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At a clear, pleasant dawn, standing in front of me in the garden of the mansion is Yuzuki-san, who was running around the garden at a frightening speed.

[Miyama-senpai~~, this is so much fun!]

[Youre really fast.

I cant catch you with my eyes anymore.]

[Ahh~ If I can get into the olympics with this, Im sure Ill win~.]

[Ahaha, that would certainly happen.]

Although it had only been a few days ago since both Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san awakened their magic power almost at the same time, probably because they were otherworlders, just as Kuro said, both of them hold abilities that are different from the norm.

Yuzuki-san seems to have a tremendous aptitude for Body Strengthening Magic, and after just a few days of awakening her magic power, she has acquired a level of physical ability that could be called inhuman, especially since running was originally her forte, so when it comes to speed, it seems that even Lilia-san and the others are no match for her.

Incidentally, Body Strengthening Magic itself is a magic that can be said to be the most basic of the basic, and I can also use it but…… Unfortunately, I dont have any talent in that kind of magic at all.

It seems that Yuzuki-san could originally have a record of 12 seconds for a 100-meter run.

At this point, shes already much faster than me who was only around 14 seconds, but with the speed Yuzuki-san has when she uses her Body Strengthening Magic, running for about a hundred meters…… would only need her about a second.

In terms of speed, you could say she could reach over 300km per hour.

Thats right, when Yuzuki-san uses her Body Strengthening Magic, she can run as fast as a bullet train.

Magic really is amazing.

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By the way, when I tried using Body Strengthening Magic myself and when I tried a hundred-meter run, my record was originally 14 seconds…… turned into 13 seconds.

Clearly speaking, it was a difference that could be described as something within calculation error.

And, Kusunoki-san doesnt seem like she can use a special kind of magic, but she has an unusually high aptitude for earth-attribute magic, and if its an earth-attribute magic, she can even use intermediate-ranked magic.

Therefore, if the magic Kusunoki-san, Yuzuki-san and I were to be ranked, based on combat abilities…… mine would be the weakest.

Well, its not that Im saying that magic is all about having high combat abilities and we never had a chance to fight in the first place, but the young man-side of me still finds it kind of disappointing.

I know that this is a peaceful world and its forbidden to use attack magic in urban areas, and I dont think that I would want to fight against monsters.

But, however…… Im a boy after all.

Its hard not to yearn for the cool offensive magic, and its always a good idea to have some means to protect yourself in a pinch.

[……And so, are you seeking for something to happen]


After telling her about the events that happened this morning, I asked Kuro, who hadnt shown up for the past few days as she seemed too busy.

Thereupon, Kuro looks unusually puzzled, as if to say that my question was clearly unexpected.

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[N- No, Kaito-kun.

Isnt this where you do that Isnt this where you pursue what Chronois-chan told you the other day Isnt this where you would go “Kuro, who the heck are you!” or something like that]

[……Unn Arehh How come Kuro knows about that]

[Chronois-chan is a really serious person after all.

She had asked for my consent first before coming to you and talking about this, Kaito-kun.]

[How should I say this…… I guess thats really like Chronois-san.]

I see, I dont know if theres such a thing like a privacy protection in this world, but it seems like Chronois-san had asked for Kuros consent about the fact that she would tell me about some parts of her background.

I guess she really is like Lilia-san, Chronois-san must have a very upright personality……

[Well, its not that it really matters though……]

[It doesnt really matter! No, no, look, Kaito-kun.

Wasnt that a pretty shocking fact]

[That is pretty shocking, and Ive also had various thoughts about it but…… Its just that those situations which Ive never expected, how should I say this…… “I guess I got used to it.”]

[……Somehow, it kinda looks like Kaito-kun had grown to be someone indomitable.]

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Its not that I dont have some thoughts on Kuros past based on the things Chronois-san told me, and of course, I was quite surprised, but after thinking about that matter in my own way…… I concluded that I dont really understand even after thinking about it.

[B- But, look! Arent you wondering what my true form is]

[Ahh, I think she mentioned you were a black smoke, right Hmmm.

In short, youre some kind of “cotton candy monster”, right]

[Thats not even close at all though!]

[I see, hmm.

Well, I guess I dont really…… care about it that much.]


