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My apologies, but Im struggling a bit with the of Anima arc, and I dont want too large a gap between updates, so Ill update Makina arc, which is already finished, first.

I- Ill definitely update Makina arc next time, so please wait a little longer.

[Heehhh…… You can beautifully see the stars here huh~~]

[Unnn, I guess thats the only thing this empty island can boast of.]

After taking a bath, Alicia and Makina went outside the house to look at the sky.

The air on this man-made island, far from the land, was clean and there was no light around except for Makinas house, so the stars in the night sky were very visible.

It was a strange feeling.

Although they had only spent half a day together, it was as if they had been together for years, and the atmosphere was so peaceful that they could communicate with each other even without saying much.

As Alicia was smiling, letting the pleasant sensation wash over her, she heard Makina mutter.

[I wonder why I was born with a power like this]

It felt as if so many emotions were filled into those words.

She wondered why she was different from other people.

She wondered why she has to be alone on a deserted island since she can remember.

And she wondered the meaning of her existence, for her to be born with the power to see the world.

It was something that had been in Makinas mind for a long time, and thats why…… She couldnt help but speak it out towards Alicia, who has lived much longer than she has, and has seen and heard much more than she did……

[I dunno If you ask me, that power of yours sure is convenient.

If I had that kind of power, itd be a lot easier for me to find what Im looking for.]

Alicia just slightly tilted her head at her question.

Its not that she was uninterested with her question…… and from what Makina heard…… she understood that she was telling her to not worry about such trivial things, and that she should just take it easy.

[Do you want this power, Alicia]

[No, dont want it.

Im an old-fashioned traveler, believing that I have to seek the things Im looking for on my own.]

The power of clairvoyance, which is envied by many, isnt something that Alicia is interested in.

Hearing Alicias words, Makina happily smiled.

Alicia isnt interested in her “power”.

The words she told her meant that the reason she became her friend was that she liked Makina as herself, regardless of her clairvoyance…… The fact that she could feel such a thing without hesitation made Makina inexplicably happy.

[Fufu, that part of Alicia…… is something I like.

Im glad weve become friends like this…… but youre a traveler, so youll disappear someday.]

[……Me disappearing or Makina disappearing isnt something I know…… but Im going to stay around here for a while longer.

My journey is a long one, where I have no idea where Ill end up, so its not a bad idea to take a detour once in a while.]

Alicia originally had planned to move to another place, but after meeting Makina, she had already changed her plan.

Living in a world of almost infinite time, the time when she weaves a bond with someone she likes is very precious to her.

The best friend she once had, the sister she once loved, the friends she once fought with, and the people she once met on her random journey…… All of them left Alicia, departing for the afterlife.

Thats why, the time she spent with such precious people…… the “detour” was something she prioritized above all else.

She really likes Makina, and was even thinking that she might be able to live on this empty artificial island with her for a while.

[I see…… I envy you though.

After all, even if I can see and know things, those are things I actually didnt experience.]

[Hmmm, lets take a stroll outside then!]


[Dont worry, its not so hard to fool the security system in this place.

Im a wizard after all.

Well, its late today, so lets just go out tomorrow.]


Although she was puzzled in many ways, she was honestly delighted by Alicias concern, making Makina smile again.

A long night ended and the next day arrived.

They slept together in an unnecessarily large bed and immediately went for the stroll that Alicia suggested.

[Hyahhh! Wawawa, A- A- A- Alicia!]

[Unnn Whats the matter]

[You dont ask whats the matter here! W- Why the heck are you running on top of the ocean!]

Easily carrying Makina, who was taller than her, in a princess carry, Alicia sprinted towards her destination…… “running on top of the ocean”.

Alicia was astonished when she created a clone that looked exactly like Makina to fool the islands security system, but she was also astonished to see her run atop the ocean as if it were a matter of course…… Makina had been astonished all morning.

[Of course, I can run atop the ocean.

Im a wizard after all…… Ahh, wait.

So thats what youre talking about!]

[Eh W- Whats with that teasing smile on your face I have a bad feeling about this.

A really bad feeling……]

[Guess youd ask that.

I knew Makina would ask something like that…… “If Im a wizard, I guess we should be flying in the sky”, right! Alright, leave it to me!]

[I didnt say that! Also, that expression on your face…… Your face totally doesnt look like youre going to start flying, you know Stop, stooooooooop!]

Makinas protests fell on deaf ears, Alicia put all her strength into her legs and kicked up to the air, running up into the sky at a tremendous speed.


[We will soon break through the clouds!]

[Do we really have to go above the clouds!]

[Ahh, dont worry.

Ill deploy a barrier around us, so you wont get suffocated.]

[That doesnt give me any peace of mind!]

Alicia went through the clouds at great speed, and after running through the air for a bit, she stopped and called out to Makina.

