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When I slowly opened my eyes which were reflexively closed from the light of the magic circle…… I found myself in front of a temple on the seashore, while the scent of the sea drifts in the wind.

The temple was very beautiful and picturesque, standing on a small hill next to the blue ocean.

While looking at that beautiful scene with dumbfounded eyes, I called out to the main culprit standing next to me.

[……Fate-san, I have many things to say, but first of all…… Why did you suddenly bring me to the Hydra Kingdom!]

Yes, I was currently at the temple near the capital of Hydra Kingdom.

I remember hearing Alice say that Hydra Kingdom is a country that is still new to the Human Realm, and that it is a country where trade is thriving.

[Thats a good question, Kai-chan.]

[No, rather than talking about whether its a good question or not, youve completely become a kidnapper.]

[I guess so…….

Its a long story but……]


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Thoroughly ignoring my objections, Fate-san began to slowly talk about how this happened, staring at the ocean with her eyes narrowed.

A few minutes back in time, Fate was slacking in her temple in the Upper levels of the God Realm.

Just as she was rolling around on the cushions strewn around the place, her mind made up that she would stay in this position for the rest of the day, it happened.

[God of Fate! Would you cut it out!!!]

[Uwaahhh! G- God of Time and Space! W- Whats the matter]

[The matter here is you! What happened with the preparatory meeting for the Festival of Heroes! Only the area youre in charge with hasnt given their report!!!]

[……W- What about the God of Life]

[Shes already done!!!]

Each of the highest Gods of the God Realm is in charge of one of the nations of the Human Realm.

Chronois, the God of Time and Space, is in charge of the Symphonia Kingdom, Life, the God of Life, is in charge of the Archlesia Empire, and Fate, the God of Fate, is in charge of the Hydra Kingdom.

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The information coming from the subordinates are sorted out by the High-ranking Gods, and finally arrives at the Supreme God, Fate.

Because the Festival of Heroes is coming up this year, in addition to the usual blessings and other reports, each country also has to organize the preparations for the Festival of Heroes, and so, the Gods and the royal families would conduct a meeting and adjust their schedules for the Day of the Festival of Heroes.

[……T- To cause me such torture you call as labor……]

[Stop messing around! If you dont give them instructions, the subordinate gods wont be able to advance in the next preparatory meeting!!! There are even some cases the subordinate Gods and the royal family would hold a collaboration event.

If thats the case, we must proceed as soon as possible or we will not be able to make it in time!!!]

[……N- No, you see, Ive properly given all the work at this point…… So even if were just a bit late……]

[Fool! Youre forcing your work on the “God of Disasters” too much!!!]


Yes, as usual, Fate isnt doing her job properly…… Or rather, she has thrown almost all of her work to the High-ranking God under her direct supervision and that has been found out by Chronois.

Chronois clearly looks infuriated, and the atmosphere around her tells Fate that she wont let her off today.

Looking at Chronois like that, Fate began thinking of an excuse as sweat dripped down her back, but before she could think of one, Chronois lets out a loud sigh.

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[……Haahhh…… Well, fine.

If thats the kind of attitude you will have, then I have an idea.]

[A- An idea]

[Yes, the preparatory meeting would be quicker if you went directly right Go to the Hydra Kingdom, the country youre in charge with, and personally attend the meeting.]

[Eeeeehhhh~~ No way.

Why should I bother doing that……]

Chronois nonchalantly said that while her eyes stare at Fate, but of course, Fate doesnt follow her and voices out her displeasure.

However, Chronois looks at the displeased Fate and a grin appears at the corners of her lips.

[……By the way, God of Fate.

The Six Kings Festival…… You were looking forward to it, right Its one of the few festivals that us Supreme Gods can attend after all.]

[……D- Dont tell me……]

[Yeah, if you dont want to do your work, thats fine.

However, if you dont get that job done by the 15th day of the Light month…… Youll only have to participate in the Six Kings Festival in your dreams!]

[Geehhh! H- How could you…… Youre a demon! A devil!!!]

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[Whatever you say, this is something settled.

If you dont do your job as Ive said…… I will use all of my efforts to prevent you from attending the Six Kings Festival.

Dont think I will forget about this, okay]


Leaving those words behind, Chronois leaves and Fate, who was left alone in the room, becomes dejected.

[……And thats why shes the devil!]

[Isnt it completely your fault!]

So, what shes saying is that Chronois-san got pissed off at her for not working hard enough, and as punishment, she told her to go directly to Hydra Kingdom and negotiate with them, or Chronois-san wouldnt let her participate in the Six Kings Festival.

