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[……Of course, I know that Kaito-san doesnt have any bad intentions.

However, how many times have you done this already Kuromueina-sama, God of Creation-sama, Death King-sama, and now World King-sama…… Even if you leave Chronois-sama out of that, youve already done this four times.]


[Im already at my wits end, so arent I allowed to scold Kaito-san at least once!]

[I- Its as you say.]

In front of Lilia-san who was standing in front of me with a sad expression on her face…… or rather, shes half-crying already, I was sitting in a seiza while bowing my head.

The content of our conversation was, of course, about Lillywood-san, and since shes already the third one among the Six Kings, it seems that Lilia-sans patience reached its limit.

But even so, Im not sure if its because she understands that I didnt intentionally do it, so shes not unnecessarily yelling at me…… but its more like shes complaining at me.

[……Well, its not that Kaito-san was hiding it this time, and fortunately, if its the World King-sama, she wasnt a troublesome one.

So, lets end the conversation here.]

[T- Thank you.]

It seems that this is the end of the sermon, or rather, the complaints, as Lilia-san lets out a big sigh and her tense expression breaks down.

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Well, Im really feeling sorry for pushing Lilia-san to this point, and I know that the people I got to know are so outrageous that the kind Lilia-san has an expression that looks like a crisis is approaching.

No, Im really sorry…… but…… If I could just complain about just one thing, just one thing…… Lilia-san, I would have been happy if you could have reached that conclusion “30 minutes earlier”.

My legs are already numb and I cant feel them anymore……

Finally free of Lilia-sans anger, I went back to meet up with everyone.

Everyone seems to have decided not to mention what happened with Lilia-san just now, as they greeted me quite normally.

[Miyama-sama…… Over here.]

[Lunamaria-san What is this envelope]

As soon as I came back, Lunamaria-san looked like shes somewhat in a good mood as she held out an envelope to me, and when I received it, I tilted my head and looked inside…… And I found quite a bit of money in there.

[Well~~ Ive earned quite an amount from Miyama-sama.

Im already in a state where I cant stop smiling.

And so, this is just an expression of what Im feeling.]

[H- Huh……]

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Apparently, Lunamaria-san, who bet all of her last months salary on me, won big, and that was why she already had that angelic smile on her face.

Seriously, this useless maid is…… If the dirt on Ein-sans nail would be boiled and she was to drink it, would she get even a bit better

But well, after responding to Lunamaria-san and moving my gaze away from her…… I found Fia-san sitting on a chair with her hanging down.

[Ummm, whats wrong with Fia-san]

[Miyama-kun…… Please leave her alone for now.

Right now, Fia is facing the twilight phase of her life.]


[……2000…… To have acquired 2000…… A monster……]

With an expression that somehow looks like she burned out, Fia-san muttered that Im a monster.

Confused from the sorrow on her face, I tried calling out to her to comfort her.

[……Ah, no, I only acquired that many thanks to Lillywood-sans power, and I didnt acquire that much.]

[Then…… How many did you collect before you met World King-sama]

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[……Please accept me as your disciple.]


It seems that her mind is quite weak, and for some reason, Fia-san kneels into a dogeza and starts saying incomprehensible things.

Rei-san and I tried to console Fia-san as shes in that state…… And after a while, she finally looks up and returns to her earlier posture.

Yep, I may have done it too much, in all sorts of ways.

I knew I should have asked them properly beforehand about the scores of the previous harvest festivals.

[Well, Kaito-san really just keeps surprising me in so many ways…… As expected, that would be the last one, right]

[……Ah, no, thats……]

[……Do you still have……]

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Taking a sip of the tea Lunamaria-san had brewed for me, when I heard Lilia-sans words about how shes sincerely tired of the surprises, I thought of what was in my magic box.

That I had now a Fruit of the World Tree in my possession…… Its easy to imagine what the situation would be like if I were to take it out here.

However, that doesnt mean that Im going to hide it now…… Its just that Im afraid of the consequences, mainly from Lilia-san……

I think about it for a moment and then, rather than put it off, I take the Fruit of the World Tree out of the magic box and place it on the table.

