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My first date with Kuro since we became lovers.

I was quite nervous numerous times and Kuros unexpected reactions frequently make my heart skip a beat.

Kuro said that the scenery she has been so far seemed to look shining, and its the same for me, with Kuro by my side.

That alone made the familiar sceneries of the royal capital look more beautiful than usual.

Whether its when were eating while walking, window shopping or even when were taking a break, it feels soft and warm…… Ahh, it truly makes me feel that this is what happiness is all about.

However, the good times are always fleeting, and before I knew it, the setting sun was lighting up the cityscape in madder red, telling me that the end of this day was near.

I cant help but feel helplessly lonely when I think that this date filled with happiness will soon be over.

It seems that it was also the same for Kuro, who was walking next to me, as I felt her fingers entwined with mine…… squeezing my hand while in that so-called “lovers holding hands”.

[Kuro, theres a place I really want to go now.]

[A place you want to go]

[Unnn, but its kind of far away……]

[In that case, Ill bring you there.

Where is it]

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Speaking to Kuro, who had a sad expression on her face, with a voice that is as calm as possible, she replied while tilting her head, saying that she would take me where I wanted to go.

[……I want to go to that riverbank where Kuro and I had barbecue before, if thats okay with you]

[Eh U- Unnn.

Its fine with me but…… even if you go at this time, the light trees wont shine, you know]

[Yeah, its fine…… Can I ask you that]

[Unnn, of course!]

Its certainly a shame that we cant see those glowing trees…… The light tree that we saw before, as theyre apparently storing magic power and is only glowing once every month, but its not really the light tree that Im after this time.

When I told Kuro that, Kuro nodded, and her black jacket changed to the shape of large wings.

And then, instead of putting her hands under my armpits like before, Kuro gently hugs me from behind and slowly flaps her wings.

Softly and gently, my body floats up and the cityscape drifts farther and farther from sight.

Looking out at the beautiful cityscape, which is dyed red by the sun, and feeling Kuros warmth behind my back, Kuro and I move to our destination.

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When we finally reached that riverbank, Kuro put her wings back on her jacket and slowly stretched out her body.

[Hnnn~~ The wind feels nice.]


There was a faint breeze on the river bank, gently caressing my cheek along with the scent of grass and trees, which was very pleasant.

[So, what did Kaito-kun want to come here for]

[……Errr, actually…… Kuro, I was actually planning to confess to right here.]


Hearing what I said with a smile on my face, Kuros eyes turned wide as she looked at me in surprise.

Yes, when I was preparing my date plan at the beginning, I was thinking of visiting this place for the end of our date, and then, I would confess to Kuro.

I had confessed to Kuro earlier than what I planned because of what Alice told me, but I still wanted to come to this place again with Kuro…… I mean, this place is……

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[……This place means a lot to me.

This is the place where Kuro saved me…… and gave me the courage to walk forward.]


Other than the place, I also felt like the time was completely perfect.

I met Kuro when I could see the sunset, so I guess Im glad for the unexpected coincidence huh

[……At first, I wondered why I got caught up in the Hero summoning, and I thought it was just a real nuisance.]

[Ughhh, I- Im sorry.]

[However, now, Im really, really grateful.]


If Im going to be honest, I was anxious at first.

In my head, I fooled myself into thinking that I was just getting into some kind of light novel-like development, but being sent to a strange place, with a culture Id never seen before and having to rely on strangers…… Frankly, I was scared.

However, that was really only in the beginning, and I am now truly grateful to be caught up in the Hero summoning.

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[Kuro may be aware of this already, but I had always been troubled back then, and Ive always been hiding beneath my shell for a long time.

Always desperately trying to keep up appearances, even though all Ive been doing is make excuses for myself and run away…… I was helpless and weak.]


[……When I first met Kuro, I thought you were some weird fellow.]

[Ahaha…… Thats mean.]

Kuro responds to my words, scratching her head with a wry smile on her face.

The atmosphere isnt bad though, as it certainly makes me feel itchy, and yet, it feels comforting.

[Youre pushy and unpredictable…… and its like you can see everything about me, telling me the words I want, when I want them…… and reaching out to my heart.]

[……I didnt do anything that great, you know I just gave you a little push.


[……That little push made me really happy.

I was stuck and couldnt move, but your encouragement gave me a positive attitude to try again.

If I hadnt met Kuro, Id probably still be looking downcast like I was before.]

These are truly my heartfelt words.

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The fact that I met Kuro is what saved me.

If the greatest misfortune in my life is the death of my parents, the greatest fortune would be the time I met Kuro…… Thats how big her presence is for me.

[Youd be happy with me when I did my best, and youd comfort me when I was down…… Your smile has always been supporting me, and I know that you would always be there for me.]


[……Kuro, thank you so much.

For meeting me and saving me…… and always being there to see the smile on your face.]


Telling her that, I grabbed Kuros hand and pulled her body to me, tightly enveloping her slender body within my embrace.

[So, once again…… I want to say this.

Kuro, I love you.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you so much……]

[Ahhh……uuu…… Kaito…… -kun.]

I look firmly into Kuros beautiful eyes as I tell her my thoughts, while Kuro also looks at me with tears in her eyes and hugs me back tightly.

I feel our hearts deeply connected to each other as our warmth mingled with each other, and then, Kuro slowly spoke while her voice was slightly blurred with her tears.

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[……Im the one…… who should be thanking you instead.]


[I was going to raise you, Kaito-kun, so I thought Id help you…… but the one who was saved after I met you was me.]

With tears in her eyes, Kuro buries her face in my chest as she continues to speak with all her heart.

[……Kaito-kuns wings are more beautiful and bigger than I could have ever imagined…… For years, I had been deceiving myself, and you have come, saving my heart.]


[If I hadnt met Kaito-kun, I would have given up…… Not being able to get what Ive always wanted, and even after Ive wished for it, its something that wont come true…… However, Kaito-kun came and gave me what Ive wished for.

I was hoping Kaito-kun would find your own treasure within this world, but it was me who found it instead.]


I could feel Kuros thoughts and affection for me in a way that it hurts.

And in the same way, Im confident that my feelings for Kuro are being conveyed to her.

Now, Im convinced as if it were obvious, that Kuro and I have a deeper bond with each other more than anyone else.

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[……Thank you, Kaito-kun.

For meeting me, for loving me…… Meeting Kaito-kun is the most marvelous day of my life.]

[I feel the same way.

Im really glad I met Kuro.]



Not saying any more words, our faces pressed close to each other as if we were drawn to one another, and our lips perfectly pressed together.

As if to say that there wouldnt be anything between us, our bodies perfectly clung with each other and our shadows stretching into the sunset became one.

I dont know how long weve been like this, but we savor the moment of happiness that feels like an instant before the sun sets, where neither of us is unwilling to part.

The silver thread between our mouths is the clear indication that weve been kissing each other for a long time.


I…… I dont want to leave Kaito-kun yet.

I want to feel Kaito-kuns warmth even more, even if its just for one second longer.]

[…… I also dont want to be separated from Kuro either.

Thats why, how about we stay like this for a while longer……]

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[ [ I love you.

] ]

Dear Mom, Dad—— The greatest miracle of my life that came to me in another world has certainly become true.

The warmth I feel all over my body, and the love that boils in my heart… Im sure that the future where Im going to walk with my beloved lover—— I think it would be overflowing with bliss.

Special Move: Second Confession!

“Ser(are you for real)”-senpai: [……F- Finally…… Its over……]

Next Chapter, the start of Isiss arc.

Serious (lol)-senpai: [No mooooorrreeeeee! Im going hoooooommmmmeeeee!!!]

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