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I feel like there wasnt just one, but there were two or three shocking situations, but Ill leave it at that for now, as we moved to the entrance to greet Lunamaria-sans mother.

It isnt that Lunamaria-sans mother is an influential figure…… Well, Aoi-chan, Hina-chan and I wanted to see Lunamaria-sans mother that she has been talking about as soon as possible, and Lilia-san seems to be acquainted with her, so she came out to the front door to pick her up.

[Speaking of which, what kind of person is Luna-sans mother I guess she would also have blue hair like Luna-san]

[Yes, Lunas mother is a petite woman with hair as blue as the sky.

Her name is…… Oya It seems like she has arrived.]

When Aoi-chan asked Lilia-san about Lunamaria-sans mother, Lilia-san told her that Lunamaria-sans mother is a petite woman with hair that had the color of sky blue…… Arehh I feel like Ive seen someone who looks like that a while ago……

Just as Lilia-san was about to speak her name, she saw a figure around the gate and moved her gaze towards it.

A petite woman walks over to us, clothed in a light blue dress that isnt as pompous as a nobles clothing, but somehow looks elegant, holding a pretty parasol in one hand and a basket in the other.

How should I say this, her face looks very familiar…… or rather…… arehh…… Isnt that Noir-san Eh Wait a moment, so, does that mean! Noir-san is Lunamaria-sans mother!

I didnt expect someone familiar to come, so I was stunned and speechless at seeing Noir-san.

Noir-san began approaching us, and then, deeply bowed her head to the homeowner, Lilia-san.

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[……Lilia-san, hello.

I apologized for my sudden visit.]

[Its been a while, Noir-san.

Its good to see you looking well.]

After exchanging greetings with Lilia-san with a calm smile, Noir-san turns to Lunamaria-san and gives her a gentle smile.

Although her height is shorter than Lunamaria-san, her expression that is filled with affection is unmistakably that of a mother.

[Lu-chan also, Im sorry to bother when youre working.]

[T- Thats alright but…… Mom, why did you suddenly decide to visit……]

I just suddenly noticed it, but Noir-san and Lunamaria-san, even though they were mother and daughter, they were talking to each other with honorifics, does that mean they were originally using honorifics when theyre talking with each other

Anyway, when Lunamaria-san looked flustered while talking to her, for some reason, Noir-san glanced at me with a slight blush on her cheek.

[I just came because there was someone I wanted to meet…… Miyama-san, hello.]


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[Ah, yes.



As Noir-san turned to me and elegantly greeted me, its as if the expression on Lunamaria-sans face disappeared, and dumbfounded, she muttered.

I feel apologetic after seeing her reaction, but I didnt think Noir-san was Lunamaria-sans either, so please forgive me.

Nevertheless, Lunamaria-san quickly recovered from her confusion, and looking far more flustered than before, she went closer to Noir-san.

[……Wait, w- what does this mean, Mom! A- Are you acquainted with Miyama-sama]

[Yes, I got sick on the way to the hospital the other day, and thats when Miyama-san helped me out.]

[……I- Is that…… so……]


And so, I heard from Lu-chan that Miyama-san lives at Lilia-sans mansion, so I thought Id come over today to thank him again.]

[……You…… have…… already…… met]

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[Luna! Pull yourself together!]

When she finished listening to Noir-sans explanation, Lunamari-san fell down on her knees, looking crestfallen, and Lilia-san flusteredly ran over to her.

Lunamaria-san then turns to Lilia-san with a somewhat frightened expression on her face, and as her voice trembled, she spoke.

[……M- My Lady…… I- I have now…… finally understood…… My Ladys feelings…… Miyama-sama…… is scary.]

[I understand.

I understand so much that it was painful for me.

Luna…… Take a slow, deep breath and put your body in a good position.

It isnt Lunas fault…… Its just that Kaito-san is a monster.

Our common sense doesnt apply to him.]

[My Ladyyyy……]

[Let me know as soon as soon as it gets painful.

We have stomach pills prepared……]

What the heck is with their exchange…… Lilia-sans words feel as if they held deep weight on them……

Im treated like a complete monster here, but since it was Lilia-san who said that…… From what Ive done so far, I cant say anything.

[Lu-chan Are you alright]

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[……Am I alright…… isnt the question here!!! What are you doing, Mom!]

[Eh What, you ask…]

When Noir-san worriedly asked her, Lunamaria-san stands up as if she was bursting with energy and draws closer to Noir-san with a very menacing look on her face.

The people around us are overwhelmed by her intensity and are unable to interpose.

[Its all fine and good if you came to thank Miyama-sama for saving you! Ill also thank him later…… However, whats with that outfit!]

[Is my outfit…… strange]

[It isnt about being strange or anything like that! Why are you wearing an open-shouldered dress!!! Looking closely, youre also wearing make-up, even though you rarely wear them!!!]

[That is, ummm……]

Hearing Lunamaria-sans cries, Noir-san shyly held her cheeks with both hands…… and for some reason, she was repeatedly glancing at me.

[Im a woman too…… so if Im going to meet a dreamy man, I at least want to be a little fashionable……]

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[What, arent you aware of how you look!!! Please consider how old you are!!!]

