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Iris, who had completely recovered both her stamina and magic power, was facing Isis floating a little far away with ἀποκάλυψις in hand.

The two didnt exchange any words, and a few moments later, Alice, who was standing at a distance, signaled them with a circle over her head with both hands.

This was a signal that the Spatial Isolation Ward that protects the surroundings was complete, and at the same time, it meant that Isis could fight with all her might.


At that moment, Iris felt a tremendous pressure, as if her whole body was being clamped in a vise.

Startled, she moved her gaze forward and saw Isis quietly preparing for battle.

(……I see, so this is the magic power of death.

It feels as if Im facing fear itself.

If it wasnt for this body, this mock battle would have been settled before we could even fight.

If I had been hit by this after the battle had begun, even if its just for a moment, I would definitely be paralyzed.

So, it was fortunate that I was able to experience the intimidation of her magic power of death here…… But, even so…… This is too tremendous.)

The magic power overflowing from Isis body turned from pale blue to jet black, and at the same time, the atmosphere around her became sharp and cold.

She truly looks like the King who rules over death, a being possessing absolute strength.

The earth trembles as if it fears the King, and the air retreats to make way for her path.

[Well then, mock battle–——– Start!]

When Alice announced the start of the mock battle, Isis remained motionless, staying afloat in mid air…… and her eyes looked at Iris as if to tell her “Ill allow you to have the first move”.

Immediately receiving her intention to mind, Iris slammed her hands on the ground.

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(She deactivates magic and reverts it back to magic power.

At first glance, it sounds like she holds an invincible power, but it isnt like she has an ability that automatically nullifies all magic.

There will definitely be a process in between the recognition and execution.

In that case, if I attack at a speed that exceeds Isis-donos perception, with an amount that her deactivation ability couldnt keep, theres a good chance that I will hit her!)

Iris summoned a huge magic circle.

Its not just one, as it went beyond 10, 100, and reached 1000.

Referencing the Simultaneous Activation that Isis used earlier, she executed it until her brain was almost burned out.

[……Kuhh…… συμφορά μοιραίο φορέας!]

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They werent something that could be described as a rain of swords anymore.

The number of jet-black swords crowded together without any gaps exceeds a billion, and there isnt even a space for a mouse to pass through.

In other words, it has become a black wall made of swords.

Even so, Iris understood that against Isis, a magic like this would be lifted in less than 10 seconds.

Thats why, she prepared her next attack……


[ ! ]

However, she didnt expect that all of the billion magic swords would disappear with just a single word from the King.

In front of the serious Isis, even a magic barrage could no longer buy even a second of her time.

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It was beyond her expectations.

However, her opponent is one of the Six Kings…… She had already expected that something unexpected would occur.

Thats why, Iris poured an enormous amount of magic power into her ἀποκάλυψις.

Alice said that Isis nullifies “almost” all magic.

She didnt say that she could nullify all magic.

Thus, there should be a magic that she couldnt nullify…… a magic that she couldnt deactivate.

With that thought in mind, Iris guessed that Alice was referring to a super-dense blow filled with an overwhelming amount of magic power.

Therefore, she entrusted the result of this battle to the magic that she had just learned.

[Swallow it all! Beast of Tyranny————- γίγας ἀποκάλυψις!!!]

(T/N: Giga Apocalypse)

Lets just say the conclusion.

Iris idea certainly is right.

There is a limit to the amount of magic power that Isis can instantly deactivate, and if the output is too large, she may not be able to deactivate it in time.

……The magic density of the γίγας ἀποκάλυψις, which shot out hundreds of times the magic power poured into it, exceeded Isis deactivation speed.

However———— That doesnt mean that her attack will reach Isis.

[……Cocytus Infinity.]

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With her words————— “The world froze”.

The shaking earth, the trembling winds, and the jet-black bombardment that Iris released all froze and stopped moving, and silence took over the place.

Isis excluded Iris body on purpose, but her surroundings and her ἀποκάλυψις were frozen in place.

No, thats not all.

(……What is this What in the world just happened I cant move…… No, not just my body and my magic power…… I also couldnt breathe.)

Iris body shouldnt have been frozen, but she still couldnt move.

