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Perhaps, because of the conversation Ive had with Acht, I feel like Im more comfortable talking to others.

I also felt a little sorry that I was leaving the cooking to Ein-san, but when I talked about the topic, before I knew it, I was participating in the conversation, and our meals and drinks have been perfectly supplemented…… I decided not to think about it after it happened.

When the sun has set and the night has fallen, magic tools floating in the air illuminated the nearby area.

As I was looking with interest at the power of magic that brightens up our surroundings but doesnt feel too dazzling to my eyes, Neun-san spoke to me.

[It seems that Miyama-san has been pretty comfortable with everyone huh.]

[Yes, everyone is good people.

Ein-san and Sechs-san are peculiar and elusive, while Raz-san and Acht are easy to talk to.]

[Fufu, I think I understand what you mean…… I guess its about time.]


Neun-san is still speaking to me with his unnaturally high-pitched voice when he softly muttered upon hearing what I said.

When I was tilting my head to wonder what exactly is about time, Neun-san turned to me and uttered some surprising words.

[……How is “Japan” right now Has the emperor finally changed and theres a new name for the arrival of the new era]

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Not only did he told me the word “Japan” as if its normal, Neun-san also knows about the existence of an emperor.

Could it be that this person is…… no, that this human is……

[……Its as you imagined.

Im also a “Japanese” who was previously summoned to this world.

Well, its actually more of a “former” Japanese, actually.]

[Is… that so……]

[I think its natural to be surprised.

Thats why I didnt tell you about it until Miyama-san got used to the atmosphere.]

In front of the surprised and speechless me, Neun-san touches the full-face helmet that covered his face.

Then, the helmet of his armor puffed into black smoke and the face of a woman with long, glossy black hair and eyes of the same color appeared.

Shes a Japanese beauty with a combination of cuteness and beauty that can be described as the epitome of a “Yamato Nadeshiko”.

She looks about the same age as me, but the atmosphere around her is somewhat powerful.

[Let me introduce myself once again…… I was once summoned to this world when I was a student in Japan from the Taisho Era.

I refused to return to our former world, and through the power of Kuromu-sama, “I, who was a former Japanese human, was reincarnated to a demons body”…… To Miyama-san, you could say Im a person from the past era.]

[……Taisho Era……]

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When she explained like that, I felt like that possibility certainly is feasible.

In this world, the summoning of Heroes has been done many times over the past thousand years.

By simple calculations, there should have been about 100 people who have been summoned to play the role of the Hero so far, and it wouldnt be surprising if some of them would want to permanently live in this world.

[Ah, dont worry.

Its true that I was from Taisho Eria…… but due to the nature of the summoning magic circle, just as you were to return after one year, you can properly return right at the time that you were summoned.

Even if you dont return right at that time, you can ask the Creation God to send you back.

However, in that case, the time in the different world seems to have moved on a bit, but decades wont suddenly pass at once.

For example, in my case, it has already been hundreds of years since I was summoned.]


[I understand that feeling of not being able to catch up with whats happening.

I also felt the same when I first came to this world.]

When I was unable to respond to Neun-sans words, who explained to me in a calm feminine voice instead of her strangely high-pitched voice she had used earlier, Neun-san just smiled and told me she could understand how I felt.

[Well, for that reason…… I may be a special case, but for Miyama-san, you could say that Im your senpai regarding being summoned, and I think I could answer your various questions.]

[H- Huh……]

With that, Neun-san began to calmly tell me about her experiences.

The story of her sudden arrival in another world and the confusion she felt, the difference in culture and common sense they have here compared to Japan, and the things that she have discovered since she has been summoned to another world…… she told me a lot of things.

The words of an elder who actually experienced life in the other world since she have been summoned as a hero, there are many things that will be helpful to me in the future and I found myself listening to her for the rest of the day.

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After our conversation is over, Neun-san gets up from her chair and throws a few words at me with a smile on her face.

[……I dont know if this had filled up the emptiness within me or not.

However…… The wish I had in my heart—- I was able to find my “treasure” in this world.

Therefore, Im sure youll be able to find one yourself, Miyama-san.

I know that you may be confused and your minds still in chaos, but please try to enjoy this year.]


I understood from those words.

The person that Kuro was talking about before, the person who resembles me must be Neun-san…… and Neun-san was able to find it.

Thats why she chose to remain in this world and reincarnate as a demon.

And the fact that she came here today to share her experience with me…… might also be a gift filled with kindness from Kuro.

This may also be a roundabout way of advising me, who doesnt even have an answer to my own feelings yet.

I dont know whats going to happen in the future.

Whether I find out what I wanted to do or end up not being able to find it, I wont get the answer if I just think about it now.

However, even just a bit, even if theres just a slight chance of that happening…… Seeing Neun-san smiling without any bewilderment behind them…… I felt that I wish I could also be like that.

Setting down the cup in my hand, I then stood up and moved my gaze around and quickly found the person Im looking for.

She has been talking with people and walking around here and there with a skewer in hand just a moment ago, but before I knew it, shes away from the others, sitting down right beside the flowing river.

I didnt have to think too hard to understand that she was probably waiting for me.

The proof of this is the space next to where shes sitting, and the others probably sensed this too as they havent approached us.

[……Putting my inner monologue aside, why tatami]

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[Unnn This is that.

That wasabi concept!]

[Are you talking about Wabi-sabi……]

[Areh Too bad, I was so close to the right one huh~]

(T/N: wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on the beauty and appreciation of things imperfect and impermanent.)

