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The Sixth Day of the Six Kings Festival.

I was currently waiting for Kuro at the Central Plaza in front of the Central Tower.

The both of us were sleeping at the same place, the Central Tower, so there wasn\'t really any need for a meet up here…… but Kuro is adamant that she wants to do this cliché template.

After about two minutes had passed since I arrived at the Central Plaza, I heard Kuro\'s voice coming from me, along with the sound of her small footsteps.

[Sorry, Kaito-kun.

Did you wait long]

[No, I also just…… arrived……]

Since I really did just arrive, I just lightly responded when looking back towards Kuro…… but I became at a loss for words.

I knew in advance that Kuro would be wearing a yukata today.

Since she was such a pretty girl to begin with, I knew that Kuro would look great in a yukata.

However, Kuro\'s appearance betrayed the imagination I had of her, in a good way.

The yukata, with its black base and floral patterns made with silver and gold thread, was wonderful at first glance as its creator, Alice, had hoped.

For some reason, it had the shape of a furisode, and rather than a yukata worn for the summer festival, the design looked more like a haregi for the New Year\'s First Shrine Visit, but the fabric was thin enough that it didn\'t look like it would be difficult to move around.

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(T/N: Akemi wears furisode/long-sleeved yukata here, while Madoka wears a yukata.)

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(T/N: Miki here is wearing a haregi…… To be honest though, I don\'t see how it\'s any different from a furisode.)

The obi is a bright pink ribbon that nicely accentuates the black base of the yukata.

I wondered if the design was intentionally made large so that the ribbon tied in the back could be glimpsed.

I\'ve only had a quick look at it so far, but it\'s unquestionably super cute…….

but there were two parts that were far more shocking than that.

The first would be the bottom part of her outfit…… it\'s a miniskirt spats style.

I see, so that\'s how she\'s aiming for huh…… A yukata with a miniskirt may seem a bit outrageous, but I think it looks better for the active Kuro to wear.

Also, the frilly hem of the skirt is a big point for me.

The spats peeking out from the mini-skirt are also very sensational.

However, with this combination, it would have been great if she had long socks to create the Absolute Zone but…… Well, Kuro probably wore spats because she\'s shy.

(T/N: The absolute zone here refers to the exposed skin between top of knee-high socks and hemline of skirt.

You know, that thicc part of Tohsaka Rin.

Can\'t find the english counterpart of it though.)

The second would be…… Kuro\'s hairstyle.

It\'s a ponytail.

Because it\'s important, I\'ll say this again, her hair is tied in a ponytail.

It\'s a short ponytail due to the length of Kuro\'s hair, but it\'s also surprisingly cute.

The hair on her side was also relatively long, so seeing them being left untied while the rest was tied in a ponytail is great.

To put it simply, she is an angel.

If I could put it simply, she is beauty given form.


[Well…… I was just a bit surprised by Kuro\'s outfit……]

[Ah, errr…… What do you think]

[It\'s really cute and looks good on you.]

[Really! Ehehe, I\'m glad.]

D*mn it…… Her cuteness is just a bit too much.

It\'s no wonder that Kuro has followers all over the world.

[W- Well then, let\'s go]


Happily nodding her head, Kuro naturally grasped my hand.

What should I do Looking at her from the side, Kuro is just so cute.

Because of the difference between our heights, the way she talks to me while slightly looking up at me is just too adorable.

S- Somehow, I\'m strangely feeling embarrassed…… Let\'s stop thinking about this.

I\'m sure that my quickly beating heart will calm down a bit once we go around the festival.

Just as Alice had said, the festival that Kuro had planned had the image of an orthodox summer festival, as after walking for a little while, I could see various stalls.

The design of the stalls also looked familiar, perhaps referring to the summer festivals from Earth.

It\'s a nostalgic scene for me, but perhaps, the people of this world see today\'s festival as a chance to experience a festival from another world.

[There are a lot of stalls here…… Should we buy something to eat]

[Unnn, unnn! I like walking around while eating!]

[Yeah, you like it so much that you even wrote a book about it……]


……She\'s so cute.

I was almost pulled away by Kuro\'s adorable gestures again, but I wouldn\'t be able to participate in the festival anymore if I just kept being pulled away, so I lightly shook my head and get my thoughts straight.

Thereupon, I turned my gaze to the stalls lining the street.

I see, it does look like a normal festival.

I wonder if many of these stalls were the staple ones Errr, let\'s see…… Yakisoba, baby castella, skewers, baby castella, takoyaki, baby castella, cotton candy, baby castella, ripple candy, baby castella, baby castella, grilled squid, baby castella…… unnn

[Uwaahhh~~ I can\'t decide which one to eat first!]

[No, wait…… Let me gather my thoughts for a bit……]

[U- Unnn.]

What the heck is the ratio of baby castella stalls in this place! I just randomly looked at about thirteen stalls, and seven of them were selling baby castellas!

I mean, there were even some stalls selling baby castella side by side, you know! Isn\'t this just a baby castella festival! In which world is there a demand for baby castellas that they\'re practically everywhere……

[Ahh, the baby castella over there is delicious! That one over there is also great…… The stall in front of it had baby castellas with an interesting shape! Hmmm, I can\'t decide which to eat first.]


There is a demand for it…… The richest person in the world is ready to eat it all.

I see, they\'ve thought well on who they\'re aiming at, so I\'ll say that what they\'re doing is admirable but…… there\'s one thing I\'m worried about.

……I just had this nagging feeling that maybe I would be eating baby castellas for the rest of the day…… There\'s no way that\'s the case, right There\'s no way, right It would be great…… if that\'s the case……

Dear Mom, Dad———— And thus, began the sixth day of the Six Kings Festival, a festival that makes me want to throw a tsukkomi at it for daring to call itself an orthodox festival.

But at that time, I hadn\'t realized it yet.

No, I didn\'t want to realize it.

That from here on out———— The doors leading to baby castella hell opens yet again……

Sixth Day of the Six Kings Festival Orthodox Festival   ⇒   Baby Castella Madness Festival begins!

T/N: 96/281


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