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With a nonchalant tone, as if she was making small talk…… Illness-san spoke about the shocking fact that shes a Count-level, High-ranking Demon.

While we were dumbfounded and were lost for words, Lilia-san was the first to recover from her confusion and drew closer to Illness-san.

[I- Illness, youre a Count-level, High-ranking Demon! T- Thats something Ive never heard about after all these times……]

[You never aaaaaasked.]

[……N- No, I certainly didnt ask but…… I mean, I didnt expect it.

P- Putting that aside, if you say youre a Count-rank…… In the first place, why are you working as a maid at the royal capital……]

I certainly have become familiar with this world to a certain extent, so I understand that the Count-level, High-ranking Demons are part of the most powerful people in the world.

She could be the leader of one of the Six Kings subordinates, or even the lord of a castle with her own power.

However, I remember hearing that Illness-san had been a maid at the royal castle since Lilia-san was a child.

I wonder how she ended up working there as a maid

[Count-raaaaanks doesnt necessariiiily mean that they have to be in a high position.

As My Lady knooooows~~ Im not good at standing ooooout, so working moooodestly is more suitable for meeee.]

[……I- Is that so…… W- Well, if thats what you want, I wont ask you to quit being a maid but…… Errr, Illness]

[What is iiiiit~~]

[I think you really should be the head maid……]

[No thaaaaaanks.]

Lilia-san, who had known Illness-san for a long time, nodded her head in agreement, but then she timidly made a suggestion.

However, Illness-san completely brushed her suggestion under the rug.

[Ugghhh, t- then, please at least accept a salary raise…… Adding with how much work you did for the mansion, you cant just expect to be paid the same as the other common maid even though youre a Count-ranker……]

[Its not necessaaaaary~~ Im quite satisfiiiiiied with my current salaryyyy.]

[Ughhhh…… E- Even if thats so, I have a reputation to uphold.

Youre doing ten times more work than the others…… The fact that you, a Count-level, High-ranking Demon, is being worked hard for a low salary is……]


This is probably that, right Lilia-san is most probably just using Illness-sans identity as a Count-level, High-ranking Demon as a pretext, as she has been wanting to increase Illness-sans salary for some time.

However, Illness-san had refused.

Thereupon, the status of a Count-level, High-ranking Demon that was discovered this time…… I have a feeling that she saw this as an opportunity and are trying to somehow get her to agree to a salary increase.

[This is something I like to do~~ so theres no neeeeed.]

[Uuuuuu…… I- Im not saying that we increase your salary 10 times.

If we could at least double it……]

[No thaaaaaaanks.]

[……1.5 times]

[If you can afford to raise my salaryyyy, please raise the salaries of the other childreeeeen~~ They will defintely be happyyyyyy.]

It was a complete refusal.

Lilia-san looked like she was about to cry…… I guess she has been turned down like this before.

How should I say this…… Illness-san really isnt greedy for anything at all…… I mean, I dont think Ive ever seen Illness-san do anything other than her work…… I dont think this is the case, but theres no way that shes working around the clock, right……

[……W- What about 1.2 times……]

[My Ladyyyy.]

[Uuuuu…… Y- Yes.]

[I dont remembeeeeer raising My Ladyyyy to be a child who forceeees others to do anything, riiiiight Since you are in a position to stand above otheeeeeers, you need to learn when to step baaaaaack and respect the opinions of your subordinaaaaates~~.]


When Illness-san told her this with an admonishing tone, Lilia-sans shoulders instantly slumped…… and she sat down in a “seiza”.

[I saiiiiid~~ Ther is no need for the salary raaaaaise.

My Ladyyyy~~ Even when I told you thiiiiis~~ Would you still forcibly give me moneeey]

[……I wont.]

Looking like a child who was being scolded by her parents, it seems Lilia-san really couldnt raise her head over Illness-san.

Ive heard that Illness-san has been working for Lilia-san since she was a child, so she might have also been in a position where she educates her.

[I knoooow that My Lady thinks youre doing me a favoooor.

My Lady is a kind child after aaaaall.

But thats really not necessaaaary.

Money is not the only thing that can be used as compensation for otheeeers.

As long as My Ladyyyy becomes a worthy head of the family, well and healthyyyy, that would be enough of a reward for me.

Any more than thaaaaat is too much for me.]


Seriously, is Illness-san a saint or something It kind of feels like shes the holy mother, hre warm affection towards others is just too dazzling.

[Thats whyyyyy~~ If you had the time to think of my benefit, you should just firmly support the Albert Duchyyy as the head of the familyyy, and show everyone what kind of person My Lady iiiiiiis.]

[Y- Yes! Ill do my best!]

[Buuuuuut, overdoing is no good, okaaaaay When you need help, you must rely on others, consult on their opinioooooons.]


……Arehh Which one of them was the head of the family again Also, what were we talking about in the first place

W- Well, Lilia-san seems to be filled with motivation…… so alls well that ends well, I guess

Dear Mom, Dad————- Putting aside Illness-san being a person that isnt greedy at all…… Being able to say that “if Lilia-san becomes a splendid person, that in itself was her reward” as if its a matter of course, shes really amazing.

How should I say this————- Shes just like the Holy Mother.

Serious-senpai : [Overwhelming dedication without asking for anything in return…… Saint-like lack of greed…… Shes so unlike her superior.]

: [N- No~~ Since her superior is pure and beautiful, then her subordinates must be a Holy Mother as well, right Look, subordinates follow their superiors influence after all!]

Serious-senpai : [……No, care to look at your subordinates besides Illness]

: [What the heck is this group of perverts……]

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