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Safely meeting up with Lunamaria-san again, by the time we returned to Lilia-sans mansion, I think you could say its around dinner time already.

It was completely my carelessness that I got lost, but Lilia-san seemed very concerned that I was lost in the city and asked me a lot of questions about whether I was all right.

I described what happened along that incident, where I was saved thanks to the kindness of the demon girl.

However, it seems that Lilia-san is a bit too much of a worrywart.

She wanted to look after the necklace that Kuro gave me, saying that she wants to check if there was some kind of strange magic cast on it.

I dont really have any reason to say no, so I gave it to her.

In the dinner afterward —- I was a little afraid of what the Duchess dinner would be like.

I dont know if Lilia-san is being attentive, but it wasnt in the form of a full-course dinner.

I was able to have a delicious meal served in the form of a meal served in restaurants.

After that, we are briefly shown around the mansion, given a room that is too large for one person to use and given an explanation of bath times.

It should have been obvious to say that there are no other men in this mansion at the moment other than me.

Inevitably, the bathing times need to be shifted and they would need to firmly specify the time where I would use the bath.

In novels, this where that common trope of Lucky Pervert event occurs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I dont seem to have that so-called Protagonist Correction.

I took a bath alone in a bathroom that was way larger than normal and returned to my room after bathing without any incident happening.

[……uuuwwuu…… -san……]

Maybe its because of the silence of the night, or perhaps, its because this is the first night that weve been here in the other world, my sense has become keener due to my vigilance, I could hear the sobbing even through the heavy doors that seemed to be soundproof.

Suddenly, I found myself unconsciously halting in my steps.

If I remember it correctly, isnt this the room that was assigned to Yuzuki-san Is she crying Well, its not that strange though.

Suddenly being transported to a different world, and told that you wouldnt be able to leave for a year… Once your confusion has been settled with, its natural to feel anxious and lonely.

……But even when I said that, it doesnt mean I can do something about it.

Im just another person from the same world to her, and Ive never really talked to her before.

The only thing I can do is pretend I didnt hear her and walk away.

Taking a deep breath, I walk away again as if nothing happened.

After walking 10 steps forward, I couldnt her voice any longer and the silence returns.

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However, it somehow looks like bad luck has been following me—- This time, I could see Kusonoki-san walking in front of me.

Somehow, when the medieval womens nightwear was mention, I had a narrow view of them and think that they were something like negligees, but the one Kusunoki-san is wearing is an ordinary white nightgown that kind of looks like something a little old.



I dont mean to be repetitive, but I may be acquainted with Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san, but that doesnt mean were close.

They are just strangers who happened to be in the same situation as I am.

We exchanged a simple greeting without saying anything in particular, just passing each other.



Thats why I was a little surprised that I was suddenly called out.

Turning around to look at where the voice came from, Kusunoki-san was still looking at the end of the corridor.

I could see her beautiful black hair and her back that looked slimmer than when she was wearing her school uniform.

[……Miyama-san, youre very calm, arent you]

[Do I look that way]

[……Did you believe what Lilia-san and the others said]

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Not responding to my reply, Kusonoki-san continued speaking.

It was too dim for me to see clearly even though theres some light shining into the corridor, but her small shoulders seemed to be shaking.

However, shes asking me if I believed Lilia-sans story or not Is she talking about her assurance that were safe or about when she said she would be taking care of us In that case, my reply would be—-

[No, I dont know.

At least, I still dont know.]


[Shes been good to me, so I would think that shes a kind person, but if youre asking if I trust her or not, I cant just say yes to that.

I cant just fully trust someone Ive only known for less than half a day…… But I dont think theres anyone else I can rely on right now.]

[…… You…… may be right.]

Thats right, Its not like Im saying that Lilia-san or Lunamaria-san are bad people or that theyre lying to us.

Im well aware that Im being taken care of and I appreciate it.

However, if Im being asked if I trust them, I can only answer that I dont know.

I mean, we havent really spoken with anyone other than Lilia-san and the others in this other world yet.

At the end of the day, were in a situation where theres nothing for me to judge.

I dont think Im optimistic enough to be unconditionally relieved just by being under their care.



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A silence that feels awkward.

What in the world does Kusonoki-san want to say anyway

[……Why did you so readily agree to go shopping with Lunamaria-san]

[Isnt it because it was necessary for us to shop]

[……Im scared.

