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After Dr.

Vier, it was time for Neun-san to ride behind me for a lap.

Bell would have to continuously run for a while, so I was worried that he might be tired……… but it seemed like there wasn\'t any problem at all.

Well, Bell\'s recent walks have been around the perimeter of the Royal Capital of Symphonia, so in terms of distance, he should still be okay.


Vier said that she would take care of Lynn, so even though Bell was there, it was as if it was just the two of us.

Since she wasn\'t pulled away unnoticed just like the time she was left with Neun-san, I thought for sure Lynn would be upset…… but Lynn just nonchalantly snuggled into Dr.

Vier\'s arms.

I\'m not really sure, but it seems that Dr.

Vier, who had many monsters under her command, could understand some of their language, so that\'s why Lynn was emotionally attached to her.

As to be expected of Dr.

Vier, she also seemed to like Lynn, who was not afraid of her, and was happily conversing with her.

That\'s why Neun-san and I are currently running together on Bell\'s back, which clearly showed the difference between Neun-san and Dr.

Vier\'s personalities.

Unlike Dr.

Vier, who clung unto my body, Neun-san sat with some space between us, balancing herself by placing one hand on my shoulder.

It\'s certainly like Neun-san to be modest.

[Speaking of which, Neun-san.

This is just a continuation of what we were talking about earlier…… I guess Zwei-san must be a very strong person huh]

[Yes, second only to the Six Kings and Ein-sama.]

Thanks to the magic used by Dr.

Vier before we got on Bell, I could hear Neun-san\'s voice very well even in the strong wind.

[Of all the abilities Zwei-sama possesses, her most powerful ability would be her Force Field Manipulation.]

[Force Field Manipulation]

[Yes, Zwei-sama is able to manipulate attractive force, repulsive force, and gravity at will, and those who lack the strength can\'t even approach her.]

[I see.

Just hearing her abilities makes it sound like she\'s strong.]

I\'m not sure if I should say it\'s to be expected or not, but she had a cheat ability that tickles the chuunibyou out of my heart.

I wish I could also use such an ability…… Well, that isn\'t happening for sure……

However, unnn.

I\'m starting to understand the power structure of Kuro\'s family pretty well now.

Kuro stands at the top, followed by Ein-san and the Six Kings…… And then, it looks like Zwei-san is next in line.

After the Six Kings have become independent, I guess that makes Zwei-san as the third most powerful in Kuro\'s family huh

[……Incidentally, Vier is the next strongest after Zwei-sama.]

[Is that so]

[Yes, Vier is among the top regarding the Count-ranks.

I was only able to defeat Vier because she was in her worst condition, and I had friends encouraging me by my side.

If she\'s in her perfect condition, I wouldn\'t be able to compete with her if I fight her one on one.]

[Fumufumu…… Then, I guess Neun-san would be the next strongest person after Dr.


Neun-san may have won in the past, back when they fought as the Hero and the Demon King, but in terms of pure combat power, it seems that Dr.

Vier is superior.

Though I say that, I\'m sure Neun-san is quite strong too…… Even Lilia-san, who had borrowed Chronois-san\'s power, was no match for her.

I don\'t know much about fighting, but I know that Neun-san is one of the most talented people in the world.

So, when I asked Neun-san if she was the next to Dr.

Vier, the reply I received from her was something I never expected.

[……No, the next strongest after Vier would be Raz-sama.]

[Ehh! R- Raz-san!]

[Yes, it may sound surprising, but I\'m saying the truth.

Raz-sama is a very strong person.]

I never expected that Raz-san\'s name would come out here…… I can\'t imagine how that small and lovely girl is a strong person…… Honestly, no such thoughts popped up in my mind at all.

Was it because she is so small, as well as her childish personality I can\'t imagine Raz-san being stronger than Neun-san at all.

Perhaps, she had expected my reaction, as with a slight smile on her face, Neun-san continued.

[Raz-sama is capable of limited interference with the law of cause and effect.]

[Eh E- Errr……]

[To put it simply, Raz-sama\'s arrows would basically always hit the target.

No matter which direction she shoots, Raz-sama\'s arrows will always hit the target she was aiming for.

Well, her arrows would hit people other than those who can also interfere with the law of cause and effect, such as Fate-san and the Six Kings……]

[……Arrows that always hit certainly sounds terrifying.]


However, there are also ways to deal with this.

The only thing that Raz-san can determine is that her attacks would always hit the target, but she couldn\'t determine where her attacks will hit.

It seems that the armor you wear is also treated as part of the target, so you can prevent her arrows from hitting you by intentionally having it hit your sword or shield.]

I understood that Raz-san was amazing after listening to her story, but I still couldn\'t understand why she was really stronger than Neun-san.

It seems that Neun-san has a way to deal with Raz-san\'s ability, so if they fight, she win against her, right

[……The real strength of Raz-sama is not the fact that her arrows always hit the target.

It\'s her range.]

[……Her range]

[Yes, let me put it in a simple way.

The range of Raz-sama\'s arrows…… it can be said that it\'s as wide as the entire Demon Realm.]


[For example, if Raz-sama really tried to kill me in that battle the other day…… All she had to do was keep firing arrows even from Hydra Kingdom, and it was over.

I\'ve heard that Raz-sama\'s arrows have the property of not slowing down at all, and that they consume so little magic power that she can keep firing for days.

In the end, if that was what really happened, I would have turned into a porcupine, my entire body littered with arrows.]

(T/N: She was talking about that battle on Vier arc.)

I- I see…… I clearly understand Raz-san\'s true strength now.

It\'s her cheat-like ability to endlessly fire arrows from an extremely long range.

[……Well, as Kaito-san already knows, Raz-san is a kind person…… so she will not resort to tactics that would lead to a one-sided slaughter.

Or rather, in the first place, she doesn\'t like the act of fighting.

So, please don\'t be afraid of her.]

[……It\'s alright.

I thought that Raz-san was quite amazing, but I didn\'t become afraid of her…… It\'s just as Neun-san said, Raz-san is a kind person after all.]


Dear Mom, Dad————– How should I say this…… I learned a lot of new information today.

I was also surprised, but hearing Raz-san…… hearing a friend\'s amazing parts, a face that I haven\'t known until now————- somehow felt refreshing, making me feel glad.

Raz-chan : [Aim and fire!]

T/N: 54/271


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