[……Come on, look around, Makina.

Its a beautiful view there, you know]

[……Eh Ahh…… Fuwaahhh…… Amazing.]

A carpet of clouds spread out all around, and the sun was shining brightly.

While Makinas eyes shone, deeply moved by the scenery, Alicia announced with a smile on her face.

[Well, anyway, weve arrived!]

[U- Unnn Arrived Arrived where]

[Our destination…… I mean, look, “all we have to do now is let our bodies fall”.]

[……Fall Eh A- Ahh, so thats what you———– Gyaaaaaaahhhh!]

Falling like theyre skydivers, the two broke through the clouds again, before they saw a big city with tall buildings below them.

[You should be able to see it now, right!~~ Thats the biggest city around! Two minutes at sea, one minute in the air, and the fall…… with fall adjustment taken into account, Id say two minutes.

What a surprise, the nearest metropolis is just 5 minutes away!]

[All those things are impossible for a normal person though! I mean, i- is this really alright W- We can land properly, right]

[Ahaha, well, its a piece of cake.

We can even do twirls and flips.

If you want, how about we do it twice Thrice, perhaps]

[We dont have to do that! We really dont have to do that———– so why the heck are you still doing it! Alicia, you idiooooooooot!!!]

At the same time that the two girls were out of the big city, in a certain place, a bad intention…… No, a distorted good intention was about to be set in motion.

[……Just a bit more.

Just a really bit more…… and it will be completed.

With this, finally…… the world can be saved.]

Operating a terminal in a somewhat dimly lit room, the man muttered to himself.

The mans eyes looked somewhat hollow, yet his voice was full of conviction as he spoke……

The man was a scientist.

He was a rare genius who had once made a name for himself in the world.

It is said that he alone advanced the worlds science by several decades, recognized by everyone as the worlds most talented scientist.

However, he is neither a monster nor an alien.

Other than his talent as a scientist, he was a very ordinary person.

Ever since he was a child, he loved to create something and loved to see people smile because of his inventions.

He wanted to become a scientist to make inventions that would be useful and beneficial to the people living in the world, and with his talent, he has indeed created so many inventions that have benefited so many people.

And such a person had someone…… a precious childhood friend by his side.

She always had a smile on her face, and his inventions always excite her more than anyone else.

They grew up together, sometimes encouraging each other, sometimes supporting each other…… and before they knew it, their love for each other led them to become husband and wife.

He wanted her to be happy and to smile all the time.

But fate is inexplicably ironic.

The reality faced by such a good man who has always tried to help others and to bring smiles to the faces of many people was the tragedy of his beloveds accidental death.

It was as if everything he had built up…… his very existence had been destroyed.

Even as he shed tears until he cant anymore, the sorrow and pain could never be healed.

The world that used to seem so bright, even the smiles of the people…… looking empty in his eyes, as if all his previous thoughts faded, he began detesting it.

Yes, it was at this point that the man finally realized.

That his existence would not be possible without her…… but there was nothing he could do even after realizing it.

Even he, who had been called a rare genius, could not reverse death.

At some point, even the existence of his only daughter, the “memento” left behind by his beloved, began to fade away.

Thats why, the man tried to keep his only daughter…… Makina away from him.

He was afraid that if he stayed with her, he might one day turn his hatred against her as well……

Or perhaps, it was the last reason left in that man, his final conscience…… but here, the wheel of fate began to twist even more.

As soon as he decided to leave Makina at a facility, the man noticed a glimpse of Makinas mysterious power.

Studying this mysterious power, he discovered that she had the power called clairvoyance…… and he became delighted.

By then, the mans mind had been completely distorted.

He thought that if he used Makinas power, he should be able to create it…… “A savior who can see everything in the world, and erase all sorrow and suffering”…… A god who can save his heart that has yet to be healed……

He believed that Makina is the “material to change the world” that his beloved left for him…… and this will allow him to help others who share the same sorrow as he do, and those who will encounter suffering in the future…… and that he could also be saved.

Someone who could tell him that what hes doing is a mistake…… wasnt present by his side.

For the man, his thoughts were only filled with good intentions.

However, distorted good intentions are sometimes worse than bad intentions.

And the most ironic thing of all is that…… He had the talent to make such a delusional statement as “creating God” come true.

If Makina hadnt been born with the power of clairvoyance…… if he hadnt had such a great talent…… His future might have taken a different shape.

[……Just a bit more…… Just a really bit more…… and I…… can finally be saved.]

However, the gears had already started to turn in a distorted way.

As if to pity the man who kept working even as he carried madness on his shoulders…… The assembled man-made God gazed upon him.

: [How should I say this…… I wonder if that deep love of yours comes from your parents.]

Makina : [H- Hmmm.

I guess]


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