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As I looked at the bouquet of brightly-colored carnations in front of me, I crossed my arms and pondered with a serious expression on my face.

Mother’s Day…… can be considered a very pleasant and warm event.

In fact, as far as “my real mother” is concerned, I can show my filial piety to my parents by spending time with them.

But now, looking at the bouquet of carnations in front of me, the expression on my face probably looks like I’m a warrior in the middle of a stand-off.



[……Kaito-san, I’ll ask just to make sure…… but have you gone insane As expected, this might be a bit dangerous.

No, of course, I’ll do my best to deal with it if such a thing happens, but if that thing really gets out of control, it’ll be extremely troublesome.]

[Unnn, I’m honestly worried too, and my body hasn’t stopped shaking since a while ago…… but after everything that’s happened……]



The reason why a single bouquet of carnations makes Alice shudder and ask me if I’m insane, and why my body has been amusingly trembling…… was because this bouquet of carnations would be something I will give to Eden-san.

Well, to be honest, I’m tempted to question my own sanity for doing this even when I’m afraid of what kind of reaction Eden-san will make after I do this.

However…… However……



Even though I’ve been troubled by her outbursts sometimes…… No, I guess it happens too often to be called sometimes, but even so…… I can’t really say that Eden-san hasn’t taken care of me or helped me in the past.

As had been there in the incident regarding Dr.

Vier, she had given Alice and the others hints in Shiro-san’s ordeal, and helped explain things to my uncle and aunt back on Earth…… Frankly speaking, she has tremendously helped me.



So, I thought that I should at least thank her as a person, and thinking about what could make Eden-san happy…… I concluded with the thought of giving her a bouquet of carnations, and so, I prepared it.

However, I just couldn’t predict how Eden-san would react when I gave this to her.

After all, this is the first time I’ve given something to her.

I wondered what would happen if Eden-san, who is usually, well, how should I say this…… quite the dangerous person to say the least, got even more excited…… but such a thing far exceeds my imagination.



I’ve taken all the precautions I can.

I also asked Alice to keep herself visible and ready to respond at any time.

Kuro may not be here because they end up quarreling when they meet with each other, but I’ve asked her to be on stand by a short distance away, and to move quickly if she sees Eden-san make some strange reaction.

I also tried asking Shiro-san, but she said she couldn’t because Shiro-san apparently had an agreement with Eden-san that she wouldn’t intervene whenever Eden-san and I were talking with each other.



[……Even so, I don’t think just worrying about this matter would do anything.

Alice, I’ll be calling Eden-san now…… I’m counting on you.]

[Yes, leave it to me.

I’ve already activated Ἑκατόγχειρες’s Ultimate Battle Form, so I should be able to handle most situations.]



After a very serious exchange that I can’t believe was just about giving someone carnations, I lightly poured magic power into the feather that Eden-san gave me before.

Thereupon, a blinding light immediately enveloped the room, and when it cleared out, Eden-san appeared.



[For my child to call me, it’s quite unusual, isn’t it No, of course, Mother is happy.

Mother wants to spend as much time as possible with her beloved child, and being called by my beloved child is……]

[U- Ummm, Eden-san!]

[Unnn What’s the matter]



The moment she appeared, she started speaking at full throttle, and if I let her talk like that, she would have come up with a terribly long speech like usual, so I interrupted her.

Before Eden-san, who was tilting her head, I held out the bouquet of carnations.



[……This is]

[E- Errr, I’ve always been under Eden-san’s care…… and today is, well, Mother’s Day…… so here are carnations……]




Eden-san silently accepted the bouquet of carnations I offered her.

At the same time, as if she was on full alert, Alice was at the ready with her body lowered, while I involuntarily closed my eyes as I felt the tense atmosphere…… N- Now, what would happen What kind of reaction would she have……



[Thank you very much, my beloved child.

Receiving such a wonderful present makes mother happy.]




