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Slowly opening my eyelids, I saw Sieg-san brewing tea with a magic tool that looks like a portable stove.

When I raised my body and lightly shook the sleepiness out of me, Sieg-san noticed me and smiled.

[Good morning, Kaito-san.]

[Good morning…… Ummm, how long have I been sleeping]

[Around two hours.]

[T- That long…… You could have woken me up though.]

[You were sleeping so comfortably earlier so…… Ahh, please wait for a moment, Im preparing tea……]

Apparently, Ive slept longer than I thought I would, and even though Im feeling a little apologetic for making her wait that long, I accepted the tea that Sieg-san offered me.

The taste of the warm tea seeps into my sleepy body and I felt my consciousness slowly wake up.

[Kaito-san, eat this with your tea.]

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[……Whats this]

[Its called a fruit stick.

Its a popular snack among the elves.]

Sieg-san prepared a long, thin pastry the size of my palm…… It kind of looks like a spring roll.

Fruit stick…… Speaking of which, didnt Alice mention this when she asked me to buy her a souvenir I see, so its a famous sweet here in Rigforeshia huh.

When I picked one up and ate it, it seemed to have jam inside the sticky crust, and the natural sweetness of the fruit and the soft crunchy texture was very delicious.

It doesnt seem to be like jam bread, or rather, a bread at all, though it isnt as hard as a scone.

The jam also contains large pieces of fruit, which change in texture from time to time, making it a wonderful product.

[……Its really delicious.

I really like this one.]

[Im happy that you like it.]

[Somehow, it kind of reminded me of the jam cookies I bought the first time I went out with Sieg-san.]

[The shop we bought those jam cookies buy their fruits from Rigforeshia after all.]

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While lightly chatting with Sieg-san, we had a nice cup of tea and fruit sticks.

The fact that I slept for two hours after lunch means that its just about teatime, so drinking tea now felt just right.

[Its just that, Kaito-san, theres something wrong with what you said…… The first time I followed Kaito-san as your escort wasnt that day.]

[Eh Is that so]

[Yes, in case you hadnt noticed…… I was actually your guard from the first day Kaito-san came to this world.

Ive been relieved of my duties now that the Phantasmal King is here now though.]

My impression is that the first time I met with Sieg-san was when we were shopping together, but in fact, I just didnt realize that Sieg-san was always guarding from a distance whenever I went out.

I see, so that was why when I was attacked by Eta and Theta, Sieg-san was the first one to show up……

[I hadnt realized that.

So Ive been under Sieg-sans care for a long time already huh.]

[……Im a useless guard who lost track of Kaito-san on the first day though.]

[No, that is…… Errr, once again, thank you.]

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[……The one saying thanks should be me instead.]


She has been protecting me all these days without my knowledge.

When I thanked her for that fact, Sieg-san slowly shook her head and her blue eyes directly looked at me.

[At first, I thought Kaito-san was an ordinary, somewhat unreliable person…… just letting the situation go with the flow, a bewildered person who doesnt have a definite purpose.

I thought you were just one of the many people you can find anywhere.]

[Ahaha, I think I really was like that.]

[No, I just had such an impression because I think my eyes were blinded.

You were a much stronger and better person than I was.]

[N- No, Im not that exaggerated of a person……]

With a gentle tone, Sieg-san began praising me, and scratching my head, I felt embarrassed to reply, but Sieg-san just looked at me with eyes that carried no hesitation.

The emotions that are being conveyed in those eyes…… Affection Respect Anyway, its something favorable and powerful……

[……I have always been watching you, Kaito-san.

Coming to an unknown world unprepared, surrounded by many people stronger than you, and many of them arent so friendly to you…… I cant even estimate how anxious you were, feeling such pressure at that time.]

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[……Ive just been fortunate enough to have many people helping me out……]

It certainly as Sieg-san said, even though I was quite energetic now, I was very anxious when I came to this world in the beginning.

In a world where my own common sense doesnt work, and I have no choice but to rely on some strangers…… Its hard not to feel anxious.

However, I was fortunate enough…… to have a chance to meet with all these people.

Im really enjoying my life now because of that.

[I think being blessed with connections is a great talent.

But most of all, I think its because of your personality that so many people have come around you.]


[Youre a strong, straightforward person who is strong and kind, thinking of others above all else…… Youve also given me lots of courage.]


A calm voice, but I can definitely feel the firmness within it……I think what Sieg-san will be talking about is probably something very important for her.

Because I felt that, I also looked straight at Sieg-san when I replied to her with a serious expression on my face.

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[Yes…… You have been a dazzling presence to me while I was stuck in a situation where I wanted to change things but was afraid I will make the situation worse…… And then, Kaito-san has changed what I couldnt change over the years, with ease.]


[My relationship with Lili, the guilt in her heart, and my lost voice…… Kaito-san has done so many miracles for me.

What I wanted, what was once broken…… you picked up all of the pieces, and presented it to me.]

[……I didnt really mean to do anything that exaggerated though If things have changed for the better for Sieg-san, it isnt because of me, its because of Sieg-sans efforts.]

The reason why Lilia-san and Sieg-sans relationship was repaired is that they had firm feelings for each other…… I think what I did was just a little bit of a catalyst.

The guilt in Lilia-sans heart loosened because she herself had looked forward with a strong heart and a firm mind.

And the reason why Sieg-sans voice has returned is because of Lillywood-san…… Of course, I may have helped them out a bit, but above all, Sieg-sans own efforts are the most important factor why they achieved all that.

When I replied to her with these words, Sieg-san gently smiled, as if she knew I was going to reply this to her.

[Yes, I thought Kaito-san would say that.

You were that gentle of a person after all, and I……]


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[……Even if you feel that way, I cant express the gratitude I have for you in heart enough, Kaito-san.

Once again, thank you very much.]

[Ah, n- no, y- youre welcome]

Saying that, Sieg-san deeply bowed her head to thank me, and after she raised her face, she looked straight into my eyes again before speaking.

[……Kaito-san, youre like the sun to me.

Dazzling and big, yet so warm and reassurringly guides me…… And thats why to such a fantastic person like you……]

[……S- Sieg-san]

[……I am but a weak elf.

I havent had the courage to do this for a long time.

But finally, I have the courage to tell you these thoughts Ive been holding.

I want to keep looking at you for the rest of my life.

Closer than ever before……]


I wonder why My heart is beating absurdly fast.

Each word she spoke in a serious voice echoed loud and clear in my ears.

Although I was confused why, I couldnt take my eyes off Sieg-san… no, I dont think I should look away from her.

Sieg-san was silent for a moment, and then, filled with her very strong thoughts, she spoke.

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[……Kaito-san, I love you.

As someone of the opposite gender……]

[ ! ]

Receiving her words, which were filled with a flood of emotions, my thought process completely stiffened.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I totally didnt expect it…… isnt the case at all.

I was aware that Sieg-san was directing her favorable feelings towards me.

However, I just assumed…… that it was something close to affection.

But it seems I was mistaken, and today, Sieg-san——- confessed to me.

A confession exactly at the 200th chapter, in which the whole chapter revolves around her confession, and summoning the situation where you think back about your past with each other before confessing…… What a heroine power you have.


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