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Although I had experienced one of the biggest crises ever, the rest of the ride went on without any problems, circling around the large grassland and returning to where Neun-san was.

When we got there, Neun-san came up to us…… looking pale.

[……W- Welcome back.

U- Ummm…… I heard what Magnawell-sama said earlier…… I- Is Zwei-sama coming]

[S- She\'s not coming! I mean, if she\'s coming, I\'ll run away, okay!]

Catching Lynn as she flew towards my embrace, I listened to the conversation they were having.

Neun-san was apparently also afraid of this Zwei-san fellow Seriously, what kind of person is she

[Ummm…… Is this Zwei-san really that scary]

[……H- Hmmm.

Rather than scary……]

[Zwei-sama is, how should I say this…… She\'s strict to others just as she\'s strict to herself…… Especially if someone acts in a way that degrades Kuromu-sama\'s reputation, they will receive a long and stern scolding……]

When I asked what kind of person Zwei-san was, Dr.

Vier and Neun-san responded with a rather complicated expression on their faces.

Seeing as their words were even slurring, they must be pretty scared about her……

[Sister Zwei is the oldest one in the family, except for the Six Kings-sama and Sister Ein.

Without a doubt, she\'s the busiest one among our family.]

[Busiest Is she doing some work or something]


Kuromu-sama is one of the Six Kings after all.

About one-fifth of the Demon Realm is recognized as Kuromu-sama\'s land.

But, you see, Miyama-kun already knows about this, but Kuromu-sama doesn\'t like ruling over others or anything like that, right]

[That\'s right.]

Although Kuro is a powerful being, she does not consider herself superior to anyone else.

She may show her majesty when she needs to act as one of the Six Kings, but she basically doesn\'t like standing above anyone else.

Kuro sees Dr.

Vier and Neun-san as family…… She treats them as equals.

Territory management is probably not the most appropriate word when one thinks of Kuro.

[And in place of such a Kuromu-sama, the one who rules the land owned by Kuromu-sama is Sister Zwei.

And she\'s handling a fifth of this vast Demon Realm…… Handling all of it made her very busy.]

[I see…… Incidentally, who is it that manages the other members of the Six Kings\' lands]

[Lillywood-sama and Magnawell-sama are in charge of their own lands.

Megiddo-sama doesn\'t manage his lands at all, but he had excellent subordinates, so he seems to be getting by.

As for Isis-sama…… There are no beings living on her land to begin with, so there\'s nothing for her to manage.

As for Shalltear-sama…… Well, people don\'t even know where she is, so no one really knows if she even has a land of her own.]


……She\'s currently hiding behind me after all.

However, I see now.

Zwei-san is something like a Feudal Lord, and from Dr.

Vier and Neun-san\'s reactions, she seems to be a very strict person.

As I think about this, a smile appears on Neun-san\'s lips as she continues.

[If Ein-sama is supporting Kuromu-sama out in the open, Zwei-sama is the one supporting her behind the scenes.

She\'s a very dependable person.]

[Hmmm, from what I\'ve heard, she sounded like a serious and hardworking person…… And yet, the two of you are afraid of Zwei-san]

[……I\'m scared.]

[……Yes, I\'m scared of her.]

Why are they this afraid of her With this question in mind, I waited for them to speak.

[……Zwei-sama is a very strict person.

Especially with one\'s personal appearance……]

[Also, she would sermon someone for a long time…… an insanely long time.

Sister Zwei would always prioritize the family, but she\'ll cancel all of her other plans just to lecture you for hours.]

[H- Huhh……]

[The first time I met her, I was so nervous that I greeted her in full body armor.

And then……]

[And then]

[She shattered my armor with her bare hands, and made me sit in a seiza for a three-hour sermon.

I was really scared at that time.]


[Ahh~~ Me too.

After I got home for the first time in a thousand years, she caught me…… beat me up and scolded me for five hours…… I was brought to tears that day, and it wasn\'t because I was moved.]

……T- That sounds freaking scary! I see, I understand now…… So, Zwei-san is something like a Demonic Teacher type To be honest, I\'m not really good with people like her.

I\'m quite sloppy after all, so if I met her, she\'d probably give me one heck of a scolding.

[Well, I know that Sister Zwei is just scolding us because she\'s worried about us.]

[Yes, that shows how much she cares about us, so I\'m rather grateful.]

[ [ However…… the length of her sermon…… it\'s just a bit…… ] ]

Just the thought of sitting in a seiza and being scolded for several hours certainly is terrifying.

I wonder if I\'ll have a chance to meet in the future.

I- It would be great if she doesn\'t scold me though……

Dear Mom, Dad————– Zwei-san is apparently a very serious hard worker and a very strict person.

And since she cares about her family, she\'s strictly guiding them———— She really feels more like a teacher type.

In the office that had an emphasis on functionality, a woman was sitting at her desk, processing a mountain of documents.

The pen in the woman\'s hand moved without pause, dealing with an unusual amount of paperwork in the blink of an eye.

After clearing away all the piles of papers on her desk in a few dozen minutes, the woman put down her pen and muttered to herself.

[……Things have been doing well huh.

Thanks to the fact that most of the powerful people are participating in the Six Kings Festival, some leeway opened up on my schedule.]

When she had said that much, the woman opened a drawer in her desk and took out a luxurious black-coated card.

Then, she held it in her hand, as if it was important, staring at it with a small smile on her lips.

[In the Six Kings Festival…… I\'m sure that person would also be there too.

If it\'s possible, I would like to meet him once…… I guess I should visit him huh……]

Softly muttering that, the woman put the card in her hand back in the drawer before leaving the office, carrying the mountain of papers with ease.

The card that the woman who usually doesn\'t show her emotion, looking like a girl who admires her hero…… is actually an identification card with Miyama Kaito Adoration Association Member No.

8 written with golden letters in it, though the person himself is unaware that such an association exists at the moment.

Serious-senpai ZERO : [……The heck is this.

Let\'s see, according to the manual…… I went back to origin]

Serious-senpai ZERO : [No, no, no matter how many times you multiply anything to 0, it would still be 0! N- No, but this is…… Should I be happy that my Serious Power isn\'t negative anymore, or should I be sad that it was 0…… H- Hmmm.]


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