I cant help but be scared of the kindness offered to me in an unfamiliar place by someone Ive never spoken to before, asking nothing in return.]

[That theres nothing more expensive than something free I think its right to be vigilant though]

[……Then, why do you seem to be okay with it Even though I have some people I know here like Hina-chan and Mitsunaga-kun, Im so anxious that I feel like Im going to start crying if Im not being careful…… I dont mean to say that Lilia-san and the others are planning to harm us, but you got lost in the city, didnt you Youre suddenly alone in a different world, arent you How can you remain so calm]

[No, its not like Im not worried about it……]

[……Havent you ever thought…… that you could have gotten injured or died……]

Fumu, it appears that Kusonoki-san isnt happy that I didnt seem to be particularly concerned about our situation, even having experienced being suddenly lost on the first day.

No, it wasnt that Im calm about it…… I wonder if thats what it looks like to others

In fact, Im well aware that Im basically a weak-willed person.

When we got separated from each other, I became really flustered and anxious…… But its already been resolved, so I dont think its worth dragging it out……

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But now that Ive said it again, its true that in some cases, I could have been injured or worse, die.

[Well, its all over now anyway…… Besides, even if I had gotten injured or died—– Well, that would be “because I was unlucky.”.]


Thereupon, Kusonoki-san finally looked back at me.

Her shaking eyes seem to be tinged with a hint of fear.

[Even if it wasnt in another world, when its your time, youll die.

No matter how much you protect yourself or take care of your health, whether youre a good person or a bad person, if youre unlucky, you will die early.

Ah, its not like Im saying that I want to die.

Im afraid of dying and I dont want to die but…… Well, I guess I cant help it when that time comes, can I]


[Ah, err…… Sorry.

The way I said it might have not been right.

I dont mean to impose my ideas on you or anything, but Im just trying not to think too much about stuff that has already happened……]

[……No, it was my fault since I had asked such a strange question.]

Hnnn, its no good.

I guess Ive been living alone for so long that my communipower is too low, I cant skillfully followup what shes saying.

This is bad… Even so, well be in the same situation for the upcoming year and I dont really want any strange conflict happening between us……

[……Can I ask you another question]

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[……Miyama-sans one year in this world.

How would you like to spend that time]


In front of an oversized desk in the office, the master of this residence, Lilia had her arms crossed as she has a frown on her face.

[……I was worried about the possibility itself happening, but this happened too early, didnt it]

[……My apologies.

It was my blunder.]

[No, it wasnt Lunas fault.

To be honest, I didnt expect that you and “shadow” would lose sight of Kaito-san at the same time.

No, thats not something that could happen if you both were just being negligent…… We havent received the detailed results of the investigations yet, but its safe to assume that “Recognition Inhibition Magic” was placed on Kaito-san.]

They were talking about that incident where she has lost sight of Miyama Kaito on the streets this evening.

The person himself doesnt seem to mind about that incident—- No, he had only recognized it as him getting lost in the crowd, but it was a grave incident for the two of them.

[Agriculture, industry, food culture…… Up until now, the things that Hero-samas, the otherworlders have brought us have caused various revolutions.

There are some people whose interests have connections with the otherworldly knowledge but the protection for Hero-sama is extremely strict.

Its difficult to use him for personal gain.]

[……However, this time, “otherworlders other than the Hero” have appeared.

Thats why My Lady took custody of the three of them as soon as possible.]

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If information about them gets out, some people may even use drastic measures.

However, I never expected that they would suddenly use magic on the first day…… We have to assume that theres an “insect” among those who witnessed the summoning.]

The people who Lilia commanded to accompany Kaito when they went out wasnt just Lunamaria, there were also several guards who were skilled in stealth following them as well.

The knowledge from another world, they were sent to make sure those who want it dont act strangely…… However, it was unexpected that all of them lost sight of Kaito at the same time.

[……Should we tell those three]

[Theres no way I can say that to them.

They should still be anxious after being summoned to a different world, how can I tell them that they might be targeted…… I think were going to have to settle this case ourselves.

I want you to immediately secure enough “Recognition Inhibition Magic” magic tools for the shadows and contact older brother—– His Majesty, the King.]

[I respectfully obey.

However, I dont get it.