[Lu-chan…… Im only “480” years old, you know]

[Even though youve already lived nearly five times as long as a humans lifespan……]

If shes going to say it like that, Kuro, who Lunamaria-san is being fanatical about, is hundred or thousands of times older than I am, and shes wearing half-pants…… Though lets not say it.

Hmmm, I guess from Lunamaria-sans point of view, her mother appeared, wearing a youthful-looking outfit, but Noir-san didnt seem to care and just smiled at her…… Unnn, shes strong.

Noir-san, who really felt like she would easily be pressured, was able to nonchalantly brush aside Lunamaria-sans words, and it feels like Lunamaria-san decided that her words wont work…… So, she just held her head in her hands.

And then, Noir-san turns to me and holds out the basket in her hands, her cheeks cutely blushing.

[……Miyama-san, thank you again for that time…… Ummm, at least to thank you, I baked some muffins.

It would be great if it suits your taste……]

[Ah, no, you didnt have to go all the way…… Noir-san, is your body alright after that time]


Since Ive been “drinking Miyama-sans”, Im really healthy these days.]

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[! P- Please wait a moment.

Mom! Drinking Miyama-sans…… W- W- What does that mean!]

……Shes talking about blood.

However, Noir-san said it poorly, and Lunamaria-san, who seemed to have some kind of strange misunderstanding, her face turned pale as she looked at Noir-san.

I was going to explain it to her, but before I could speak, Noir-san said something outrageous.

[When I first met him, Miyama-san generously allowed me to drink it.

It was so dense, enchantingly sweet, and it makes me feel so good that thinking about it makes my body quiver.]


[W- Wait…… Noir-san]

Shes only talking about blood, but when she worded it that badly…… And with blushing cheeks and the ecstatic expression on her face, even people other than Lunamaria-san would misunderstand her.

[W- W- What are you thinking about!!! Putting aside if you know each other for a while, but you shouldnt do that on the first day you met! Dont you feel sorry for Dad!]

[However, even if I tried, I couldnt drink his.]

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[Ive certainly heard that half-elves arent sexually active!!! But that doesnt mean its okay if its a young human male…… In the first place, its insane to make such a statement in a place like this, filled with young women!!!]

[Ummm, Lunamaria-san…… Lunamaria-san!!!]

[What is it, Miyama-sama…… Im talking about something important now……]

As I thought, she completely misunderstood.

It feels like it would be ridiculously troublesome if I didnt, so I desperately called out to Lunamaria-san.

Thereupon, Lunamaria-san turns her murderous eyes towards me, replying with a low, cold voice.

[……Shes talking about blood.]


[No, like I said, what she drank…… it was my blood.

It sounds like my blood and Noir-sans body were compatible, so she asked me to give her some to treat her anemia.]



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After hearing my words, Lunamaria-san scowl froze…… And as her face turned red, she crouched down with her hands covering her face.

……This is no good, I cant call out to her.

And as if to deal the final blow to Lunamaria-san, who looks like she would die from shame……

[Lu-chan, its as Miyama-san said, were talking about blood.

Its not like we had sexual intercourse, you know]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

And there goes the finishing blow! With a calm look on her face, she just dealt the finishing blow! Noir-san…… How frightening, this person is…… Lunamaria-san looked like shes already crying……

[In terms of having sexual intercourse with someone, I also certainly think that—— [ Noir-san, stop!!! ] ——-Eh]

[Lunamaria-san clearly understands it already!!! So please dont talk about it anymore!!!]

[……Eh Ah, yes.

I understand.]

Lunamaria-sans heart was about to be crushed by shame, so I hurriedly stopped Noir-san.

She wont do anything good, dealing more damage after she dealt the finishing blow, because Lunamaria-sans spirit is already in shambles.

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The best thing to do is here is to leave her alone…… While thinking that, I was about to speak to Noir-san to buy some time for Lunamaria-san to recover, when I heard people whispering to her.

[……How should I say this, it certainly is strangely realistic since the other party is Kaito-san, isnt it]

[Right~~ If its about Kaito-senpai, it cant be helped if you think like that.]

[……Hey, I have something to talk with you two later.]

[ [ ……Eh ] ]

It seems that my two kouhais have a very disgraceful misunderstanding about my character…… so Ill go explain to them properly…… along with some grueling scolding.

Dear Mom, Dad——– To my surprise, Lunamaria-sans mother was the anemic half-vampire…… Noir-san, who I met earlier.

When I was talking to Noir-san, Lunamaria-san seemed to be a little different and less carefree than usual, and it might be impolite for me to think this—— but I think shes kind of cute.

Note: Theyre talking about blood.

This is a very wholesome novel.

: [Heres an announcement.

I heard that the authors sister drew a picture of Alice.

I heard that the authors wallet died because of that, but no one really cares about that.

Its in the Activity Report.

Alice-chan is cute, and Alice-chans great arc is inevitable…… No, its not like Im in any way related to Alice-chan, Im just her fan.]

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I asked my sister to draw Alice as well.

Heres the rough draft.


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