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After my sermon to Lilia-san ended, I decided to ask her again about the current situation that Im curious about.

[Speaking of which, what happened to the hunting tournament]

[Due to the Black Bear Incident, the tournament has been canceled.]

[Well, even if they were to calculate the points we gathered…… The overall winner would be Death King-sama, right]

My question is answered by Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san.

I see, the tournament was canceled huh…… Well, it cant be helped but……

[In that case, the Fruit of the World Tree will be……]

[I heard that its going to be the prize for next years Sacred Tree Festival instead.

The Fruit of the World Tree is a mysterious fruit that doesnt deteriorate with time, so its said to be perfectly fine even after a year.]

[I…… see.]

It seems that the Fruit of the World Tree will be next years prize, so Lilia-san and the others wont be able to get it, at least, in this years tournament.

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Considering how Lilia-san and the other are feeling right now, I probably shouldnt just lightheartedly talk about it.

After a brief silence passed, Lilia-san turns to Sieg-san and opens her mouth.

[Sieg, Im sorry.

I said something like you should look forward to it, but in the end, I wasnt able to get the Fruit of the World Tree……]


Receiving Lilia-sans words, Sieg took out a memo pad and pen from her pocket before writing something on it and turning it towards our direction.

“Im going to apologize in advance.

Lili, Im sorry.”

[Eh W- Wait, Sieg…… Dont tell me……]


What was written there kinda looks exactly what I had just said to Lilia-san a while ago.

Seeing whats written there, Lilia-sans face turned pale before she took a step back.

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And then, Sieg-san clenched her fist and swung it towards Lilia-san without any hesitation.


S- She was blown away!

Her iron fist, which is incomparable to my knuckle earlier, sends Lilia-sans body flying backwards with tremendous force.

Arehh, did she just punch her with a punch filled with magic power…… A- Are you alright there, Lilia-san


But then, Lilia-san, who had fallen on the floor, got up while holding her face.

No, no, that force of that punch even sent you flying and made you spin twice in the air, you know! Being hit with that kind of power, and you just reacted to it with an “ouch, even if she says she had used magic power to defend herself, Lilia-san is already almost a monster.

Sieg-san looks at Lilia-san, who is holding her face with tears in her eyes, and shows her what she wrote on her memo pad this time.

“Please dont make assumptions about my feelings without permission.

Ive told you many times.

Im not blaming you for what happened.”

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“I dont regret losing my voice and resigning from the Knights Order.

Im just happy that I was able to protect the people of my best friend.”


I somehow had the feeling that was the case.

Lilia-san was desperately trying to heal Siegs body, but Sieg-san was looking at Lilia-san and the others with a sad expression, rather with an expression that looks like she wants her voice to be healed.

Then, Sieg-san turns to me and slightly smiles.

“Hearing what Kaito-san just said also woke me up.”


“Lili, Ive never been able to tell you but…… Im going to be clear with you, Ive never once thought of healing this injury.”


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Lilia-sans eyes widened, as if she had forgotten what had just happened to her face, when she saw what Sieg wrote.

“However, I knew that Lili was feeling guilty about me.

So, I thought that if returning my voice would make Lilia feel a little bit better, then I should not say anything and just wait.

So, if Lili had obtained the Fruit of the World Tree, I was going to take it with open arms.]


Talking with written words, speaking without any sound.

However, the feelings that Sieg-san wants to convey strongly resonates.

Ahh, I see, thats why Sieg-san was looking at Lilia-san so sadly…… What was really hard for her wasnt the loss of her voice……

“Lili, Im with you.

I am also feeling guilty about you ever since that incident.”


“If Id been stronger, if Id only been able to stand up for myself, I wouldnt have to burden you with such heavy shackles…… As much as LIli wanted to bring my voice back, I also wanted to lighten what youre carrying behind your back as much as possible.

I thought the best way to do that was to remain silent and accept your atonement.

However, I finally realized just now that it was a mistake.”

Just as how Lilia-san felt responsible for Sieg-san losing her voice, Sieg-san was also feeling responsible for causing trouble for Lilia-san because she was weak.

Thats why I think Sieg-san is feeling painful seeing Lilia-san being so desperate, but still couldnt stop her…… Because she was convinced that it was her fault and that she had to accept Lilia-sans atonement to redeem herself……

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In the end, Lilia-san and Sieg-san may be similar to each other.

Both of them had a strong sense of responsibility and couldnt forgive themselves, which is why theyre crossing this path for so long.

“I was just running away.

I was ashamed of my inadequacy, and avoided facing you.

Making excuses to myself that it was for Lilis sake…… However, if I really cared about you, I should have just told you exactly what I wanted, not run away.


Thereupon, Sieg-san stops writing and removes the scarf wrapped around her neck.

Revealing the deep, slightly discolored scar, which has been hidden by the scarf for a long time to keep it from driving Lilia-san into a corner, Sieg-san looked straight at Lilia-san.

Then, she puts her hand on her own neck, and a thin red light made of magic power illuminated.

[……Li– Li……]

[ ! ! ]

[Is… tap…… mis…….




A hoarse, faint, choppy voice that sounds like its being desperately squeezed out…… perhaps, shes using magic power to force her throat to tremble, producing a “voice-like sound”.

Its hard to hear what shes saying…….

Still, it felt like that is the most beautiful voice I ever heard.

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[Dis…… wunds…… ay…… gat…… wir…… samting…… aym…… prawd…… of.]

[……Sieg, youre……]

The words she would have wanted to convey the most.

To Sieg-san, the large scar on her neck isnt something to be ashamed of, but a proof that she has protected something important to Lilia-san…… her pride.

As if that way of speaking was excessively exhausting, Sieg-sans breathing became heavy, with the gentle smile still on her face, she took up her pen and memo pad again.

“See, a voice is something easy for me to get.

So, Lili, please dont blame yourself anymore.

Please stop thinking about erasing my most important pride.”

[……Sieg, I…… I……]

“Lili has always been kind even back then…… And you have always been a crybaby since youre a child.”

[When exactly did that happen…… However, I know that…… Sieg…… isnt the only one……]

Large tears fell down from Lilia-sans eyes as if something heavy was lifted from her shoulders, and seeing that, Sieg-san gently hugged her.

The scene looks like theyre real sisters.

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After the incident that occurred once upon a time, the relationship between the two of them has been unknowingly distanced from each other, but now, it seems as if they are repairing their relationship.

[Miyama-sama…… Should we slip away now]

[I guess so.]

Burying her face in Sieg-sans chest, Lilia-san sobbed like a child.

Seeing this scene, Lunamaria-san silently called out to me and nodding to her words, we left the place.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I was reminded once again how difficult understanding the heart is.

They should have been thinking about each other, caring for each other…… And that, in turn, pushed each other in a corner.

But today, I think that the relationship between Lilia-san and Sieg-san that was filled with misunderstandings, in a real sense—— I think it was restored.


Next Chapter: Is this the entrance of a new heroine

In fact, its a surprising challenger that has already appeared in several chapters.

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T/N: 2/10


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