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14th Day of the Wind month.

Im going to thank the people who helped me make the gift for Lilia-san, so I decided to go to Isis-sans residence first.

Ill give Kuros music box in the evening, so the people Im going to give the music boxes today are Isis-san, Lillywood-san and Alice.

[……Kaito…… Welcome…… Im glad…… that you came.]

[Im sorry to intrude, but I actually have something for Isis-san.]

[……Something for me]

In spite of my unexpected visit, Isis-san wholeheartedly welcomed me and willingly invited me into her home.

After having a cup of tea made by Isis-san and apologizing for my sudden visit, I decided to cut to the chase.

Isis-san doesnt seem to know about my intentions yet, as she cutely tilted her head.

Feeling my heart warmed from her cuteness, I took out the music box I made in the image of Isis-san from my magic box.


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[Im grateful to Isis-san for helping me and giving me advice on the previous matter, and you also helped me with the jewels…… It might be comparably shoddy, but please take this.]

[……I- Is that alright]


The jewels used for the music box in the image of Isis-san isnt made with Midnight Crystal, but just ordinary Ice Crystals and Blue Diamonds…… The reason I used these two is simple: I thought that Isis-sans image wasnt a deep blue color just like the ocean, but a blue with a lighter shade just like snow and ice.

And the song that the music box is playing is quiet and soft, inspired by the transition from a snowy landscape to spring…… I think its a perfect fit for the kind Isis-san.

[……Kaito…… Thank you…… Im glad…… really…… glad.]

[If youre glad with it, then Im happy.]

[……Unnn…… Kaito…… I looooveee you.]

With some tears blotting out of the corners of her eyes, and a smile that looked happy from the bottom of her heart, Isis-san told me her sweet and happy words of thanks.

Just hearing those words and the smile on Isis-sans face was more than enough to make my efforts worthwhile.

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Drinking tea and chatting with Isis-san, we spent some time together filled with happiness.

The forest city of Yggfresis…… I had a glimpse of this city governed by Lillywood-san before, and it is a beautiful city that looks like the city of Rigforeshia enlarged several times over, and I can really feel the power of nature in the air.

In the center of that city, at the base of the giant, heaven-piercing World Tree, this is where Lillywood-san apparently lives.

When I got a branch of the World Tree, Lillywood-san picked me up at the gate, so I didnt stop by here and it can be said that this is my first visit here.

The place has a majestic appearance that could be described as a temple made of wood, and even though Ive sent a hummingbird there beforehand, I feel like Im going to be immediately turned away on the gate……

However, I guess its to be expected from Lillywood-san.

When I told my name to the gatekeeper at the entrance, he greeted me very politely and showed me to a large reception.

From the walls to the furniture, the room, which was entirely made out of wood, had an indescribably elegant charm in it.

For some reason though, it makes me feel like Im in a temple, but well, it isnt necessarily a mistake.

To the people of this city, Lillywood-san is an object of faith, and a being equivalent to the Gods…… It wouldnt be strange if this place feels solemn.

“……My apologies, Kaito-san.

Im sorry to keep you waiting.”

[Ah, no, Im sorry instead for suddenly intruding.]

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As I was drinking the fragrant tea that had the sweetness of fruit served in the reception room, Lillywood-san appeared, and standing up from my seat, I greeted her.

Ive heard that Lillywood-san is quite busy, so I was prepared to wait for quite a while but…… Thankfully, she seems to have given me quite a bit of priority and went to receive me.

“So, how can I be of help this time I heard that you had a business with me but…… If I can be of help, please dont hesitate to let me know.”

[Ah, no, Im not here to ask for a favor, I came to express my gratitude.]

“……Express…… your gratitude”

She apparently wasnt expecting these words, as Lillywood-san asks me back with a wondering expression on her face.

Smiling at Lillywood-san, I took out the music box that held the image of Lillywood-san from my magic box.

The jewels used for this music box is an olive green Peridot…… a jewel that looks like the vibrantly green leaves, which I think is perfect for Lillywood-san.

The song is a powerful, resonant, deep piece of music that is reminiscent of the great outdoors, which also fits Lillywood-san…… Alice really did a great job with this one.

“……Errr…… Kaito-san If Im not mistaken…… Isnt that a music box”

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Lillywood-san had helped me in the previous matter, and I want to at least thank you for it……]

“Ahh, errr……]

Lillywood-san looks at the music box that is offered to her, looking puzzled and somewhat troubled.

