry as I thought she would be.

[I would have been if its as big as Bell, but if its only a baby dragon, its not like we would need a new shed for her.

Besides, Kaito-san seems to be taking good care of Bell, so there shouldnt be any problem.

You can keep her.]

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[Eh No, but if youre saying it like that, Sieg-san is the one taking care of Bell more……]

[No, I was just only around Bell-chan to play with him though Its mostly Kaito-san who does most of the feeding and brushing……]

I was grateful to Lilia-san for easily agreeing to keep the baby dragon, but since Sieg-san is largely responsible for taking care of Bell, I was somewhat apologetic as I replied, but Sieg-san interposed there.

[No, Sieg-san taught me lots of things, and its like Im only helping her while Sieg-san is the one taking the lead.]

[No, Im just there to make suggestions and help a bit.

Its Kaito-san whos also walking him and……]

[……I guess I understand now what people meant when they said how two different people resemble each other.]

As Im having that conversation with Sieg-san that seems like we wont be agreeing on something any sooner, Lilia-san looks dumbfounded again while she mutters.

With those words, the conversation is interrupted once, but soon, Sieg-san turns to me with sparkling eyes.

[However, for a baby dragon to be next just after Bell-chan…… This is quite the happiness.

The white dragons scales are as beautiful as pearls, and I think its baby-doll eyes are very cute! Ahh, speaking of which, whats the name of the baby dragon]

[I heard her name is Lindwurm, so well call her Lynn.]

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[Lynn-chan huh…… What a lovely name.

Being able to keep a child like her…… Kaito-san, thats fantastic!]

The animal-loving Sieg-sans excitement seems to be very high already, and shes somewhat excitedly looking forward to the arrival of the baby dragon…… Lynn.

Im sure she must have seen her when we went to the Sacred Tree Festival before, but at that time, she was more concerned about us who were riding flying dragons for the first time, and was desperately holding herself back.

[……Sieg, Im just saying this now, but dont bring her into your room.]

[……Eh Even though I was holding back when it comes to Bell-chan……]

[Thats no good! Or rather, youre probably still sleeping in Bells cabin just with a pillow every now and then……]

[……But Bell-chan is so fluffy and cute, you know]

[……Thats not the point here.]

It seems that Sieg-sans love for animals is that staunch, and although I didnt know it, she had slept in Bells cabin a few times.

Its true that Bells fur is fluffy, and since Im not skimping on brushing him, his fur really feels great to touch but…..

Sieg-san…… You even tried to lead him into your room! Bell is almost 5 meters wide, so how is she planning to……

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[……My Lady, is that really something you can tell others of]

[! W- What are you talking about Luna……]

[You just agreed to keeping her this time, but I wonder why you agreed so quickly]

[T- T- That is…… Because unlike Bell, the baby dragon is small……

Arehh Thats kind of a clunky answer she has there…… Its quite clear on her face, but I wonder if shes trying to deceive us Lilia-san isnt the kind of person who can lie after all……

Well, however, it certainly is as she says, she just quickly agreed, and I feel theres something out of place about it.

In fact, until I started talking to her, I was prepared that she would be saying complaints or start scolding me but……

[Ahh, speaking of which, Lili……]


[Eh What do you mean by that]

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For some reason, Sieg-san also seemed to have clapped her hands, as if she understood something, while I, the only one who didnt understand whats happening, just tilted my head.

Thereupon, Lunamaria-san turned to me and gave me the answer why.

[……My Lady likes dragons.]

[L- Luna!]

[Eh Is that so]

[Yes, even the family crest of Albert Duchy is of the symbol of a dragon…… And though its too late to say this, even when we were about to go to the Sacred Tree Festival…… My Lady could have asked the Court Mage to arrange for Teleportation Magic to bring us there.

The reason why we went there with flying dragons is that she just wanted to ride one.]


I was wondering if Lunamaria-sans words were spot on, but when I turned to Lilia-san, she seemed to have averted her gaze, looking out towards the direction of the day after tomorrow.

Back when we were about to go to the Sacred Tree Festival, I still didnt know much about Teleportation Magic, but if we could use Teleportation Magic, its certainly faster to use it.

And so, the reason why she easily agreed to keep Lynn this time is because shes a dragon…… Or rather, the reason why she warned Sieg-san not to bring her into her room…… is probably that she wants to bring her into her room herself……

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[……I mean…… arent dragons…… really cool……]

Still with her gaze turned away, Lilia-san muttered with a slight blush on her cheeks…… Making her look so cute.

Maybe its because shes usually so calm, but seeing this gap feels…… calming No, that isnt the case huh……

(T/N: Gap, as in gap moe.)


[N- No, Im not saying anything!]

As if she could see through my thoughts, she glanced at me while my body flusteredly straightened.

Lunamaria-san doesnt seem to care about that at all though, as she turns to Lilia-san and speaks.

[One of the things My Lady wont concede with is that Dragon King-sama is the one with the best appearance among the Six Kings.

However, thats something I dont agree with.]

[Isnt it obvious that the majestic appearance of Dragon King-sama makes him the best of them all!!!]

[No, Underworld King-samas loveliness is unrivalled!]

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[……Why did you suddenly start quarreling……]

For some reason, a debate breaks out between Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san about who looks best among the Six Kings, and they both begin passionately talking about how great their endorsed king is.

Lilia-san seems to really like dragons, and talks about how majestic Magnawell-san is.

From my point of view though, Magnawell-san is, well…… Today, before I went home, he gave me a scale again, saying that its my allowance, and he loves to talk.

Magnawell-san had the image of a grandfather for me.

Though if I had to pick on which side I am, I would go with Lunamaria-sans side…… I think Kuro is the best…… Well, that would only add fuel to the fire, so lets just shut up here.


[Unnn What is it, Sieg-san]

[Ill take good care of them, so please bring more monsters.

Id also like to have a funny rabbit.]


And just as they were arguing, Sieg-san was still the same as ever.

Her sparkling eyes were so pretty that I almost reflexively said yes, but I somehow managed to keep myself from speaking.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— the conversation went well, as Lilia-san agreed to keep Lindwurm, the baby dragon.

And also, I didnt know it until now, but Lilia-san——she apparently likes dragons.

Keeping the baby dragon…… Lynn seemed to be settled already, and with Bell by her side, their combination would be working together as mascots from hereafter…… or it should have been

Sieg…… loves all kinds of animals very much.

Lilia…… loves dragons.

Lunamaria…… is a zealot for the Underworld King.

Sieg is the only one at peace.

Lilia actually didnt pass out this time!

She knows that Kaito has already met all the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods, so there shouldnt be anyone that would make her pass out………..



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