A voice so gentle that it could be described as soft…… Arehh What is this out-of-place feeling Even when she calls me her beloved child, I don’t get the usual chill down my spine.

When I timidly opened my eyes, Eden-san was looking at me with a dazzling archaic smile on her face…… Arehh Something’s sort of different about her…… more specifically, she doesn’t seem to have the muddiness behind her eyes.



[This is quite the surprise.

However, it makes me very happy.]


[Ahh, errr, I’m glad if you’re happy.]

[Yes, I’m thankful for my child’s kindness once again…… Ahh, while we’re at it, would you like to have some tea with Mother Mother would like to talk to my beloved child some more, but would it be alright]

[……Y- Yes.

It’s alright.]



As I thought, isn’t something strange She’s unlike how she usually was, where she keeps talking on and on, and instead, she’s even consulting my opinion……

In front of the puzzled me, Eden-san moved the wings on her back a little bit, and “three” cups of tea and a plate of cookies appeared on the table.



[Why don’t you join us too, Alice My child would be happier if you join us, you know]

[……Y- Yes, I don’t really mind…… but are you really alright with my presence, Eden-san]

[Of course.

You are an important person in my child’s life…… and you are a kind child who is always protecting my beloved child.

As his mother, please allow me to thank you.

Thank you for always being by his side.]

[H- Huhh…… Hey, Kaito-san…… “Who the heck is this”!]



It was unusual for Alice to be visibly confused about something, but I felt exactly the same way.

Seriously, who the heck is this! She’s like a completely different person from usual, you know! Eh Wait, seriously, what the heck is going on

As Alice and I were confused by Eden-san’s drastic transformation, a black vortex appeared in the room and Kuro appeared from within it.



[Kaito-kun! Are you alright! I feel Shalltear’s magic power wavering……]

[Oya If it isn’t Kuromueina]

[I just came to check…… Eh]

[You’ve come today too, huh.

Well then, I’ll add another cup of tea.]



Eden-san basically hates Kuro.

I mean, she hates Kuro so much that Eden-san sees her as an enemy.

She usually doesn’t even call her by her name, but calls her “God’s half-body”, and is always belligerent when she talks to her…… However……



[If you don’t mind, how about joining us for tea I won’t be imposing myself if you’re busy with work though.]

[Ahh, eh N- No, I’ve already finished my work back at my company today……]

[Is that so Then, I’m glad to hear that.

I know that you are a serious and hardworking person, and I also know that your body isn’t so fragile that it will break down if you push yourself too hard.

However, you still need to take a proper break.

Your mind could still get tired after all.]

[……U- Unnn…… Eh]

[Pardon me, this is becoming like a sermon, isn’t it Now then, let’s just have our tea.

You, my beloved child’s lovers, are like my own child to me, so Mother wants to hear your stories.]

[……Errr…… Kaito-kun…… Shalltear…… Mind if I ask you something ……Who is this]



Unfortunately, neither Alice nor I have an answer to that question.

I mean, Alice and I also want to ask the same thing.

Even at the tea table afterwards, Eden-san’s attitude remained the same…… and with a gentle smile on her lips, she listened to us instead of rambling her thoughts.

She would occasionally reach out her hand and pat my head, but she isn’t trying to be overly touchy anymore…… It was really like she’s a mother loving her child.



The same was true for Alice and Kuro.

Eden-san’s words towards them were gentle and caring, making one feel that she was filled with motherly love and compassion.

However, Alice, Kuro and I were so confused by Eden-san’s unusual behavior, and thus, we were still mentally exhausted by the end of the tea party.



In the end, Eden-san didn’t return to normal that day, and after the tea party was over, she said “I would be a nuisance if I stayed too long” which was something she would never normally say, and thanking me once again, she left.



The next day, Eden-san returned to her normal self…… and how should I say this…… even though there was part of me that kind of felt relieved…… I wondered if she would ever go into that mysterious, gentle mode again, even if it’s just once in a while.


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