[Whats this]

[Its beautiful.]

Looking at the Fruit of the World Tree that looked like a transparent crystal, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san tilted their heads in curiosity.

However, not only them, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san also tilted their heads when they saw it.

Ah, come to think of it, Lilia-san also said she had never seen the real thing before……

[Mi- Miyama-kun! Dont tell me…… This is!]

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Apparently, Rei-san seems to have guessed what this is and looks at me with an expression of disbelief on his face, as if to say he cant believe hes seeing it.

[Yes…… This is the Fruit of the World Tree.

I received it from Lillywood-san.]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ ! ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

In my words, everyones faces were filled with astonishment.

Its no wonder since the Fruit of the World Tree rarely appears on the public and they were even surprised just to hear that it was going to be a prize at the hunting tournament, so its only natural that they would have this reaction if the real thing appeared in front of them.

Everyone stared at the Fruit of the World Tree for a while, and then…… the expression on Lilia-sans face disappeared.


[Ummm, My Lady]

Lilia-san then stood up with a blank expression on her face and walked to the corner of the room…… and sat down with her knees held in her embrace.

[My Lady!]

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[……Why…… Why…… I couldnt even get my hands on it after years of searching…… So why the heck that after getting out for a few hours, as if you just went outside to buy it, you quickly got your hands on it……]

[My Lady, keep a hold on yourself!]

[Uuuhhhh…… Uwwaaaahhhh! Geez, Kaito-san, I hate yoooouuuuu!!!]]

……She started crying.

It seems that it was quite a shock for her when I easily obtained the Fruit of the World Tree, which she couldnt obtain even though she had been desperately searching it for years, and Lilia-san began crying like a child.

As emotions began bubbling up from within me seeing such a scene, I took the Fruit of the World Tree in my hand and held it out to Sieg-san.

[Sieg-san, here……]

[ ! ]

[I heard from Sieg-san yesterday that you dont plan to heal that wound, but maybe someday, youll change your mind…… and you can use it then.]


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Looking at the Fruit of the World Tree I held out to her, Sieg-san vigorously shook her head.

Ive already somewhat predicted this from happening, as Sieg-san is probably refraining from receiving something that expensive.

But as for me, I want Sieg-san to receive this at all costs, so I decide to give it to her a little too forcefully.

Quickly grabbing Sieg-sans hand, I let her hold the Fruit of the World Tree.

[Even if you wont use it, thats still fine with me.

Its just that I wanted to do something for Sieg-san who has always been a great help for me so……]

[ ~ ~ ! ! ]

Is she really that flustered When I grabbed her hand, Sieg-sans face turned red and a bewildered expression appeared on her face, but she could still tell that I wouldnt give up, as after a little while, she accepted the Fruit of the World Tree.

Sieg-san holds the Fruit of the World Tree with both of her hands as if it were important, and after a little while, she puts it away in her own magic box before taking out a piece of paper and pen.

“Thank you very much.


[Ah, no, I didnt mean to be intrusive…… but I think its better if you have more options.]

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“Yes, I suppose.

Right now, I still dont have an answer as to whether Ill use it or not but…… Ill take good care of it.”


I think its best for you to do what you want, Sieg-san.]

“You…… really are……”

Sieg-san puts down her pen and paper just as she had written that much and quickly reached out her arms to me and hugged me——- Eh

[Wait! Sieg-san!]


Sieg-san, who is almost as tall as I am, hugged the surprised me for a few moments, before she removed her arms and brought her mouth close to my ears.

——-Thank you.

Maybe it was my imagination, but when I heard such a voice, I felt like something soft touched my earlobe.

Dear Mom, Dad——- I gave the Fruit of the World Tree to Sieg-san.

She still doesnt seem to have the answer of whether shell use it or not, but even for just a bit—— I think I helped Sieg-san.

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As Lilia…… cried.

Kaito…… flirted.

I think Lilia can be forgiven even if she punches Kaito a couple of times.

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