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The after story starts…… well, that doesnt mean anything really changes, as there would be flirting as usual.

After going back to the other world…… Trinia, I decided to go and greet my acquaintances first.

After dropping me on this small hill, Kuro said “Ill come back to visit again later~~”, and thus, Ill now take turns traveling around the world using my Teleportation magic tool…… well, but before that……

[Im back, Alice.]

Unfortunately, I cant use any advanced techniques like reading the presence of others, nor do I think that my Sympathy Magic will have much effort on her.

Thus, this isnt about my confidence that shes here, but my trust towards her…… That perhaps, shes already by my side.

Thereupon, I felt a light shock on my back…… and as if someone was leaning on my back, a voice responded.

[……Welcome back, Kaito-san.]

The fact that she didnt show up right away was probably because she was embarrassed.

I guess its just like Alice.

However, unnn…… I guess I really feel very safe knowing that Alice is nearby.

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Somehow, before I knew it…… I had taken for granted that Alice would respond to me if I talked to her, and I think thats why Ive been slightly restless for the past two months.

[Iris-san too, please tell her that Ive returned.]

[……”Thats very faithful of you.

Well, its good to see you healthy and well.” is what she said.]

After telling Iris, who was in Alices Heart Tool, that I came back, I decided to start going around.

The question is, in what order should I go around……

The distance doesnt matter because Im going to use my Teleportation magic tool to go around, but since Im in the Human Realm right now, I think its best to go to Lilia-sans mansion first.

However, unnn…… As expected, I think I had to go to her place first.

She has a lonely side to her, so Id like to meet her immediately and make her feel at ease.

In the land of death, located in the northernmost part of the Demon Realm…… Inside a large castle erected on that place, Isis was moving around restlessly.

[……I wonder…… when will Kaito come back]

“……How many hundred times have you said that line I know I keep saying this, but you need to calm down a bit.”

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Lillywood, who happened to be visiting Isis castle, loudly sighed at the exchange that had been repeated several times since this morning.

The information about Kaitos return today had already been notified by Alice to his acquaintances in advance.

However, it was unknown when and where he would return today.

Therefore, from the moment she heard about it, Isis mind was so occupied with the thought of Kaitos return that she couldnt think of anything else.

However, since she didnt know when exactly would Kaito return, she had been pacing back and forth in the castle since this morning.

[ ! ]

“……Oya It seems that————- wait, Isis!”

Needless to say, the two women are among the most powerful beings in the world, and thus, not only can they know when someone is teleporting nearby from the faintest hint of magic power, they can also know who it is thats teleporting.

The two girls have just felt the signs of Teleportation Magic…… At the gates of her castle, Isis had foresaw that the person she had been waiting for was about to teleport in……

Isis was quick to act.

The moment she had sensed it, she had already leapt out…… “breaking through all the walls of her castle, she leapt towards the gates in a straight line”……

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“……Good grief, you never change.”

Thinking about the way Isis had been so eager to see Kaito, Lillywood gently smiled for a moment, but as if she had just thought of something, she looked a bit pale.

“……I dont think this is the case, but these destroyed walls…… am I supposed to be the one fixing it”

Two years had passed, but the troubled one of the Demon Realm were still as troubled as always.

……What the heck is going on here I used my Teleportation magic tool to come in front of Isis castle to greet her upon my return.

Thereupon, I dont know…… Almost as soon as I arrived in front of the castle, its thick, massive doors were blown open…… and from inside, Isis-san came flying out.


[Uwaahh…… Isis-san]

I was surprised when Isis-san quickly showed up…… even before a second passed after I arrived, but when I saw her hugging me with faint tears in her eyes, I could tell how happy she was to have me back…… that the surprise I felt was quickly painted out.

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[……Im sorry it took so long, but Im back.]


Unnn…… Welcome back…… Kaito…… I missed you.]

It may just be two months for me, but it had been two years for Isis-san…… but since its Isis-san were talking about here, each day she waits feels like eternity for her.

As I tightly held her slender body in my embrace, I gently stroked Isis-sans head with one of my hands.

[Im sorry for making you feel lonely.]

[……I feel like…… these two years…… had been…… the longest…… but its…… a good loneliness…… because the happiness I feel…… when Kaito returns…… wipes it all away.]

Seriously, how should I say this…… She really is just like an angel.

The way she buried her face in my chest, the way she sounded so happy, the words she spoke…… I just cant help but love everything about her.

To be honest, I cant stay too long considering I have to go around, visiting the others too…… but still, from the bottom of my heart…… I want to hug Isis-san as long as time allows.

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Serious-senpai : [I will escape.

Leave this hellish battlefield! Slipping through ! ……I will run at ultra-high speeds, and at the moment when I slip past her, I will immediately increase my speed even further! I will run at the speed of light! This will be the time for the Serious Go B*rst!]

: [……No, even if its not a metaphor and you really ran at a speed of light, I can still see you and easily capture you……]

Serious-senpai : [……Restrain yourself, cheat…… Seriously, restrain yourself.]


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