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The 23rd Day of the Light month.

The Six Kings Festival was coming up tomorrow, and we were supposed to travel there today.

There was a direct gate to the event site, and we could teleport there from the gates of each realm.

As for the transportation to the gates of each realm, we can be picked up and dropped off, free of charge, by the Flying Dragon Services arranged by Magnawell-san.



The gate wasn’t really too far from Lilia-san’s mansion, it was only a short distance away by carriage…… but Lilia-san strongly wished to ride a flying dragon.

Of the participants we knew, Eden-san would arrive there on the day of the event, while Sieg-san’s parents…… Rei-san and Fia-san are coming from Rigforeshia, and we would meet on-site.



Other than the members who live in Lilia-san’s mansion, Noir-san, Lunamaria-san’s mother, is also going with us.

To our surprise, Fafnir-san was the one who came to pick us up.

He was huge dragon with a tremendous physique, but it seems that after your strength reaches Fafnir-san’s level, you could change the size of your body to some extent, so he came in a size that fit the garden of the mansion.



[It’s been a while, Miyama-dono.]

[Hello, Fafnir-san.

We will be in your care today.]

[Leave it to me……]



After greeting Fafnir-san, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, we departed immediately.

Well, it wasn’t that far, so it only took a few minutes.

Unnn, I really think we don’t need to ride a flying dragon here.



[……W- What a moving experience this is.

I never thought I’d be carried by Fafnir-sama, a Count-level Dragon and a super-ancient true dragon……]



……Well, Lilia-san looked happy, so I guess it’s fine.








I had heard that the Six Kings Festival would be held on an island in the Demon Realm, but the place I arrived at was nothing short of breathtaking.

They made a city comparable to the royal capital all for the sake of conducting the grand Six Kings Festival…… I could see Magnawell-san’s large body from a distance, and to think that the city expanded until that area…… I can already guess how extremely large the size of this city was.



When I reached the huge, gorgeously decorated gate, Caraway-san was waiting for us, with a soft smile on her face.



[We have been expecting you, Miyama-sama…… Once again, I’m Caraway, the one who will be guiding you around today.]

[Hello, Caraway-san.

I apologize for the sudden request.]

[No, it’s my honor to be of help to Miyama-sama…… Is everyone in Miyama-sama’s group already gathered]




She’s saying it’s my group like it’s obvious, but shouldn’t it be more appropriate to call us Duchess Albert’s group No, well, it’s certainly true that I have the highest rank of invitation but…… it’s making me itch for some reason.

Also, this is unrelated but…… When she asked if this was all of us, Caraway-san’s long tail turned into a ” ” shape.

I wonder if she’s unconsciously doing that If so, that was kind of cute.



[No, two more people are scheduled to join us…… Can we wait for a while]


Well then, I will start guiding everyone once they’ve joined us.]



Saying this, Caraway-san smiled at me.

It may have just been my imagination, but her expression somehow felt softer than when we had met before.



Dear Mom, Dad———– The Six Kings Festival will finally start tomorrow.

It looks like they’re putting a lot of effort into it, making it into a huge festival, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyhow———- We finally arrived at the venue.








Watching Kaito and Caraway calmly conversing with each other, Lunamaria muttered to herself.



[……How in the world did he make a woman who he has only met once…… to have the “face of a woman completely in love” the next time he met her]

[……It’s Kaito-san after all.]

[……It’s Kaito-senpai after all.]

[How should I say this…… For me to be convinced with just those few words, Miyama-sama really is scary.]



Aoi and Hina responded to Lunamaria’s murmur with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Yes, the girls had noticed.

The feverish gaze Caraway had towards Kaito…… Rather, they clearly noticed that “her tail turned into the shape of a heart” when she was talking with Kaito……



[……Fumu, to see through Master’s loftiness, that High-ranking Demon…… It seems like she should have quite the bright future.]

[Yes, this is also because of Master’s greatness.]

[As expected of Master…… desu.]



In contrast to Lunamaria and the others, Kaito’s follower trio, Anima, Eta and Theta, nodded with somewhat proud expressions on their faces.

After casting another dumbfounded glance at the trio, Lunamaria turned to her mother.



[……Listen, Mom.

Don’t get too close to Miyama-sama.

As you can see, he will cage you up and have you entrapped in his clutches in an instant……]

[Unnn Miyama-san is a wonderful gentleman after all~~]

[Mom…… Are you even listening to me]

[Yes, you’re talking about how wonderful Miyama-san, who is loved by so many women is, right]

[N- No…… T- There is no doubt that Miyama-sama is a charming man but……]



In a world where polygamy was the norm, being favored by many women directly showed one’s value as a man.

The idea that men who had many lovers were wonderful was a very common one, and Lunamaria couldn’t deny that point.

However, it seemed like she was having complicated feelings because her own mother was very fond of Kaito, and her complicated emotions were showing on her face.



[That’s right, isn’t it He’s a kind man but…… Being an only wife, it was “slightly pathetic”, wasn’t it]

[Why are you lightheartedly disparaging Dad! No, it’s not like I’m supporting Dad, and I agree that it’s slightly pathetic but…… Can’t you be a little more concerned about Dad!]

[Unnn I’m still in love with him though~~]

[T- Then……]

[But when I’m with a wonderful gentleman like Miyama-san, the “woman” in me tingles.]

[Why the heck do you have the “face of a womaaaaaaaan”!]



With a parasol in hand, Noir’s eyes were as feverish as Caraway’s as she ecstatically gazed at Kaito with her cheeks blushed red.



[Lu-chan, Lu-chan.]

[……What is it]

[Which do you think Miyama-san prefers…… “licking” or “sucking”]

[And what exactly are you planning by asking that Are you just feeling adventurous Are you going on a trip and starting a night adventure! I won’t allow it! There’s no way I’ll allow it, okay!!!]

[……Unnn Ahh, I see.

I’m sorry, Lu-chan.

Mom didn’t think it through.]

[……Y- You’ve finally understood me……]



When she saw Noir adorably clapping her hands with a smile, Lunamaria felt a sense of relief…… which was immediately shattered into pieces.



[“Lu-chan also wants to come with me”, right Yes, Mom understands you.

I’m sure that it will be Lu-chan’s first time, so Mom will teach you well.]

[You didn’t! Understand me! At all! L- Lili!!! Help me!!!]

[…… N- Night adv…… S- Should I also do that H- However, such a thing is still……]

[Why the heck do all of you have that kind of faaaaaaceeeee!]



When she turned around to ask for help, Lilia was poking her index finger together with a bright red face, and Lunamaria, realizing that she had no allies, screamed with tears in her eyes.

But if there’s one thing Lunamaria was wrong about, it’s that…… Noir wasn’t talking about sexual intercourse, she is talking about drinking blood…… She wanted to drink Kaito’s blood again, preferably during this Six King Festival.

She was thinking about which would be more pleasing for Kaito, licking the blood off his finger or sucking on his bleeding finger.



But then again, Lunamaria’s apprehensions were not out of line.

For Noir, drinking Kaito’s blood was her supreme pleasure, and her Affection to Kaito increased every time she drank his blood.

Honestly speaking, her Affection Meter was already on a level that she would accept such an act with him if Kaito asked for it.



It seems like Lunamaria’s hardships still continue.


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