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The battle in the VR game was moderately exciting, and we changed race tracks several times.



[Fuuu, that was a nice, heated battle!]

[……How can you say that when you finished last in every race Well, that last race was close though.]



After playing the game about ten times, Tre-san came in last in all of them, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Tre’s skills were neither good nor bad, but she was getting better and better each time she played, so if she played a few more rounds, she might be able to get out of last place.



[……Cien, this is a very good game, isn’t it]


The vehicles were “very slow”, so it feels out of sync and difficult to control.]

[The timing is quite……]



Cento-san and Cien-san also seemed to be enjoying the game, smiling as they talked with each other.



[……Hey, Kaito, that’s what those two were saying.]

[They’re seeing the world differently from us……]

[The world is unfair, isn’t it]




The difference in our specs is such that even in a racing game where the speed is quite high, these two Count-ranks see it as difficult because the vehicles were really slow instead.

However, it’s interesting to note that me, who found the vehicles hard to control because they’re fast, and the twins who found the vehicles hard to control because they’re slow, mesh well together and make a good game.



Incidentally…… Tre-san was completely on my side.

I’ve been wondering about this since that tennis game, but it seems that Tre-san’s physical abilities are definitely on the same level as mine, and she has no fighting ability.

As I was thinking about this, Tre-san suddenly looked at me and gave me a thumbs up.



[……By the way, let me tell you something! My fighting skills haven’t changed a bit since I was about Kaito’s age, so there’s no point in expecting me to grow even more powerful!]

[Please don’t naturally destroy my hopes for the future!]

[I’m often compared to slimes, you know]

[……That sounds really familiar.

I’m often compared to slimes too.]



Slimes don’t attack people, are harmless, and require only water for sustenance, so there are apparently some people who keep them as pets.

Because they are harmless, they aren’t targeted for subjugation by Adventurers or Knight Orders, so I can sometimes see them jumping around outside the city.

Because I tend to see them when I’m walking Bell, I’ve never seen them too closely, as they get scared and run away……



As I was thinking about this, Tre-san glanced at me and puffing out her chest, she proudly declared.



[However, it would be troubling if people think that we are simply the same.

It’s true that I’m often compared to slimes, but I’m still a Demon who has lived for many years! My combat power is equivalent to “four slimes”! Fufufu, even if we are both compared to slimes, we’re on different ranks, I tell you!]

[How naive of you, Tre-san…… I have two types of combat-oriented, Auto-Counter and Auto-Pilot.

Auto-Counter is an almost self-destructive technique, so you can exclude it, but by using Auto-Pilot…… I would be about as powerful as “2 goblins”!]




When Tre-san’s heard my words, she was so surprised that she over-exaggeratedly backed away.



[T- Two goblins, you say…… A- A- Are you one of those cheat heroes! T- This is a violation of the Treaty of Friendship, I’m telling you!]

[Unfortunately for you, I’m an otherworlder!]

[D*mn it! You’re not covered by the treaty!!!]



Hmmm, the greatness of the mood…… Tre-san energetically goes along with my small jokes, so it’s quite fun to talk to her.

Incidentally, the goblin I just mentioned earlier…… It’s also the weakest candidate along with the slimes.



Generally speaking, they’re timid monsters that will run away from anyone who is bigger than them, even if they see a human child.

It seems that they don’t attack any other creatures unless they are really cornered, having no way to escape to.

They are considerably different from the goblins in my imagination, as they were apparently herbivores and are basically harmless, so they aren’t targets for subjugation.



[G- Gununu…… N- Not yet! I have a one-of-a-kind magic that no one else can do!]

[Is that so]

[Unnn, I possess magic that can change the internal proportions of an object by touching it.]

[T- That sounds very powerful.

For example, if you touch a person, can you change the water percentage in their body]

[Something like that! The only minor drawbacks are that it “can’t be used on living beings” and the “time it takes increases with the size of the target”!!!]

[……In the end, what do you even use that magic for]

[I change the ratio of milk to coffee while drinking my café au lait.]



Why don’t you just add more milk Ah, no, I guess she can also reduce the percentage of milk huh…… but why the heck does she have that confident smile on her face while describing that magic

Somehow, I think I’ve grown to like Tre-san a lot more than I did when I first met her.
















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