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The 14th Day of the Tree month.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Well, even though I said that, that doesn’t mean that my actions will change in any way, as just like every day, I brushed Bell’s fur before leisurely leaning against his body and looking at the sky.

Thereupon, I heard the faint sound of footsteps and moved my gaze away from the sky…… and saw Sieg-san who was walking towards me.



[Hello, Kaito-san.]


[It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it]

[Yes, it’s beautiful.

Not a cloud in sight~~]



While leisurely exchanging words with the gently smiling Sieg-san, a smile naturally appeared on my lips too.

Sieg-san’s atmosphere, or perhaps, her charm, makes me feel at ease when I talk to her like this……



As I’m thinking about this, Sieg-san spontaneously sat down next to me and took something out of her magic box.



[Kaito-san, today is Valentine’s Day, so I’ve prepared some chocolates for you too.

I hope it will be to your taste……]

[Thank you.

I’m very happy…… Arehh It’s warm]



As Sieg-san handed me some Valentine’s Day chocolates, I thanked her from the bottom of my heart…… but for some reason, the box of chocolates she handed me was warm.

I personally always had the image that chocolates are completed by chilling it in the refrigerator but…… warm chocolates…… Unnn Could this be……



I suddenly thought of a certain chocolate, so after I asked Sieg-san’s permission, I opened the box.

As I expected, there was a chocolate inside that resembled a cupcake.



[It’s a chocolate fondant.]

[Uwaahh, this is my favorite, Thank you!]



I’m not going to hide anything, Sachertorte and Chocolate Fondant are my top two most favorite chocolates.

I don’t really know why exactly, but I think I like their cake-like texture better.

Anyway, I hadn’t had much opportunity to eat chocolate fondants before, but I liked them so much that I wanted to eat them again, and receiving it makes me really happy.



[As for the taste…… It’s probably good.]

[I trust in Sieg-san’s cooking skills so…… can I have a bite already]

[Yes, I thought you’d say that…..

so I also brought a spoon.]

[As expected of Sieg-san…… Thank you for the meal.]



When the spoon pierced into the chocolate fondant, the chocolate trickled out and absorbed into the dough while it’s in my mouth.

The dough is warm and soft, while the chocolate isn’t too hot but just has the right temperature…… and its sweetness seems to gently spread in my mouth.

I don’t know if I should say that it’s to be expected from Sieg-san but…… It really tastes very good.


I’ve tasted chocolate fondant a few times before, but I think the reason I feel like this tastes better than the chocolate fondants I’ve ever had is because Sieg-san made this for me.

Firmly savoring the taste that warms not only the body, but also the heart, I smiled at Sieg-san.



[It tastes very great.

I really can’t get enough of it.]

[Fufufu, you don’t have to be in such a rush, it won’t disappear, you know]



As she watches me move my spoon, looking like I was in a trance, Seig-san gives me a gentle smile.

Her smile makes it even better that eating like this is happiness.



Thereupon, at that moment, Sieg-san’s eye widened a bit, as if she noticed something.



[……Oya Kaito-san, you are eating too quickly.

You’ve got chocolate on you.]

[Eh W- Where]

[Ahh, not there…… Errr.]


[……Over…… here.]



I was told that there’s some chocolate on my mouth, so I lightly wiped it off with my hand, but Sieg-san said it wasn’t there, and for some reason, she put her hand over my shoulder and moved her face closer to mine.

And then…… whispering in an enchantingly sweet voice, she licks the side of my lips…… Eeehhh!




I’ve got it.]

[W- W- Wha, S- Sieg-san What are you suddenly……]



I never expected the gentle woman who would follow me a step behind…… It’s very surprising that Sieg-san, the type of person who would gently snuggle up to you, did something so aggressive, making me feel so shaken that even I could clearly see it.

As I felt my face getting hotter and hotter, Sieg-san somehow looks even more beautiful and amorous than usual.



Seeing me becoming flustered and my face bright red, a small, bewitching smile spreads on Sieg-san’s lips and she brings her face closer to mine again.

This time, there’s no chocolate next to my lips…… That means, what Sieg-san is about to do now……




[S- Sieg-san]

[…… I have one…… more…… Valentine’s Day gift for you.]




Her small, glossy lips that gently whispered those words…… quietly laid on mine, conveying Sieg-san’s body heat directly to me.

And just like that, Sieg-san laid her lips on mine for a few seconds then slowly pulled away…… and the gentle smile she always had appeared on her lips again.



[……Fufu, even I…… can be proactive sometimes too…… you know]



Saying that, Sieg-san slightly leaned her head in front of me, looking so beautiful that makes me think of an angel…… my body was naturally drawn to Sieg-san as she was being drawn away, and feeling heat gather in my head, I followed my desires and brought my face closer…… Without saying anything, Sieg-san only welcomed me with open arms.


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