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Now then, how should I describe her current state of mind…… Is it like a turtle with its arms and legs retracted into its shell, or like a curled up hedgehog, with its hair of spike, threateningly protruding over its body…… What is clear is that she currently has no intention of opening up to us.

Think, I should think of a way! Due to Fate-sans character, theres no way she would listen to me if I just tell her to work without thinking about it.

It would be more ideal if I make her work on her own accord, but I think that is quite a difficult task.

On the other hand, if I dont talk to her, I wont be able to get a clue on how to handle this situation.

I guess I should gently approach her first and try not to provoke her……

[……Fate-san, are you alright]

[U- Uuuu…… Kai-chan……]

When I called out to her as gently as possible, a teary-eyed Fate-san glanced at me through the gap in the blanket.

I guess its safe to say that shes still on MAX alert, so my first mission here is to get Fate-sans face out of the blanket.

[……Kai-chan wont torture me anymore, right…… I did my best, didnt I]

[Y- Yes, I think Fate-san is doing a great job.]

[Right! I mean, Ive already worked two days in a row! Its the “longest time I ever worked”.

Ive worked hard enough!]

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Isnt your longest time ever hurdle too low! This woman really hates working that bad huh…… She has been saying that she wants to be a NEET, but I think shes NEET enough already.

N- No, this is no good…… If I say anything negative, the mission immediately fails.

This is where I have to firmly reply and lift up Fate-san.

[Thats right.

Fate-san worked really hard…… I wasnt able to see you personally while you were working, but you were really cool when you entered the city!]

[……R- Really I…… was cool]


Of course…… The usual Fate is cute and wonderful, but I also thought the serious Fate-san had a different kind of charm.]

[R- Really…… Ehehe…… I see~~]

To be honest, I think I was being exaggerated and lifting her too much, but it seems like Fate-san was happy to receive my praises, as Fate-san looked up from under her blanket with a bashful smile on her face.

Alright! The first barrier has been breached…… She had somehow peaked out her face, so I think shes becoming a little less cautious.

However, just this is no good.

I shouldnt get carried away by just achieving this, and it isnt a good time to be on the offensive just yet…… So I should slowly lure her into my range.

[I think seeing Fate-san work would be wonderful but…… Fate-san doesnt want to work anymore, right]

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I dont wanna work anymore~~ I just want to laze around.

Work is boring……]

[Right Fate-san is the Supreme God, so you would have to do lots of work…… Moreover, its quite terrible that its being dragged on for so long,]

[Its really as you say! It was supposed to end yesterday!!! I really hate the word overtime!]

As I was earnestly affirming Fate-san and showing her that Im on her side, little by little, shes getting on board with what Im saying.

The flow of the conversation is good…… However, I would need to make another push here.

First of all, I think I need to get Fate-sans mind back to the point where she might be able to do some work.

Fate-san seemed almost uninterested in others, so she wouldnt be moved by something like the senators, Shea-san and Heart-san being in trouble.

Then, what I should do here…… is to cite something fun for Fate-san to do!

[But, Fate-san.

I need to remind you of one thing.]

[……What is it]

[Fate-san, after you finish your job here, were going on our date here, right]

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[U- Unnn.

Thats right.]

The date is no longer an option at this point.

To be clear, I dont think shes the kind of person who would work without bait, so I think this level of concession is a necessary expense as a bargaining chip.

[Since were going on a date, we would want it to be fun, right]

[Thats obviously correct……]

[However, Im just a mere human…… so I think some people would be bothered about it.]


Continuing to speak in a slightly depressed voice, I tried being careful so that Fate-san doesnt take it as something solely her fault.

[What if Fate-san got Chronois-san mad for not doing her job…… Im sure that I will be thinking about it while were on our date.

It would be nice if I could properly put that aside as Fate-san does, but I think it would be difficult for me to do so.]


[Thats why Im a bit scared.

I was looking forward to it so much.

I was really looking forward to my date with Fate-san, so thinking that I may not be able to truly enjoy our date is……]

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Im not lying at all.

I may be exaggerating it a bit…… but I thought that it would be fun going out with Fate-san, so I certainly was looking forward to it.

Its also true that if Fate-san doesnt do her job, I will be concerned about it.

[K- Kai-chan…… is looking forward to our date that much]

As I told her my woes while showing a bit of exaggerated distress, Fate-san slowly pulls her upper body out of the futon.

Its here! The opportunity that Ive been waiting for!!! This is the time I should attack! Lets press on and push further!

[Yes…… In fact, I even prepared a “present” to give Fate-san on our date.]

[Present! Kai-chan would give me one!]

……Sorry, that ones a lie.

H- However, if I dash off to buy her one while Fate-san was working, it wont be a lie, so theres no problem.


I want to have the best date with Fate-san as possible.

A date that both Fate-san and I can truly enjoy……]

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[……U- Uuuuu……]

[Thats why, Fate-san.

Just for today, will you hold out for a bit more for me]

[U- Unnnn…… I- I dont know……]

She started wavering! Good, the flow of things is good…… I need one more push, and I need to take out one more decisive card.

However, piling up more things regarding our date would be difficult, so is there anything else I could use

T- Thats right……

[If Fate-san comes home tired from work…… Errr, should I give you a massage]

[A massage! Kai-chan would touch my body!]

[Y- Yes, well…… Its just going to be a massage though……]

I feel like Ive moved the conversation to some weird direction, but my suggestion that I would give her a massage after she diligently did her work seemed to have piqued Fate-sans interest more than I expected, and Fate-san bounced off the blanket she was covered in and got up.

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[……I- I guess it cant be helped…… In order for Kai-chan to support me in the future, I have to properly make a good investment upfront…… For Kai-chans sake, well, I dont mind trying a bit longer……]

[T- Thank you!]

[Fufufu, alrighty, Im motivated! Now then, Ill go quickly finish everything!!!]

[Ah, yes.

See you later.]

It seems that I was able to successfully turn on Fate-sans motivation switch, as she ran out of the room at great speed.

Its not that I dont feel like Ive exaggerated lots of things but…… for the time being, should I say that its Mission Complete

As I was thinking about this while looking in the direction where Fate-san departed, I felt hands suddenly placed on both of my shoulders from behind me.

[……Eh Shea-san Heart-san]

[……How much do you want Ill pay you how much you want, and I will also ensure that youll be treated well.]

[……Being able to make God of Fate-sama work…… What a rare and wonderful talent you have.

We cant let your talent be buried under the ground!]

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[Huh Eh]

While grabbing my shoulders with their firm grip, Shea-san and Heart-san turned their eyes, which were filled with tremendous vigor, towards me.

I mean, this might even be the first time Ive ever seen Shea-san make eye contact with me.

[……If you want, its fine if you want to be the No.2 under God of Fate-samas subordinates.]

[Yes! Youll be treated with the best possible treatment! I urge you to come to the God Realm!!!]


Those words sound like a very sincere and sorrowful plea…… Fate-san…… How often do you usually push your work towards your subordinates Even Shea-san was looking at me with bloodshot eyes, you know

Dear Mom, Dad——— I feel like this has happened to me before.

To be specific, I remember being told the same thing by one of the Supreme Gods.

It really seems like everyone is feeling troubled in regards to Fate-san, and because of the same reason———– The God Realm recruited me again.

Serious-senpai: [In short, isnt it just about you successfully persuading her!!! Hurry up and go explode!!!]

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