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The 13th Day of the Tree month.

It’s already getting quite late and the date is about to change.

Around this time, I was a little anxious.



Valentine’s Day also exists in this world, and it is celebrated on the 14th Day of the Tree month…… and that is tomorrow.

In my former world, I was a loner for many years, so of course, I’ve only received chocolates from my mother.



But after coming to this world…… where there are considerably more women, I met a lot of women and even had girlfriends.

That means…… It’s my instinct as a man to expect some chocolates.

I’m curious to know how widespread Valentine’s Day is in this world but…… I- If it’s possible, can’t anyone give me some chocolates

After all, this kind of event is something you were supposed to get happy about……



Anyway, it’s still the 13th today.

Even though the 14th is Valentine’s Day, there’s no way anyone would give me chocolates at the moment that midnight passes…… However, being nervous like this is something that couldn’t be helped……



[Happy Valentine’s Day!]




The moment the hands of the clock indicated midnight, as if it was already natural, Kuro appeared in my room.

Exactly as the second ticked midnight, she flawlessly appeared.



[K- Kuro!]

[Kaito-kun, here, Valentine’s Day chocolate!]

[T- Thanks.…..

b- but, why come at a time like this……]



It certainly is already the 14th at this moment.

It’s already Valentine’s Day.

However, I didn’t expect that she would appear at the moment midnight came, so I took the package given to me, half happy, yet half confused.

Thereupon, Kuro adorably smiles, and with a slight blush on her cheeks, she spoke.



[Ehehe, I wanted to be the first one to give Kaito-kun some chocolates.

I’ve been waiting outside for hours, you know!]

[You should have just come in then!]



She has been waiting for hours, so that’s why she didn’t show up today like she usually does…… No, did she really have to wait until the date changes Perhaps, because it’s Kuro…… It might just be another of her strange fixations.



W- Well, leaving it at that…… T- This is the first time I got Valentine’s Day chocolate from someone other than my mom.

To be honest, I’m extremely happy right now.

It may look like I’m greedy, and I’m feeling a bit embarrassed about it, but I immediately opened up her gift……



[……Unnn, arehh This is Valentine’s Day…… chocolate]


I made it with the shape of a heart.

It’s filled with lots of my love!]

[……H- Hey, Kuro.]


[If my eyes aren’t mistaken…… Doesn’t this look like “baby castellas”]

[That’s right.

They’re chocolate baby castellas!]



So it really was a baby castella! Even at an event like this, it’s still baby castellas No, well, this certainly was like Kuro but…… S- Somehow, the rapid beating of my heart got slower……



I was a little taken aback by Kuro’s Valentine’s Day chocolate that certainly was like her but…… I was still happy to receive chocolates, so I was about to eat it when I found something other than baby castellas in the large box.

Taking it out from the box…… I wonder what this is They look like cylindrical-shaped cookies.



[Kuro What are these cookie-like things mixed in]

[Unnn Ehehe, that, you see~~ They’re cookies that you need to eat the chocolate baby castellas.]

[I need them to eat the baby castella What does that even mean]

[Fufufu, you need to do this…… Eii!]



At least, I’ve never heard of needing a cylindrical-shaped cookie to eat a baby castella.

I mean, I’ve eaten lots of baby castellas in my life, but I’ve never used any of these things…… I don’t think Kuro used it too.

When I tilted my head, not knowing what was going on, Kuro picked up one of those cylindrical-shaped cookies with a happy smile on her face.



She picked up one of the heart-shaped baby castellas…… and pierced it with the cylindrical-shaped cookie at the valley-looking part.

Then, she held the cookie part with her mouth…… Ehh




[Wait, K- Kuro!]


[A- Am I supposed to eat it like that]




Could this be that she was asking for that In short, she’d stick the cylinder cookie into the baby castella, with Kuro holding the protruding part in her mouth…… and thus, feed me the baby castella.

What a frightening and embarrassing technique she used to attack! What is this intense shame play!



I reflexively backed away from this embarrassing way of eating, but Kuro urges me with the cookie still in her mouth.

It’s not that anyone is around us, but I unconsciously looked around first, before I boldly approached Kuro and put the baby castella into my mouth.



[Hnn…… Chuuu…]



The soft and fluffy dough is filled with sweet chocolate, and a gentle sweetness spreads in my mouth but…… Kuro’s lips, which feels softer and sweeter than the baby castella, touched mine, and we kissed like that for a few seconds.



Thereupon, when I slowly pulled my face away, I noticed that my face was unusually hot.

W- What is this…… We’ve already kissed many times before, but I don’t if it’s because of the situation or because of the way she fed it to me, but anyway, it feels incredibly embarrassing.



[……Kaito-kun, was it delicious]

[Y- Yeah…… I- It was delicious……]

[That’s great~~ There’s plenty more of it, so keep eating, okay]

[Y- Yeah…… Ummm, errr, are the other chocolates also going to also be……]

[Of course, I’m going to feed you the same way!]



There should be around a little over 20 baby castellas in the box…… There are also the same amount of those cylinder cookies.

That should mean…… that, right

There would be more than kisses from now on I- I don’t think I can withstand it.



As I was thinking about this, Kuro’s hand suddenly moved around my neck and her face was brought close to mine.







Then, after our lips touched and we kissed each other, she pulled away and gave me a bashful smile.


[……Kaito-kun, I love you.

You don’t really have to put up with it, you know That’s the reason…… why I came at this time after all.]




I don’t need any more words than that.

What I only felt at this time was my love for Kuro…… and just like magnets, our bodies began drawing near each other……

Valentine’s Day…… On this day that wouldn’t be an exaggeration to be described as the day of love…… Together with my beloved lover, our shadows piled up over each other.


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