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Even in the Demon Realm, it is said that you aren’t allowed to set foot in the Demon Realm with a half-hearted determination, and the place that is perceived as particularly dangerous…… is the War King’s castle.

On that castle so huge that it seems to pierce the heavens, a certain God casually kicked open its door.

[……I’ll be intruding in, Gorilla.]

[Unnn Ohhh, if it isn’t Shea…… Don’t break down my door.]

[Then, you should put the doorknob within my reach.]

[……Putting it within your reach would make it too low for me……]

Seeing the God of Disasters, Shea, come in after breaking down the door, Megidoo leisurely spoke to her.

Although their attitudes with each other were quite rude, the atmosphere didn’t turn nasty as they are both familiar with each other.

[So What’s the visit for today You must be here for a fight, right!]

[That’s just what you want to do…… Lend me your kitchen for a moment.]

[Oh Ohh……]

[Also, Gorilla…… Why are you in Human form]

As soon as she arrives, Shea asks him to lend her the kitchen and even though he was somewhat confused, Megiddo leads her to the kitchen.

When Shea asks why Megiddo isn’t in his usual gigantic form, but in a human-sized form instead, Megiddo takes out a book.

[I can’t read the book in my original form…… There’s apparently a new magic theory out there, so I’m studying it.]

[A diligent gorilla is still a gorilla……]

[Ahh Don’t you know that intelligence is power There’s no way I would neglect polishing it up.]

[So you’re still the same training idiot huh…… It’s too hot in here.]

Arriving at the kitchen while chatting like that, even as she’s aware that she’s in another person’s home, Shea starts laying out ingredients.

[……Even so, what are you going to make]


[Ahh Chocolate Why in the world are you making such sweet food……]

Megiddo, who isn’t fond of sweet food, frowns at the word chocolate that came out of Shea’s mouth.

She should have been the same like him, someone who isn’t fond of sweet food…… or rather, in the first place, the reason why Megiddo and Shea are close friends is that they share a mutual fondness for spicy food.

That’s why he couldn’t believe Shea’s words about making chocolate.

[……Even chocolates have different types…… Look, there is even a chocolate like this.]

[Unnn Let’s see…… Hoohhh…..

The bitterness isn’t quite enough, but it isn’t that bad either.

What kind of chocolate is that]

[99% cacao chocolate…… This is the base that I will be using.]

After Megiddo ate the extremely bitter 99% cacao chocolate, saying that there isn’t enough bitterness, Shea nodded in agreement and said that she’s using it as a base.

[……Well, I’ve always been under the care of that human…… S- So it’s not like it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day or anything like that…… W- Well, being the benevolent God that I am, I thought I would give him a piece of chocolate.]

[Ohh, you’re making it for Kaito huh…… Then, make it delicious!]

[Cooking is my specialty…… There’s no problem.

Ahh, that’s right.

Gorilla, you have some “crimson sauce”]

[Of course, I have…… “How many bottles” do you want]

[For the time being, I’m going to try out one.]

Hearing Shea’s words, Megiddo took a flaming red sauce from the kitchen and handed it to Shea.

Thereupon, without any hesitation, Shea added a whole bottle along with the ingredients and proceeded to make the chocolate.

A short time later, the trial chocolate is finished.

Shea and Megiddo took the dark red chocolate into their mouths to taste it…… and complicated expressions appeared on their faces.

[Oi…… No matter how I think about it, “isn’t this too sweet”]

[……I thought so too.

It’s not spicy enough.]

[Want to add more crimson sauce]

[Unnn…… Let’s put “five” in.]

[I guess that should work.]

For a normal person, the chocolate they have tasted would have been spicy enough to make them breathe fire, but for the two of them, it was too sweet.

The reason being that spiciness is a taste that is felt through the sense of pain, and the stronger they are against pain, the less spiciness they could feel.

To begin with, one of the reasons is that their endurance to spicy food is on a different order of magnitude, but other than that…… Megiddo is a genuine battle maniac, and pain makes him feel pleasure.

Shea may deny it herself, but she’s an M who feels pleasure from pain by nature, so both of them are unusually strong in pain.

As a result, this extremely spicy chocolate…… isn’t quite satisfactory for the two of them.

And thus, even more crimson sauce is thrown in, even though no other ingredients are used…… the chocolate’s color turned bright red.

It looks like strawberry chocolate, but in fact, crimson sauce, a condiment which a single drop is as spicy as a bottle of Tabasco sauce, is used to make this dish.

When they put this bundle of crimson sauce that can’t be called chocolate anymore into their mouths…… A smile appeared on their faces.

[Ohhh, that tasted great!]

[Unnn, delicious…… As expected of me.]

[What the, so chocolates can taste pretty good too.]

[Isn’t it That human would definitely cry in delight for receiving this chocolate.]

Certainly, Kaito would cry after he eats it…… It’s because of an emotion different from pleasure though.

[Even so, for you to go this far…… It seems like Kaito is well-liked~~]

[Wha! I- Idiot! T- This is just me, showing my benevolence as a God……]

[Ah~~ Yes, yes.]

[T- This freaking gorilla……]

As Shea’s face turned red and protested, Megiddo only nonchalantly replied to her.

Looking at him while her body shakes, Shea suddenly notices a bag on the edge of the kitchen.

[……Gorilla, what’s in that bag]

[Ahh Aahhh…… That’s “chocolate baby castella”……]

[……What’s with that sweet-sounding name.]

[Kuromueina gave them to me…… So, I need to eat them all.]

[……Are you crazy That’s hell you’re walking into.]

[……If I leave food on the plate that Kuromueina gave me, I will die.]



Hearing Megiddo, who spoke about how he dislikes sweets, saying that he would eat all of the sweets that Kuromueina, Shea muttered while looking at her with half-opened eyes.

Immediately after that, Megiddo reflexively swings his fist at her, and Shea avoids it by averting her upper body.

[What’s wrong with calling a mother-con a mother-con]

[Ahh You want to play that game Even though you’re just a tsundere who can’t be honest with Kaito……]

[Ahhh You freaking gorilla…… It seems like you want to die huh]

[Bring it on! Let’s bring this outside!]

[Just say the place…… Let me show you which one is stronger!]

Their magic power brewing a storm, Megiddo returns to his true form and Shea takes out her scythe.

Thereupon, the two go out of the castle and a fierce battle ensues, leaving only the bright red chocolate in the kitchen.

The moment when Kaito tastes the chocolate and tastes hell like never before…… would be a story that’s told in the near future.


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