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There are always things you cant expect in life…… but for some reason, my unexpectedness even seems to be focused on where the hot water is.

Honestly, I dont know…… Why the heck am I in this situation right now……

I was bathing in the cottages wooden bath when Lilia-san appeared when Lilia-san appeared in front of me, wearing only a single towel wrapped around her body, with her face bright red.

For a moment, it was so far outside the scope of expectations that I wondered if I was hallucinating…… I mean, Lilia-san is an extremely shy person, and even though weve been lovers for a few days, shes the kind of person who turns bright red when were talking alone…… What the heck is she thinking, going in the bathroom Im in

[……U- Ummm, Lilia-san/]

[Y- Y- Y- Yes!]

[W- What the heck are you……]

[I- Im finally ready……]

Ready For what Wait a moment, seriously, could you wait!

Even though she had hidden her body behind a towel…… No, it was exactly because the towel is partially hiding her beautiful skin that is as white as an icefish, which I saw with great clarity.

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Lilia-san is the type who looks slender huh…….

Theyre larger than I thought, those bulges are…… wait, what the heck am I thinking!

In front of the confused me, Lilia-san takes a few deep breaths before she goes inside the bathroom and closes the door.

Then, with her face still bright red, she picked up the sponge and spoke.

[U- Ummm, Kaito-san…… I- If its possible, can you please…… not look at me too much.]

[Ah, y- yes! Im sorry!]

Hearing Lilia-sans words, I hurriedly flipped over in the bathtub and turned my back to Lilia-san.

Thereupon, I heard the sound of hot water flowing and sponge moving, sounding as if she started washing her body.

This is bad, this is bad, Im being completely swept away.

Not even knowing whats going on, Im being swept by her actions!

I mean, isnt this more dangerous than before I mean, this bath isnt really like the onsen, so the waters arent murky at all…… In the first place, the bathtub isnt very big at all.

That means that…… that…..

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[……S- Sorry for the wait.]

[ ! ]

To my horror, the situation didnt wait for my thoughts to settle, and as her shaking voice resounded, the hot water shook and I felt her presence behind my back.

The two of us are now in this rather narrow bathtub, with our backs facing each other, and I felt an inexplicable amount of nervousness.

[……K- Kaito-san…… P- Please turn around.]

[Eh Eeehhhh!]

[I- I- I- Its alright.

I- Im ready for it.]

Like I said, what the heck are you ready for! I even began wondering if this is some kind of dream after I fainted somewhere…… I see, a dream huh……

No, it could even be that I was that tired that I was starting to hear hallucinations I see, hallucinations huh…… If its hallucinations, then it cant be helped……


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[ ! ]

A hallucination.

This is just a hallucination…… Theres no way that this dream-like situation where the naked Lilia-san is behind me could be anything but my hallucinations.

Thats right, even if I follow what this hallucination Lilia-san said and turned around…… There wouldnt be anyone…… around

[ ! ! ]

[……I- Its embarrassing……]

[ ~ ~ ! ]

The heck is this, have I already died Is this heaven A beautiful woman, a princess straight right out of the stories, is soaking herself in the hot water without wearing a single cloth.

Seeing Lilia-san shyly hiding only the important parts of her body with her hands and turning her moist eyes towards me with her face bright red, my thoughts went completely blank.

I cant speak, I cant understand the situation, but I cant take my eyes off her…… Was it from the hot water or was it from nervousness, but seeing her slightly cherry-red skin, and those bulges that changed shape as they were held by her hand…… I felt like I heard myself gulp.

As I look at Lilia-san, who is so close to me that our skin could touch each other if Im not careful, I mobilize all my reasoning in a desperate attempt to squeeze out my voice.

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[……L- Lilia-san…… W- Why…… are you doing this……]


From my image of her, Lilia-san, at least, isnt supposed to be someone who would do this kind of thing on her own accord and thats why my thoughts stopped until I was in this situation, not being able to stop this from happening beforehand.

I may actually be mistaken and Lilia-san is actually an aggressive person but……Looking at the current situation, with her face red and looking down in embarrassment, as if shes desperately trying to endure her shyness, its obvious that it isnt the case.

When human beings are in a crisis, our brains run fast, and right now, my head is spinning as fast as a computer, trying to find a way out of this situation.

The answer that my thought led me to is that Lilia-san may have been some kind of misunderstanding…… Lilia-san is surprisingly inexperienced when it comes to love, and perhaps, shes acting on an information shes only heard about.

