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A certain being appeared out of nowhere in one of the many worlds.

At first, it did not take any action, continuously staring at the world…… before without rhyme nor reason, it brought the world to its end.

The information about this being was passed on to the creators of many worlds by a god with the power called omniscient…… but at that time, it was not perceived as a threat.

Because for most of the creators of worlds, erasing a single world is not an impossible task.

For those who exist outside the scope of logic…… there is nothing noteworthy about omnipotent beings, beings that exceed omnipotence, being that cannot even be described by the word infinite, and beings that can freely create higher dimensions.

They could easily deal with her…… at that time…… that was what they thought.

Omnipotent beings, beings that exceed omnipotence, beings that cannot even be described by the word infinite, and even those beings that can create higher dimensions at will…… Their worlds were brought to an end and they disappeared.

When more than a thousand worlds have been brought to an end by this being, traveling from one world to another and moving after looking at that world for a certain period of time, that being was then recognized as a threat.

This is why the creators of the worlds did everything in their power to eliminate this being the moment it appeared in their world.

However, the beings that should have killed it, the beings that should have sealed it, the beings that should have created an ability to protect them from this beings power, the beings that should have erased it from existing with the law of causality, and the beings that should have run from it…… All of them were brought to their ends.

And then, when the number of worlds that ended exceeded 10000…… This being became the object of despair that the creator of worlds feared.

Its not that their attacks wont connect…… but even when they connect, all of it is meaningless.

Its not that they cant run away…… but running away is meaningless.

Its not that they cant kill or seal it…… but all of that is meaningless.

As soon as that being appeared, the story of their world has already entered its final chapter.

Thats why, no matter how hard they tried, they met their ends.

It was unknown when, where or who started calling it with that name, nor which worlds language was used to call her with such a name, but what they do know is that…… at some point, that being came to be known as “Destruction God of the Apocalypse, Shallow Vernal”.

And that she held the ultimate power to bring an end to everything, “Epilogue”……

The creators of the world desperately prayed that Shallow Vernal would not appear in their world.

They knew that if she showed up, there was nothing they could do about it.

When the world that Shallow Vernal brought to its end “exceeded billions”…… The creators were deeply relieved when they learned that Shallow Vernal had stopped ending worlds and had begun to create a world for herself, and they vowed to never interfere with that world.

Just as Shallow Vernal had said, the first emotion she felt…… was uncertainty.

In the first place, she was a being that held no thoughts.

She had never even thought about why she was ending so many worlds, or why she was gazing at all of them before ending their worlds.

Edens comment about her being “a system called Shallow Vernal” was actually accurate.

Shallow Vernal will end the world.

Thats all she should have been, a being that holds no meaning nor purpose…… or so it should have been.

However, one day, as if she had woken up from sleep, Shallow Vernal suddenly had a question.

The creators of the world, the supernatural beings who have ended it so far have had more or less the same purpose.

Even if they had no purpose, nor something that could be called a heart, they all had something that called a will.

“If thats the case, doesnt such a thing exist in her as well”, she pondered.

It originally should have been obvious that Shallow Vernal had a will of her own when she questioned it, but Shallow Vernal didnt know that.

Something that was born inside her that is difficult for her to express…… She wanted to know what it is.

Thats why, when she happened to visit a creator of a world…… Eden, she informed him this question she had in mind.

As a result, Eden did not make a mistake in her response, and Shallow Vernal decided to create a world for herself.

If, hypothetically, Eden had made a mistake in her response there…… Shallow Vernal could have dismissed the questions she had as unnecessary and she would have returned back to being a system that only ends worlds again.

Since then, Shallow Vernal began to create a world, conversing with Eden and receiving advice from her.

At this moment, Eden is the most familiar with the being called Shallow Vernal.

In fact, many of the assumptions Eden told Alice were correct.

But of course, some of them were wrong.

No, there were some that even Shallow Vernal herself didnt know about, so its not surprising how Eden guessed some things wrong.

Eden predicted that “Shallow Vernal might have wanted to bring an end to herself”, but in reality, “even if Kuromueina the power of Epilogue and brought Shallow Vernal to her end, such a thing wouldnt have happened”.

It is true that Epilogue was “one of the true essences” of the being called Shallow Vernal.

However, there is another power that resides in her, a power that can be called absolute.

If one had to name it, it would be “The Last Story”…… The being called Shallow Vernal is the end of the story itself, but at the same time, she was also the final story.

Shallow Vernal “will not disappear as long as other stories exist”.

She can only end her own story after she has brought all the stories to their ends.

Therefore, there is no magic technique that could kill Shallow Vernal.

Shallow Vernal is a phenomenon that can only be ended by the actions of the Shallow Vernal herself……

Thats probably why she had ended so many worlds when she was just born.

She instinctively understood that the end of her existence could only come after she brought the end of all worlds……

What would have happened if Kuromueina had used the power given to her by Shallow Vernal in the battle between the Demon Realm and the God Realm

The answer is simple.

Both Kuromueina and Shallow Vernal will disappear, and only Shallow Vernal would have reappeared.

If that had happened, Shallow Vernal would never have realized her own heart and she would have ended the world she had created.

However, that didnt happen.

Kuromueina obstinately spoke to Shallow Vernal, and Shallow Vernal clearly saw the presence of her own heart.

……What was told so far was the stories of the past.

The events before the being called Shallow Vernal got a heart.

……From here on out is the story leading to the future.

The actions Shallow Vernal took after gaining a heart.

……The story of the being called the Incarnation of Apocalypse…… and “the first wish she held in her heart”.

It has been 100 years since the battle with Kuromueina.

Standing atop the Sanctuary, the highest peak of the God Realm, Shallow Vernal gaze towards the world.

