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Since Im not feeling well enough to write, I thought of somehow covering up todays update, but then I found the data for the bonus SS when Volume 1 was released in the depths of my folders…… Its already been 4 years since that was published, so I thought it would be okay to publish one of them.



The content is the story from another point of view, about the scene just before Kaito got lost in Volume 1.















My name is Weiss…… A 286-year old Elf.

Im a nice guy with the good looks of an elf and the sex appeal of an adult.

Of course, a man such as I must not just depend on my good looks.

A top-class male must also be proficient at his work.

I dont mean to brag, but Im an elite agent in the Intelligence Department of Symphonia Kingdom…… and beneath the shadows, I work to support the country.

Ridiculed I may be as someone shady, I am proud of my work.

Well, its partly because the pay is good.

Theres no better way to make a good living than to have a good job that allows “my beloved Maria” back home to eat great food.



Now, a few hours ago, I received a direct mission from the king.

It seems that an accident occurred during the Hero Summoning this year, and several other people from another world were summoned along with the Hero.

And the mission I was given was to investigate one of those otherworlders…… There were three otherworlders that were caught up in the Hero Summoning, and there are two other agents investigating the other targets.

The reason for this is that they are irregulars, and our king just wanted to be sure.



Well, I really wanted to just retort with “Arent you really just worried about your sister”, but there was no way I could complain about such a thing to His Majesty, the King, so I quickly agreed to the mission and decided to keep an eye on the target.

The otherworlder I was in charge of…… was unfortunately, a bastard.

Ive been told that two out of the three are girls, so if it was possible, I would have preferred being in charge of one of them.



And speaking of my target, hes currently walking along the streets with a peaceful look in his eyes.

Next to him is a beautiful maid with light blue hair…… I can designate that bastard as an enemy already, right Isnt it alright if I just report him as an enemy What the heck are you doing, walking around with a woman on your first day in this world

W- Well, putting aside my personal anger towards the target…… I can only see him as a normal brat.

His magic power wasnt that great, and his footwork shows that he isnt an experienced fighter.

At the very least, I dont think its necessary for the elite me to conduct surveillance on him.



Currently, Im hiding in an “exhibition of an airborne carriage” to monitor the target, but it seems like I didnt really need to hide so carefully.

Good grief.

Letting out a sigh, I relaxed a moment and peeked out from the carriage to continue watching…… but I immediately felt myself shudder, I pulled my head back to my hiding spot.

What That brat is “looking my way” Dont tell me…… He noticed my presence N- No, thats not possible, this place is too far away from where he is!

Feeling a cold sweat running down my back, I moved my gaze and peeked again…… That man really is looking at me, he even had a smile on his face.



T- Thats impossible! Even though I should have properly hidden my presence…… Hahh! C- Could it be…… Was the reason he was scurrying around earlier to find out who was watching him P- Pretending to be a harmless brat…… It was all to throw me off guard!

N- No, I may just be thinking too much.

Im sure our eyes meeting was just a coincidence…… That much is obvious.

Im the top scorer in searching for Her Highness, the Princess lost dog among the Intelligence Department after all.

Imbuing courage within my shaking body, I moved my gaze and turned towards the target again…… but he…… disappeared…… I could see the maid who was with him, but the mans figure has disappeared like smoke.



Thats impossible! It had only been a few seconds…… and during that time, “for that man to have disappeared from my sights”, thats impossible…… H- He had moved to a position out of my sight, all in but an instant F- For what purpose D- Dont tell me……



[T- To get rid of me……]



A dry voice leaked out of my mouth.

What awaits those who misjudge the strength of ones opponent is death…… These words rang clear within my mind.

What should I do What could I do That smile that appeared on his face when he looked at me, I remembered how it looked like a predator, seeing its prey.

No, Im pretty sure thats how it looked like.

Thats definitely the smile of a bloodthirsty beast.

In that case, what would be his means of attack M- Magic Does he intend to use ranged magic to shoot this carriage down from the sky Would he destroy everything within this plaza with a Wide-Area Annihilation Magic…… or perhaps, he might even use the legendary “Spatial Annihilation Magic”! N- No, hell definitely use a “certain-kill move unique to otherworlders”.



T- This is bad! If I stay here, Ill die! A- At any rate, I need to move away……



It was often said that when one is on the verge of death, their thoughts accelerate and it seemed like that was exactly what was happening right now.

With a thought that occurred in only a flash, I immediately escaped from the carriage.

However, where should I run to…… No, in the first place, the idea of running away is probably wrong.

If I turn my back on him, I could be wiped out at that moment.

It was obvious that he was hiding his abilities.

If the reason why he disappeared now was that he didnt want other people to see his abilities, it would be better if I remained in a place with many people…… I dont have any choice but to wager on this idea.

In the first place, Ive already taken the initiative in this battle.

If thats the case, then I must dare to jump into a deadly situation to find my way out!

Ill do this…… Ill freaking do this! Running away here would be a stain in my honor! Youre on, otherworlder!



As I slipped through the crowd of people, I single-mindedly aimed for the center of the plaza.

Ahh, its been a long time since Ive felt my blood run cold……

As I reached the center of the plaza, I could feel a smile creeping onto my face.

Ducking behind a nearby stall, I looked at the fountain in the middle of the plaza.

I could hear my heart beating very loudly…… Good grief, Ive taken on a very tricky job this time.

Where is he ……There he is! Hes waiting for me in front of the fountain He sure is underestimating me……

The moment I found my target, the otherworlder, I reached for the knife on my waist.

However, my heart was immediately filled with despair.



T- That is…… T- The thing he possesses…… its a “magic tool”! M- Moreover, the color of its magic crystal is jet black…… Isnt that an extremely rare item that I could never hope to acquire!

T- Thats impossible…… Why does a guy who just arrived in this world today have such an amazing item This is bad.

This is really bad…… That magic tool is definitely an “Offensive Magic Tool”.

Possessing a jet-black magic crystal, it would definitely be engraved with a magic technique of considerable power.

No good.

I was totally lured in by him! D*mned bastard…… From the very beginning, he wanted to lure me out and finish me off with his magic tool!



Chanting or deploying a magic circle wont make it in time.

My whole body was shaking and sweat began to pour out of my body.

Thereupon, the magic tool in the otherworlders hand glowed, and a line of light extended towards me.

D- D*mn it…… They already know where I am…… His marker for aiming is already set on me…… Im sorry, Maria…… It seems like Ive made a mistake.

No, dont give up, Weiss! You cant let things end here! If I die here, what about Maria I…… I still need……








Sometimes, a man needs to know when to retreat.

The winner isnt the one who is strong, it is those who survived.

……I dont know if I had escaped from him or if he had overlooked me, but that otherworlder was clearly hiding his magic power.

I guess he just didnt want other people to see it.

If he had actually been serious, I probably would have died.

I cant predict how, but it was probably with “some otherworldly super-technology”!

Realizing that my life was safe, I shuddered once and opened the door to my home.



[Im home, Maria.]




Welcoming me was my beloved “cat”, Maria…… Yes, I made it back safely.

After showering Maria with my love for a while, I sent out a hummingbird back to the royal palace.

Sending it to my respected king, I wrote down in detail how dangerous that otherworlder is, and how powerful he might be.



The reply came back immediately…… “Investigate again, Idiot”…… I dont understand.



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