For someone whos gone to such great lengths to use Recognition Inhibition Magic that would leave traces of its usage, yet hasnt taken any action……]

[……It may have been that they couldnt take any action.

What about that demon that Kaito-san said he encountered]

[As we had expected, “he wasnt able to catch the demons name.”.

It must have been the Information Concealment Magic that the upper-level demons often used, if you think about the fact that this demon had “forcibly canceled” the Recognition Inhibition Magic that was supposed to be applied to Miyama-sama, its easy to predict that he must be a high-ranking demon.

Moreover, this too……]

While speaking in a serious tone, Lunamaria placed the Kaitos necklace that she had kept custody on the table.

[……What are the inspection results]

[The purity of the magic crystal is estimated to be at least 90%, and the magic technique imbued on it…… Unfortunately, our dukedoms mage couldnt decipher it, but its said to be at least level 10.]

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[…… Its already on the level of a “National Treasure” huh…… Although we still dont know the purpose of this demon, I honestly dont want to imagine a clash with a demon of this level.]

[Yes, if youre not at least of the court mage class, you cant even be considered its opponent……]

[Anyway, lets be vigilant for now.

What about the mansion

[Weve deployed a detection barrier as well as several detection magic techniques.

The shadows have also been deployed in case of an emergency, ordering them not to let even a single rat pass.]

[……We have to settle this problem immediately.]

In the silence of the night, I went out to the veranda—- or more like, the balcony of my room to gaze at the stars and the moon in the night sky.

The sky in the other world appears to be the same as what we see on Earth.

The stars and the constellations may be different, but I wouldnt know.

With my hair ruffled by the occasional breeze, I think back to Kusonokis question earlier.

———-How would you like to spend that time]

What do I want to do, what do I want to be in the future, or what my futures objective is…… Ive always had the hardest time being asked that kind of question.

Ive heard of the saying that “you know yourself best”, but I dont know myself the best.

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Even after thinking about it again, I still dont understand.

Do I have any expectations for being summoned to this other world Or is it that Im just discouraged Both feel like the right answer, but both answers also feel wrong at the same time.

I chose the high school I went to because it was close to home.

Its not like I didnt want to pursue any particular career, I just didnt want to be a working man right away, so I went to college.

I vaguely thought that I would become somehow become a salaryman after moderately enjoying my student life.

I love playing games.

Especially RPGs…… Even if I dont think for myself, there are enemies to defeat and equipment to aim at.

And when Im prepared, I could moderately get a sense of accomplishment after I clear the game.

I also like to read light novels.

Especially those royal road stories who gives me peace of mind.

And as I empathize with the protagonist, when the protagonist thinks through about the hardships hes confronting, I would feel like Ive accomplished through the difficulties myself.

(T/N: royal road stories are those stories where theres an easy or direct way to achieve the desired ending)

In the face of difficulties, I think its great to achieve your goals despite your struggles.

I think its admirable to have a goal or a dream, and work towards it.

In that case, am I in the wrong for not having it I wonder if Im just running away from reality Do I really have to do that I dont know, and I still dont have the answer to this.

I think I can change myself if I work hard, but I dont think it has to be now.

Some of us want to change, while others want to stay the same and live comfortably.

This has been the case since I was summoned to this world.

While I was relieved that the world was at peace and that the Hero wasnt a nuisance—– I was also disappointed that I wasnt the Hero of the story.

I think Im filled with contradictions.


Not making any effort of changing the habit of “wanting to change”, no courage to try to change yourself, I just stare at the empty sky with my mouth wide open, hoping that even a botamochi will conveniently fall from somewhere.

(T/N: adzuki bean mochi)

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Its a really ridiculous story.

And now, as I gaze at the night sky with my mouth open wide—- Even after knowing that botamochis wont fall from the sky……

[Then, what about a baby castella!]


Into my mouth that was opened wide while Im in a daze, a pile of baby castellas was suddenly thrown, looking like fireworks that were about to burst out.

Good children must never imitate this at home, or even if youre not at home.

I never thought that Id experience my first life-threatening crisis in another world would be caused by baby castellas—- I never expected something like this would happen, you know!

Dear Mother, Father—– there are no botamochis falling down from the sky.

However—– Baby castellas fell from the sky.

Baby Castella-senpai: Seriously though.

Dont do something like that.


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