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In the upper level of the God Realm…… In a certain temple erected there, the God of Time and Space Chronois was staring at something with her arms crossed and a serious expression on her face.


[……No, this won’t do……]


Quietly muttering so, she shook her head.

It’s as if she was denying what she was looking at right now……


[……Yes, that’s not possible.

A Supreme God like me must not be distracted by the events of the Human Realm…… Umu, as expected, this won’t do…… No, but…… Miyama is a human.

If so, isn’t it necessary for me to adapt with humans No, no, even if that’s so, this still won’t do…… My c- chocolate……]


The thing that Chronois was looking at with her arms crossed was a beautifully wrapped chocolate…… Needless to say, this is something she made herself.

Glaring at the chocolate with eyes that seem to kill people, Chronois continues to talk to herself.


[I- In the first place, if I were to give this to him…… W- Wouldn’t that make it look like I held feelings for Miyama…… N- No, to be honest, I couldn’t deny it but…… N- No, but I have to consider my prestige as a Supreme God…… As expected, this is…… No, wait, that would mean I’m putting my prestige over Miyama.

T- That isn’t something I can assent.]


Muttering to herself, Chronois went back and forth in front of the chocolate many times.

In the first place, she should have just given it to him since she already made it, but for her, who has never had anything to do with such events before, it’s very difficult to hand it over to Kaito.


[M- Mnghhh, however, is it really alright for a Supreme God like me to be so attached to one human…… No, it’s not like I mean to say that Miyama is equal to just any random riff-raff out there…… but even if that’s so, this still won’t do…… If I wanted to convey my feelings, there should be other ways…… No, wait, wait! If that’s the case, wouldn’t it look like I wanted to convey my feelings to Miyama!]


Stopping in place, she shook her head while making good excuses to no one.

In the first place, the current appearance of the supposedly Supreme God looks so laughable, but whether it’s quite fortunate for her or not, she hasn’t noticed it.


[M- Miyama is a person with whom Shallow Vernal-sama is very close to, and thus, I am friendly to him…… N- No, well, it’s not like it’s because I like Miyama myself…… N- No, well, I do like him but…… However, as expected, this is…… Nuooohhh! What in the world should I……]

[Why don’t you just give it to him straight]

[No, even if you say that, I’m not sure I’m fitting for such a thing.]

[No, God of Time and Space looks lovely…… So, I’m sure that Miyama-san will be very pleased.]

[R- Really, if that’s what God of Life says…… Unnn God of Life…… Whaa! Y- Y- Y- You! S- S- S- Since when have you been there!]


When Chronois turned around with movements of a broken doll, she found God of Life, gently smiling at her.


[Around the time when you’re screaming about how “A Supreme God like me~~”.]

[Isn’t that almost right from the beginning! In the first place, why are you in my temple!]

[No, it’s not like I have any important business.

I was just passing by.

Even so, fufufu…… God of Time and Space…… You’re quite cute, aren’t you]

[Nuooohhh! Forget it! Forget all of it right this instant…… Unnn Oi, wait…… What’s that……]


Chronois almost fainted in agony at being seen in a situation that she didn’t want to, but shortly afterwards, she stiffened at the sight of what was in Life’s hands.


[What exactly are you talking about]

[……Why are you dragging a “magic-bounded God of Harvest”]

[She was trying to run away, so I tied her up.]

[Wait, what do you mean What are you making the God of Harvest do]

[Nothing much…… It’s just that, audacious it may be of me, but I thought of giving a chocolate to Miyama-san too, and that’s why I went to look for someone to taste-test.

Hey, God of Harvest You can eat my home-made cooking.

Isn’t it quite an honor]


Seeing the rattled God of Harvest bound in a cord made of magic power, Chronois asked with a puzzled expression on her face…… but Life simply said that she brought her as taste-tester.

However, somehow…… she could feel darkness within her smile.


[……Y- Yes.

It’s a great honor……]


The God of Harvest, who tried to flee so that she wouldn’t get caught up in a disaster “just like in the past”, but once she was caught, they couldn’t go against her superior, the God of Life, because of the absolute hierarchy of the God Realm.

Looking at the trembling God of Harvest, a frightening smile appeared on God of Life’s lips as she held out a chocolate that she took out of nowhere.


[Well then, please quickly taste this.]

[……Y- Y- Y- Yes.]

[Oi, God of Life.

That’s really just an ordinary chocolate, right]


It’s alright.

It’s completely edible.]


Chronois asks with concern, but Life replies with a smile that there is no problem.

No matter how she looks at it, it looks quite suspicious, but she thought that it definitely wouldn’t be poisoned anyway.

And thus, she decided to just watch as the God of Harvest timidly brought the chocolate to her mouth.


[……Arehh It’s just delicious.

If this is the case…… Fueehhh! A- Arehh…… Somehow, my body’s suddenly becoming hotter…… Eh Ah, aah, ahhh, aahh!]

[O- Oiii, God of Harvest.What’s the matter with you]

[Fuhyaahhh! P- Please don’t.

God of Time and Space-sama…… I- If you touch me now…… Nuaahhhh…… Aaahhh…… Aaa……]

[……Oi, God of Life.

What did you put in it Why in the world did she have convulsion to the point of fainting, just from eating chocolate]


Immediately after eating the chocolate, God of Harvest let out a scream, and her body shook to the point that it could already be called a convulsion, and in the end, only the white of her eyes could be seen as she fainted on the ground.


[Nothing much I just put a little bit of medicine that would make someone feel really good.]

[Did you put “aphrodisiac” in it! How much did you put in it! It looks like it’s high enough to make a God fainted, you know!]

[No, it’s just a specially compounded one.

I was originally planning to dilute it a thousand times, but I wanted to know what happens when someone tries it undiluted……]

[What in the world are you doing! Quickly heal her now, are you trying to kill her!]

[Fumu, I guess you’re right.

Well then……]


In response to the panicking Chronois, Life remains calm and waves her finger to the side.

Thereupon, God of Harvest, which had been twitching with her eyes only showing white, was enveloped in light.

Then, all the aphrodisiacs in her body disappeared.

Granted, she still unconscious but……


[……God of Life, you…… What are you trying to make Miyama eat……]

[……I thought it was about time for Miyama-san to push me down as well……]

[……Poison doesn’t work on Miyama, you know]

[Yes, but he still gets tipsy when he drinks, so I’m trying to figure out if I can get him close to that state.]

[Why don’t you just feed it to Miyama directly]

[That won’t do, God of Time and Space.

There’s no way I could treat Miyama-san as a lab rat.]

[And it’s fine if it’s God of Harvest! It’s fine if it’s God of Harvest!!!]

[I can just resurrect her if she dies anyway…… No, of course, I’m also taking her body into consideration.]

[……Oi, don’t you dare look away.]


After that, due to Chronois’ scolding, needless to say, God of Life was strictly forbidden to use the other Gods in her experiments.


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