Hearing the words I desperately squeezed out, Lilia-san looked confused for some reason.

[……T- Thats because…… K- Kaito-san and I…… are lovers…… right]

[Y- Yes.

It is as you say]

[……L- Lovers must have a bath together…… right]

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What the heck is this person talking about

You must have a mixed bath with someone when they become your lover Is that some kind of unique tradition of love in this world No, it doesnt seem so.

Its true that Ive experienced mixed bathing with two of my lovers, Isis-san and Kuro…… However, I havent done that with Sieg-san.

This is also the first time Ive heard of lovers needing to have a mixed bath.

[……Lilia-san Lovers needing to have a mixed bath together…… Where did you hear that strange story……]

[Eh T- Thats because, Luna…… said that when two people become lovers, they must take a bath together…… If they dont have a mixed bath, they cant really be considered as lovers……]

She got her information from the worst person of all! That person is the one she shouldnt trust the most!!! Moreover, she even believed what she said…… Is this person an angel…… shes just too pure.

Seeing my reaction, perhaps sensing that Im acting somehow strangely, Lilia-sans red face started turning blue.

[Lilia-san, ummm, Im very sorry to say this but…… What she told you was a lie.]

[……Eh I mean…… No way…… I- I just…… properly wanted to be Kaito-sans girlfriend…… So…… Even though Im embarrassed, I gathered my courage…… Eh Ehhh]

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[L- Lilia-san!]

[I- I mean, then, Im, eh N- N- Naked…… A- Aahhhhh…… Kyuuu~~]

[Wait! Lilia-san!!!]

When she understood that she had a fatal misunderstanding, Lilia-san, with her face completely changed to a bright blue, began to sweat profusely, not due to the bath, and her blue eyes moving so violently that it was as if there was a whirlpool forming in her eyes…… before she fainted.

I repeat, she passed out…… However, were in the bathtub.

[Lilia-san, pull yourself together!!! ! E- Excuse me!!!]

Lilai-san has fainted, and I dont have the time to worry about the hands that had stopped hiding her important parts, as I rushed to grab her body and hold her up before she sinks into the hot water.

Feeling my heart powerfully leap up at the touch of her soft, smooth skin, I moved my hands to Lilia-sans back and below her knees, holding her body in a princess carry as we exit the bathroom, struggling to hold my gaze from moving downwards.

Then, I lowered Lilia-sans body on the floor of the changing room and drapes a large bath towel over her body.

I hope shell forgive me when I did so, as it was inevitable.

However, what should I do now…… If I just let her stay like this, Lilia-san will catch a cold…… S- Should I wipe her body

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N- No, that would be the last resort.

Lets call out to her first before that.

[Lilia-san! Lilia-san!!! Please wake up!]

[……Ughhh…… Hnnn……]

If she stays unconscious, it will be dangerous.

Mainly for my reasoning is…… So, I desperately called out to Lilia-san, and as if that wish had been answered, Lilia-sans body moved and her eyes slowly opened.

[T- Thats great…… Youve finally regained consciousness.]

[……Arehh Kaito-san What was I——-!]

Then, opening her eyes, Lilia-san slowly raised her body up, but her eyes opened wide and she stiffened.



I realized that I had made a serious mistake.

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I was so desperate to carry Lilia-san that I didnt think about myself at all…… That is to say, Im completely naked right now.

Lilia-san looked at me and completely stiffened, and immediately afterwards, I felt as if I could hear an explosion somewhere as her face immediately turned bright red.


[ ! ! ]

Then, with a scream that rips through silk, she fled from the changing room at a frightening speed.

Dear Mom, Dad——- They say that happenings would come when one travels, but this was an incredibly hardcore of a happening.

Is it just because Lilia-san is too pure or was it because it was Lunamaria-sans fault…… Anyway, even now, the image of Lilia-sans body is still burned so strongly into my mind——– I may not be able to sleep tonight.

He endured it yet again…… What a monster, this guy is.

The Wall to Nocturne: [I wont just let you through so easily……]

If this was a Nocturne Novel, things would have turned spicy.

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T/N: As a previous reader said, Nocturne refers to the r18 section of syosetu.

Anyway, its Saturday tomorrow, so Ill drop this early since I dont have to prepare a daily chapter tomorrow.

T/N: 87/237 9


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