As she was gazing at the changing world, a routine she had been doing since she realized she had a heart, Shallow Vernal muttered to herself.

[……”Again” huh.]

It was a being that had occasionally come to her attention since her battle with Kuromueina.

A good-looking young man with light brown hair.

And she saw herself talking to him.

She didnt know who this being was or why she kept seeing the same scene.

However, Shallow Vernal was certain.

She was sure that this being was very important to her……

[I dont know.

How can I find you]

Thats why Shallow Vernal wanted to meet that being.

However, the future was very unstable and unclear.

That was the only scene that she could see…… so she didnt know how she could meet this being.

Perhaps, the only emotion she felt towards him was interest.

Gradually though, the desire to meet the young man made her move.

First of all, Shallow Vernal has created a “third world”…… The Human Realm.

She knew that the young man in her future vision was a Human, based on the world she used as a reference when she created this world.

Just like that, Shallow Vernal “created Humans”.

Thereupon, the future vision, where she could only see one scene, began to grow another scene.

It was Shallow Vernal, laughing together with a young man.

It was a shocking sight for her, who didnt even know what laughing was.

Seeing this, Shallow Vernal became convinced.

She was sure that this young man was the one who could teach the clueless her what emotions were……

It didnt take long for her wish to meet the young man to turn into a burning desire.

Yes…… It was the first “wish” that Shallow Vernal had ever had, and the first “future” that she had ever wanted.

Another thousand years had passed since then, and Shallow Vernal had hit a major wall.

She had created a world called the Human Realm.

In addition to the Humans, she had also created a variety of other races such as Elves and Dwarfs.

The Human Realm is gradually developing and Humans are increasing in number…… And yet, the future where she met the young man remained unstable and no progress was made.

———How can I meet the young man What must I do to make him appear before me

Thinking about all of this, Shallow Vernal was in a situation where it could be said that she was stuck, but her next move came from something she hadnt thought about.

She had thought about this after a peculiar being named “Shalltear” was introduced to her by Kuromueina, who had become her friend.

Knowing that this being was a visitor from another world, Shallow Vernal arrived at a possibility.

———That young man might be a person from another world.

Having reached this conclusion, Shallow Vernal created “a magic circle that summons people” from another world, and set it up in the Human Realm.

The first magic circle was created for the purpose of inviting people from Edens world with whom she had a connection with…… and this action brought about a dramatic change.

Her future vision became much clearer than it had ever been before.

She began to see the factors that would bring the young man into her world.

Becoming even more enthusiastic than before, Shallow Vernal began to gather the factors to bring the young man into her world.

Unbeknownst to anyone, “She manipulated the direction of development of the Human Realm behind the scenes”, “created a gate that connects the three realms”, “instructed the Humans how to use the “Hero Summoning Magic Circle” through ancient legends when the Demon Lord appeared”, she continued to make her moves, changing the future into something more vivid.

Nearly 19000 years had passed since she first saw the young man in the future, and the Summoning magic circle was finally used.

Unfortunately, it was not the young man she had been waiting for, but a girl named Kujou Hikari who appeared.

But steadily, the future was beginning to move in the directions Shallow Vernal wanted.

When Kujou Hikari visited the God Realm to conclude the Treaty of Friendship between the three realms, Shallow Vernal only heard about it through the Supreme Gods, to which she readily gave her acknowledgment.

That was, of course, because it was a necessary factor in inviting the young man into her world……

And that time had finally come.

The moment when the Treaty of Friendship was signed by the representatives of the three realms in the presence of Kujou Hikari…… The future became brilliantly clear, and the future of the young mans visit to her world became a definite event.

After that happened, Shallow Vernal was in a really good mood.

With her clearer vision of the future, she found out that the young mans name was Miyama Kaito, and she could clearly see her future together with Kaito.

But when the premise changes, its meaning also changes.

Kuromueina had told Kaito that “the things that Shiro held interest in could be counted in one hand”…… but shes mistaken.

In the first place, Shallow Vernal…… “never held any interest” towards Shalltear or Kujou Hikari.

She had always been wishing for only one thing…… It is to meet Miyama Kaito, and whether its Shalltear and Kujou Hikari, “they were only people she was concerned about because they were a necessary factor in inviting Kaito into her world”, and “she doesnt even remember their names”.

Yes, Shallow Vernal had only been looking at Kaito.

She had only been waiting for Kaitos arrival.

Her emotions towards him were so intense that it can be said that she was in love with Kaito even before they met……

When she thinks about it, the thousand years since the settlement of Kaitos visit might have been the happiest time for her.

Gazing at the future which had not yet arrived, but would certainly come, her heart was filled with excitement.

However, the future she desired for…… and wished for for the first time in her life…… did not come.

Ironically, it was all because of the sole person she considered a “friend”……

In front of the magic technique called the “Cradle of Oblivion”…… Shallow Vernal quietly closed her eyes.

She doesnt think what she is about to do is correct.

She knows that what shes doing is wrong…… She completely understands…… that this was an act of betrayal to her friend Kuromueina and to her beloved, Kaito.

Even so…… She wont give up.

For her desired future that she had wished for the first time in her life…… wasnt something she couldnt throw away.

For the first time in her life, the emotion called “jealousy” began budding within her heart.

However, she still did not know how to suppress it.

Even as shes lost and in agony…… Shallow Vernal still steered the ship towards the end of her story.

Her ship that should have had a brilliant future…… but is now gloomy and sinking within the sea of grief……

Serious-senpai : [Marvelous…… As expected of the worlds God, I cant help but be moved to tears by its overwhelming seriousness!]

: [……For her to be in love with him even before they met, thats extremely amazing…… By the way…… Are the Gods of worlds only filled with yanderes……]

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