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798 - Beach Swimming Middle Part ⑦

The sun was shining under the white sandy beach, and the ocean stretched out before us.

In the midst of the landscape that strongly reminded me of summer, thanks to Shiro-san’s blessing, I didn’t feel the harsh heat, and was instead feeling cool thanks to the ice parasol prepared by Isis-san.

In such an extravagant space, I spent my time creating stylish crafts with two beautiful women…… I wonder if putting it like that would be alright.

Yes, let’s just say everything in sight is beautiful…… excluding “this work that I had just created”……



[……Hey, Kai-chan Is that one of those difficult artsy things I’m not really that familiar with them.]

[You think so]

[I don’t.]

[Then, that should be the case.

Let me ask Fate-san instead…… Is that some kind of fad in the God Realm or something]


Even though I’m the one who created this, it just makes me think “What the heck is this weird thing”.]



Now then, let’s stop escaping reality and resolutely face it…… this work that I have created.

Currently, there is an hourglass in front of me and Fate-san, which we have finished decorating.

First of all, let me head straight to the conclusion…… It’s not a good piece of work at all.

No, this wasn’t built from scratch, so it isn’t that it’s unbearable to look at.

Yes, ummm, how should I put it…… If I had to describe it, it would be that it was “doubtfully completed”.



I just decorated it like normal, so it’s not that crazy…… but looking at it makes me think that “Couldn’t I have done better”.

While I was picturing it in my mind, I thought it would end up becoming pretty good, but when I finished it, it looked different from what I had expected.

It seemed like it wasn’t just me who was in such a state, as Fate-san was also looking at her creation with a complicated expression on her face.


[……I think that…… the two of you…… did pretty well though]



Hearing Isis-san’s gentle supporting words, Fate-san and I looked at each other once, before moving our gaze to Isis-san’s hand almost simultaneously.



[Hey, Kai-chan…… Ai-chan’s hourglass looks beautiful, doesn’t it]

[Yeah, its overall balance looks great.

It’s like it has a pretty good taste.]

[Yes, that! Overall balance! Well, just as Ai-chan said, my work certainly isn’t that bad…… but I feel like I could have made it more beautiful.

However, I just don’t know what exactly I should do to fix it.]

[Ahh, that’s exactly how I feel.

That feeling when I think this could be made better, but I can’t think of a specific way to make it……]



How should I say this…… I guess you could say that there is quite a difference in our aesthetic sense.

In fact, I don’t think there is that much difference between the three of us in terms of dexterity.

It’s just that the balance of colors and overall arrangement of our works isn’t that different…… and the hourglass decorated by Isis-san becomes a work of art of blisteringly high quality.

Yes, it would look right at home in a stylish room.

On the other hand, the work Fate-san and I made wasn’t bad…… It kinda feels like “the homework we need to pass for summer vacation”.



[Well, Ai-chan certainly does have that aesthetic sense.

Your daily clothes also only slightly change, but they’re quite elaborate.]

[Unnn Isis-san’s clothes…… aren’t they made from magic power]

[……Unnn…… They’re made…… from materialized magic power.]



I think I remember Kuro saying that the clothes she usually wears are made with magic power.

Thinking about it again, the fashionable Isis-san, who often changes the color shade of her clothing and adds frills on a regular basis, was just as Fate-san said.

She has a high aesthetic sense, considering that she can adjust her clothes as she wants.




[I mean, us Gods had been bestowed our vestments by Shallow Vernal-sama when we were created…… While most of the High-ranking Demons, like the Peerage-ranks, materialize their magic power to make their clothes.]

[Is that so]


Well, at our level, the materials for our clothing would be too fragile for us to use unless it was made with our own magic power.]

[Heehhh…… I see.]

[……However…… there are…… exceptions.]



Now that they mentioned it, ordinary clothes wouldn’t be able to withstand Isis-san and Kuro’s movements, who are overwhelmingly strong.

That’s probably the reason why the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods basically don’t use weapons, fighting with their bare hands instead.

Alice uses knives as weapons though……



[Ahh~~ You’re talking about her, right If I remember correctly, she’s Shall-tan’s executive…… I don’t remember her name, but I think she was from a rather unusual race.

I heard that her corroding ability was so strong that it could even corrode magic power itself, so she couldn’t make clothes out of magic.]



……Is she talking about Catastro-san I remembered how she mentioned that she often corrodes her gloves…… I see, there are some people, even though with powerful abilities, who find it difficult to conveniently make clothes.

Well, there’s a chance that they were using magic power to make clothes only in battle…… It may just be an inconvenience in daily life, but in battle, it seemed like it would be powerful in both offense and defense.



[Speaking of which, I don’t think Shall-tan uses magic power to make her clothes either.]

[……Really ……I didn’t notice…… I thought that…… Shalltear…… also wears clothes made from magic power.]

[Well, I’ve never really asked her about it in detail…… but Shall-tan’s clothes were apparently made from “magical beast born from stars” called Seven Star Beasts or something.

Her clothes apparently contain seven properties and are very convenient.]


Ahh~~ Speaking of which, I remember Alice talking about it.

She called them wonderful monsters, didn’t she Since Fate-san said that they were magical beasts born from stars, it sounds like they would be powerful boss monsters, and the equipment they drop from defeating them would be cool.


However, how should I say this…… I think that I know a lot more about her than before…… but Alice really is full of mysteries.

Well, she’ll probably tell me if I ask…… so let’s just ask her to tell them about them next time.


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