As if my reaction was unexpected, Kuro looked very surprised and confused while I just drink my coffee.

I certainly am shocked to hear that Kuro had once attacked the God Realm and that she was hiding her true power and form, and I thought about it a lot the day I heard it.

[However, I thought that even if I were to ask you, you would just dodge the question anyway……]

[Uggghhh, n- no, I dont know.

What if I could have given you some kind of hint]

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But well, even after thinking about it, my thoughts just ended up with “So what”.

Even if Kuro is actually the big bad guy, and even if she asked me what I can do about it, I cant really do anything about it.

Kuro is far more powerful than I am.

It would be a matter regarding whether theres even anything I can do.

On the other hand, if she was just a good-hearted person just as Ive always thought, then theres nothing wrong with that.

In the end, theres nothing I can do about this question even if I think about it…… Moreover……

[Even if Kuro had invaded the God Realm with malicious intent in the past, and even if you had some kind of plan on why youre taking care of me…… I dont think that its going to stop me from being thankful to Kuro, and I dont think that its going to change the fact that Kuro is an important friend of mine…… So, it doesnt really matter.]

[……S- Sh*t…… What you said somehow sounds cool, I cant even think about how to respond to it……]

[Well, thats why Id like to hear about it from Kuro if youre willing to talk to me about it, since Id also like to know more about you…… but Im not really that much in a hurry to hear about it from you.]


Yes, thats the conclusion I arrived with after thinking about it.

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Id love to hear it if Kuro would tell me about it, but I dont want to force her to tell me something she doesnt want to talk about.

So, Im not going to press her with all sorts of questions.

However, Im not going to just wait for her to tell me about it, I would also think about it and get to know Kuro better.

In that case, wouldnt I naturally hear the answer when it comes


How should I say this… It may have been because Ive gotten used to this world, but I feel like Im beginning to think about all things more calmly.

I dont know if its because she didnt like how I explained it, as Kuro seems to be sulking as she pouted her cheeks, but it doesnt seem like shes able to come up with any particular words to refute my answer.

Her childlike behavior is so adorable that I unconsciously reached out my hand…… and poked her swollen cheek.

[Hyyaaahhh! K- K- Kaito-kun! What are you doing all of a sudden!]

[Arehh That reaction of yours looks new……]

[Suddenly poking a girls cheek, thats cellular harassment!]

[……”Sexual harassment”.]


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[Ahaha, sorry, sorry.]

How should I say this, thinking about how we usually act, its kind of amusing how our positions are reversed right now, and I cant resist laughing.

Kuro looks like shes sulking, as she looks at me with her cheeks puffed out like a hamster stuffing itself with sunflower seeds, but she doesnt look scary at all and instead, she just looks cute.

[……Its not that my heart is beating fast.

Its just that I was surprised to see that Kaito-kun became a little bit cooler to my liking……]

(T/N: I cant translate how cute I imagined her when she said it, so please use your own imaginations and read this with the inner loli voices in your heart.

“……betsuni dokidoki **enaimon.

Chotto Kaito-kun ga, boku konomi ni kakkoi yoku nattete odoreita dakeda mon……”)

[Hmmm Did you say something]

[I didnt say anything, Kaito-kun, you idiot!!!]

[Like I said, Im sorry already……]

Until now, I may have been taking the attitude of taking a step back behind Kuro since Im quite grateful that she saved me.

However, when Ive abandoned those thoughts and gotten closer to her, I could see a side of Kuro that Ive never seen before.

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Theres no need for me to make assumptions based on the things Ive heard from others.

Looking at Kuro with my own eyes, I think its fine if I slowly think about it…… About what kind of person Kuro is, and how I would interact with her.

Well, anyway, for the time being, I guess I should start putting the grumpy princess in a good mood……

Dear Mom, Dad—— I have lots of things in my mind, and it isnt that Im not feeling anxious.

However, I may not have any basis for it, but I think—– I feel like Im getting a little closer to Kuro.


It seems like Underworld King-sama is trying to increase her Heroine Power to over 9000.

T/N: I gave up translating shimoneta, my head hurts with all the references theyre dropping here and there, so I gave up.

I will try to catch up with the kofi donates with me.



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