Well, I feel like laying out your tatami on the rivers edge doesnt seem quite right, but its already too late to say that now.

I felt a smile appear in my mouth as I realized that Kuro was still the same as ever.

Kuro then taps the space on the tatami beside her and urges me to sit next to her.

The sound of the river flowing quietly and the faint scent of leaves wafting through the air, the air is quiet and calm, as if the liveliness earlier is just a lie.

[……Is it about time]


As Kuro muttered so, the lights went out and my vision went dark for a moment, but it quickly changed to another color.

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Its a wondrous sight.

The leaves of the trees on the other side of the river emitted a faint light, as if the entire forest began to lit up.

[The trees around here are called Light Trees.

They store a little magic power from the air and they would emit light every month or so.]

[Its amazing… How should I say this…… Its just so overwhelming……]

[Isnt it beautiful]


The light isnt strong enough to sting my eyes, theyre gentle and faint like the luminescence of a firefly, and combined with the light reflected off the surface of the water, it makes it feel as if we are in a sea of stars.

[If its this beautiful, this place must be a very popular place……]

[This place is very popular.

However, Ive reserved the whole place, even the area opposite of the river!]

[Uwaahhh, that sounds bad.]

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Just from what Im seeing, this place seems to be quite a famous tourist attraction.

However, it seems like Kuro had also noticed it, I dont know what means she used though, but she managed to reserve this place for us.

Well, she seems to have connections with the Chairman of the largest trading company, so its possible that she could do these things if she wanted to.

Hmmm, how should I say this, I once again realized how amazing Kuro is.

Is it better if I use honorifics when talking to her

[……Mhmm, if you wont talk with me like you usually do, I wont like it.]

[……Roger that.]

[Then, its good.]


My thoughts, which are too expressive according to her, immediately conveyed what Im thinking to her, and Kuro turned her eyes to me in protest in response, her cheeks puffing up adorably.

Thats too cute, stop that.

However, how should I put it…… I felt like these kinds of conversations are good.

Its a very calming and comforting feeling, as if the strength in my shoulders is released, along with the fatigue that theyre carrying.

[……Thank you, Kuro.]

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[Well, youve been looking out to me about various things……]

[Im just doing what I want to do, okay]

[Still, I want to thank you properly.]

[I see…… Then, youre welcome.

I guess]

Even the silence that came after that brief conversation with her isnt unpleasant, and it rather feels calm and comfortable for me.


[Eh What the—-!]

As I let myself bask on the gentle atmosphere around me, Kuro suddenly yanked me down with a force unimaginable from her tiny body, and I became speechless as I felt a soft touch on my head.

A little later, I find myself in a position where I look up at Kuros face—- I noticed that Im in that so-called lap pillow, but aside from that, illuminated by the faint light of the nearby trees, I couldnt help but gasp, looking at the expression on Kuros face as she had a small smile on her face.

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Its not the innocent, childish smile she usually have, but its like the smile of a mother looking at her child—- I guess you could call it a motherly expression Shes just smiling at me, but I felt like Im being wrapped in her kindness.

And the feel of the soft, warm lap in the back of my head.


Without saying anything, Kuro began to gently stroke my hair, keeping the smile on her face.

Even though shes much older than me, the situation is that Kuro, whos a flawless beauty, is giving me a lap pillow.

I would normally have fidgeting about in embarrassment, but her golden eyes that seem to see everything and the comfort of being held in her embrace keeps my body and head still

[……Do you feel a little less tired now]


[I know that Kaito-kun is a kind child.

Youre always thinking about the people around you.]


[Of all the children summoned this time, Kaito-kun is the oldest.

If Kaito-kun looks anxious, even the other children around you will get anxious too.

And thats why you swallowed your anxiety and impatience, and thought that you needed to stay calm.]


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Ah, I see—– I dont know if I should say that its as I thought or it should be expected of her but…… Kuro saw through everything.

Ive had that feeling for some time now.

She has been like that from the moment we met, whenever I was about to think too much about something, shed say something out of the blue and all my unnecessary thoughts would be blown away…… On the other hand, in the times I felt anxious, she listened and affirmed my grumbles…… Thats why I feel comfortable talking with Kuro.

[I think its really cool that a child can naturally do that.

However, fatigue could be found not only in the body but in the mind as well.

You may not notice it, but little by little……]

[That…… might be so.]

[Kaito-kun, did you have fun today]

[Yeah, I feel like its been a long time since Ive been surprised by so many things and had a carefree conversation without trying to fit in with my surroundings.

Its thanks to Kuro……]

[I see, if thats the case, Im glad.]

The wondrous faint lights, the gentle touch of the hand stroking my head, and the affectionate smile that looks straight at me.

It could really be as Kuro said, I may have been storing up my fatigue for some time.

Ever since I came to the other world, or perhaps, long before that……

[Kaito-kun, just a little bit, even if its just for a little bit…… You can depend on me.

Why dont you rest for a bit Even if its just so that we could do our best tomorrow again…… Okay]


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Her gentle voice lulling me like a lullaby, I felt my eyelids drop with sense of relief that I cant put into words.

I can feel the warmth touch and the fragrance of her scent, and her voice that seemed to gently permeate around me……

[Its alright.

I would be here with you……]

Hearing such words, I remembered the past as my consciousness sank into slumber.

Dear Mother, Father—– come to think of it, this might be the first time this happened “since both of you disappeared”.

That I, from the bottom of my heart—– was able to depend on someone……


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