Its as if even the space she needed to move around in has been frozen……

[……This place…… is already my domain…… where everything…… is frozen…… Magic power…… Space…… Time…… And when the ice shatters…… everything returns to nothingness…… Cocytus…… Zero.]

[Kuhhh, gaaahhhhhh!]

As soon as Isis finished her words, the frozen earth and the magic bombardment shattered into pieces, leaving only ice crystals danzing in mid air.

[……Thats an amazing staff…… Even my Cocytus Zero…… cant shatter it.]

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[……Haahhh…… Haahhh……]

ἀποκάλυψις is a Heart Tool, and it can never be broken unless Iris heart shatters.

However, that didnt mean that she can use it as an invincible shield.

ἀποκάλυψις is Iris heart itself, and thus, receiving powerful attacks with ones Heart Tool takes a toll on her mentally.

Dropping down on her knees, Iris ragged breath leaked out white clouds…… and the result of the mock battle was now obvious to everyone.

[……Do you still…… want to continue]

[……No…… Thats enough.

I know that I wont win…… but for me to be defeated with just two moves, no, with just one move…… The world really is vast.]

[……Iris can still…… become even stronger…… Now, Im just…… a little stronger than you…… but who knows…… what will happen next.]

[……Do you think I might be able to win next time]

[…… I dont know…… However…… unless you give up…… I think that…… the possibility of that happening…… isnt zero…… Being involved with others…… If I had given up…… I wouldnt have…… met Kaito.]


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She was in a difficult and painful situation, and there were many times when she almost gave up.

However, even until the end, she never gave up.

After looking at Isis, who told her how she was able to meet Kaito with a smile, Iris closed her eyes and thought for a while.

After a few moments of silence, Iris opened her eyes, and looking at Isis with a smile, she spoke.

[……This is something I would also like to ask of you.

“Isis-sama”, would you accept me as your subordinate]

[……Are you…… alright with me]

[You are more than enough.

You definitely have the makings of a King.]

[……The makings…… of a King]

[Yes, the fact that I want to serve you now, the charm that attracts others closer to you, means that you have the makings of a king, of which something I do not have.

I have seen how capable Isis-sama is, and I am convinced that you are worthy of entrusting my fangs.

That alone is enough for me.]

Iris Illuminus…… She is not a person without manners.

In fact, she knows how to be polite and speaks in a tone that is appropriate for the person she is talking to.

The fact that she calls Isis with a “-sama” attached to her name and speaks to her with honorifics…… was the best proof that Iris recognizes Isis as her master.

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[……Unnn…… Unnn…… Thanks…… I will be…… in your care…… Iris.]

[Yes, Isis-sama.]

Her first subordinate, someone that the Six Kings had that she didnt…… Looking at the hand held out by Isis, whose eyes teared up in joy, Iris firmly grasped her hand.

Later, she became the first of the Death Kings subordinates, leading her executives “The Pleiades”, known as Death King Isis Remnants trusted retainer————— This was the new beginning of the “Black Violent Star”, Iris Illuminus.

(T/N: Koku bousei)

~ ~ Death Kings Executive Subordinate ~ ~

“Black Violent Star” Iris Illuminus

After this incident, she became Isis subordinate.

She has quite the serious character, so when she decided that she was to serve Isis, she moved her residence to Isis castle to serve her well.

During the day, she spends her time in Isis castle, and at night, she spends her time at the bar in Kaitos mansion, entertaining him and chatting with Alice.

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However, Isis excitement at having her first subordinate was through the roof, and within a few days of serving her…… Iris tilted her head, wondering why it looked like she wasnt Isis subordinate and was instead her friend.

Frankly speaking, she doesnt have any work to do at the moment, so during the day, she just spends her time in Isis castle, talking to her, having tea with her, reading books with her, and training with her…… In the future, Iris has been asking herself many times what exactly is a subordinate.

With the help of the many books in Isis castle and the guidance of Isis and Alice, her skills rapidly improved and soon became a competent member within the Six Kings executive subordinates.

After a while, for some reason, the head of the War Kings subordinates started to come to play (train) with her a lot, and Isis castle became a bit livelier.

Of course, Isis became overjoyed.


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