And thus, Fate-san reluctantly decided to do her job…… Yep, no matter how I look at it, its Fate-sans fault.

[……Wait, hold on for a moment.

Doesnt that mean that you dont have any reason to bring me here]

[Thats exactly the reason.

Youre my tag-along!]


[Because, you see, I need to do this torture that they call work…… and so, I need to heal my heart! That is to say, I need Kai-chan! Thats why, lets get married!!!]

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[I dont know what youre talking about there.]

Shes thinking about the craziest ideas like usual, but in short, she wants me to hang out with her…… She wants someone to talk with in her free time.

Its outrageously unreasonable of her…… But well, Im already used to it to some extent.

[……Haahhh…… Well, I wanted to try visiting Hydra Kingdom at least once before, so I guess thats fine…… But dont expect me to say anything in that meeting, okay]

[Ahh~~ Thats okay.

The meeting will be done by me and “my subordinates”, so Kai-chan can go randomly sightseeing during that time~~]

[I- I understand.]

[After that, lets go on a date!]

[……Ill try considering it positively.]

[Doesnt that reply mean that you would likely refuse]

Responding to Fate-sans suggestion with a suitably unclear response, I started looking around again.

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Are we in a port city at a reasonable distance away The streets are quite wide and further in the distance…….

Theres a castle-like building, though it looks a bit blurry from here.

[Then, are we going to head to that town first]

[Eh No.

Lets go ahead and meet up with my subordinates…… They should be waiting in the temple over there.]

[I see, alright then.]

[Unnn! Then, here!]


From where we are now to the temple, I guess it was about 200 meters Anyway, its not a large distance, so I tried walking over there, but for some reason, Fate-san was looking at me with her arms outstretched.

[……Errr, what is it]

[Kai-chan, carry meee~~]


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[Im fine even with piggyback!]


Seriously, what the heck is she saying

[……Ill ask just in case.

Why are you asking me to carry you]

[Because walking is a pain in the ass!]

[Where is that flying cushion you usually have]

[Well~~ I thought this situation would happen, so I le——- I forgot about it!]

Just now, didnt she just completely say that she left it behind Did you do that on purpose Hey, did you do that on purpose

[……How about we just get going already]

[Dont wanna~~! Carry me, give me a piggybaaaaack! Kai-chan, you wont leave me behind, right You wouldnt leave this frail me behind, right!]

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Id really like to slap her a tsukkomi and ask whos weak here again, but I gulped it down and looked at Fate-san with astounded eyes.

Fate-sans eyes are tearing up, and they look as if they were clinging on me…… They were eyes of someone that clearly knew my weakness.

However, no matter how easy I may be, Im not going to help Fate-san with her laziness today…… Im not going to help…… is what I had planned to do……


[……I- If its just piggyback……]

[Great! As expected of Kai-chan! Thats my husband for you!]

Can you stop talking like youre my wife It may bring a complete misunderstanding.

Letting out a big sigh at Fate-san, who is still the same as ever, I crouched down in front of her, resenting myself for being too weak to people who are clinging at me in tears.

Thereupon, without hesitation or indecisiveness at all, Fate-san jumps onto my back and her twin hills, disproportionately large for her height, are pressed against my back.

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[L- L- L- Lets go!]


The soft feeling behind me makes my heart pound, but I stand up and start walking towards the temple, pretending to be as calm as possible.

Fate-san seems to have shifted into her full slacker mode though, as she was sticking her body closer to me than I expected…… Or rather, with her chin on my shoulder, shes lazily sticking on my body just like melted cheese.

[Fuaahh~~ Kai-chans back feels warm~~ It feels really good here~~ Ill just go live here.

Ill go spend all my life on Kai-chans back~~]

[Please dont do that.]

Fate-sans breath slightly brushed against my cheeks as she spoke with her chin on my shoulder, and I could smell a pleasant scent of something like peaches wafting through the air.

Fate-sans hair tickled me a little when they brushed against my neck, and more than this ticklish feeling, I felt my face somehow getting hot, and pushed by my embarrassment, I walked a bit faster to the temple.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I came to Hydra Kingdom with Fate-san.

The reason why Fate-san brought me here was appalling, and the reason why all of this happened is just because she was paying for her own mistakes.

Seriously, Fate-san——- is quite a handful.

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Symphonia Kingdoms King (Worrying Habit) Supervisor: Chronois

Archlesia Empires Emperor (Vixen) Supervisor: Life

Hydra Kingdoms King ( ) Supervisor: Fate

I feel like the one leading each country kinda resembles the one supervising them.


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