At the same time as I felt uneasy about whether she doesnt like it, Lillywood-san speaks with a puzzled look on her face.


Arent you giving it to the wrong person I havent helped you in any way that would warrant your gratitude, you know”

[No, thats not the case! Thanks to Lillywood-san, I was able to make really great music boxes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.]

“……H- However…… You took the time and effort to make it…… If you find good women out there, wouldnt it be better to give it to them Im a “tree”, so to speak.

I dont think it would be appropriate of me to have such a nice item……”

I can tell from Lillywood-sans tone of voice that shes being very reserved about it but…… Since I made this music box for Lillywood-san, giving it to anyone else isnt an option, and if I were to do that, it would be disrespectful to Lillywood-san and the one I would supposedly give this music box to.

Or rather, calling herself a tree…… Its true that Lillywood-san is the spirit of the World Tree, but even if she says that shes a tree, she hardly looks any different from a human……

[……I think Lillywood-san is a beautiful, lovely lady though.]

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“P- Please stop teasing me…… Theres no benefit, flattering a tree like me.”

[No, Im being serious.

Thats what I think from the bottom of my heart.]

“! ……I- Is that so…… Youre quite the weird one, arent you”

When I straightforwardly told her that these words I said were from my heart, Lillywood-sans cheeks turned a bit red and she looked troubled again.

“……It would be rude to refuse too stubbornly, isnt it…… Yes.

Well then, undeserving it might be of me…… I will gratefully accept Kaito-sans kindness.”


“……How should I say this… Youre quite the troubling human, arent you”

[……Eh What does that mean]

Lillywood-san, who receives the music box from me with a look of resignation on her face, speaks with a slightly wry smile, but not understanding the meaning of what she said, I tilted my head.

Thereupon, Lillywood-san somewhat gave me a happy smile before continuing to speak.

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“……I think I can understand why Isis likes you…… i- is what I mean.”

[ .







“Fufufu, no, please dont worry about it…… Thank you for the music box.

I feel really happy about Kaito-sans thoughtfulness.”

[Ah, yes.]

I didnt really quite understand what she meant, but it seems like Lillywood-san is having fun, so I guess thats good…… Or rather, so Lillywood-san could smile like that huh.

The usual gentle smile she had is nice, but I think she looks much more attractive, seeing her smiling happily like this.

“……I cant just send you back home like this, can I It isnt very much, but Kaito-san, Ill have lunch prepared for you, so please eat.”

[……Errr, in that case, Ill be presuming upon you then.]


Ahh, also…… Please take this.”

[……This is…… a flower]

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When I heard Lillywood-sans words about having lunch, I realized that it was just around lunchtime and I was getting hungry, so I decided to take advantage of her kindness.

Thereupon, Lillywood-san… I wonder if she used Spatial Magic Anyway, a green ripple appeared in the air, and she took out a small pink flower from it and handed it to me.

“……Based on the language of flowers, its a flower that brings happiness.

I think its perfect for you.”

[T- Thank you.]

“Well then, I still have lots of things to deal with, so please excuse me…… Ill come back again after you finish lunch.”

[Yes, please do your best with your work.]

“Thank you.”

Lillywood-san somehow seemed to be happy as she said that and left.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I gave Isis-san and Lillywood-san music boxes to thank them for their help.

And in a way, I guess you could say that its a big change, as after talking to her like this, it may just be a little bit——— but I feel like I got to know Lillywood-san better.

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Heres one setting that Im sure everyone has forgotten about.

As told in the Sacred Tree Festival Arc, its a sign of affection for the spirits to give what they have picked themselves.

Now then, heres one thing I forewarned everyone about, the capture in Chronoiss Arc.

A Festival of Heroes for our heroines…… In short, there are two types of heroines: the heroine who became his lover before the end of the novel, and the heroines who became his lover in the after story, after the end of the novel.

Kuro, Isis, and the others were of the former, while Chronois will be on the latter.

Chronois Arc will be the story of Chronois, awakening her love for Kaito.

In a simple image, the heroines who has a clear love interest in Kaito at the present time develops.

On the contrary though, the heroines who dont develop to a love interest, even though she thinks favorably of Kaito at the present time, would be written in the story that would be added to the after story.

In other words, Chronois doesnt officially become his lover until after Kaito captures the main storys last boss, Shiro.

Its totally unrelated, but after Chronois Arc, Im planning to have a Hina Arc.


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