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Under Makina-sans consideration, it was decided that Alice and I would have a festival date.

Since there were going to be fireworks in an hour, it might be a good idea to buy some food while visiting the stalls.

Im rather full since I ate quite a bit when the three of us were going around, but Alice can eat as much as she wants, so I think its best to go to the food stalls.

As I had such a thought in mind, Alice, who was walking next to me, quietly called out to me.



[……U- Ummm…….



[You…… see…… Ummm……]

[Whats the matter It seems like youre having trouble saying something]



Now that Alice wasnt wearing her mask, I could see the changes in her expression more clearly than usual.

Even though it was only slightly, I could see Alices face turning red, for reasons other than the light of the stalls.

As Alice seemed more nervous than usual, I tilted my head and asked her what she wanted to say……




Y- Your hand.

I was just thinking if we could hold hands, or something like that.]


[Y- You see, were lovers, and were on a date……]

[I was wondering what you were going to say with that serious look on your face…… I dont really mind doing that, or rather, I dont really think thats something you even need to ask……]



Looking as if she was about to confess something really serious, she suggested that we hold hands…… I was about to tell her that its a little too late to be saying that now, but then, come to think of it, saying something like this certainly was unusual for Alice.



[Please dont underestimate me, Kaito-san! Ill say this now, Im no inferior to Lilia-san at being “a sh*tty noob when it comes to love”!!!]

[……No, I dont think thats something you should vigorously declare…..]



I was slightly taken aback by Alices statement, but I took her hand as she wished.

Alice seemed to be surprised for a moment, but not resisting in any way, we ended up holding hands.

H- Hmmm…… Well, Im well aware that she isnt good when it comes to matters about love, but even with that in mind, she really feels a bit tense today……



[Hey, Alice, can I ask you something]

[Eh What is it]

[Doesnt it seem like youre really nervous]

[Y- Y- Y- You think so Alice-chan is still the same old pretty Transcendental Beauty, you know!]


[……Auuu, n- no, you see…… It was a great opportunity for me, s- so I thought that I might as well be proactive on the occasion……U- Ummm, I also want to do more lover-like things with Kaito-san, you know I was just too embarrassed that I could bring myself to do it……]



When I heard Alices words with her face as red as a boiled octopus, I immediately understood what she meant.

Considering how she was extremely nervous, she was strangely conscious about herself was trying to do various things……



[……Im glad you feel that way, but if youre too conscious and become too awkward, its like putting the cart before the horse.

Theres no need to act that stiffly……]

[Ugghhh…… That is, well, youre right.]



As if she herself was aware about how nervous she was, Alice nodded her head and taking a deep breath, she relaxed.

Smiling as I saw her relax, I thought back to Alices earlier words.

She wanted to do more lover-like things huh…… If Alice thought that way, Im honestly happy.

Thereupon, if shes getting nervous when she brings herself to do it, I guess I should probably take the lead.



After gathering up these thoughts in my head, I let go of Alices hand, and placing them on her shoulder, I held her small body in my embrace.



[Whyaahhhh! W- W- W- What are you doing!]

[Well, were on a date after all, so I thought it would be nice to walk like this once in a while.]



At a normal festival, there would be so many people that it would be unrealistic to walk while holding her shoulder like this, but since we were in a private space, there was no problem.

Of course, walking hand in hand is also lover-like too, but since were striving to do things differently, I suppose we should do something like this.



[H- However…… Isnt this a little too perverted]

[No, Im just holding your shoulder.

If you want to talk about perverted, I think that time when……]

[Please dont talk about what happened in the bathroom!!!]

[No, Im not talking about the bathroom…… But come to think of it, in the first place, the one who came in to wash my back first……]

[Whoa there, Kaito-san, thats enough.

If youre not careful about what you say, Alice-chans embarrassment might burst through the roof and it would become a disaster, you know!!!]

[No, like I said, is that really something you should vigorously declare]

[Its a fact after all…… I mean, my face is blushing completely red now.]

[Well, your embarrassed face also looks cute.]

[Unyaaa! There you are, casually saying such things again…… Its that part of you, Im telling you! Seriously, its because youre like that!!!]



Seeing Alice protesting, her blushing red face even redder than before, I chuckled.

Saying all those things, but not even trying to escape from my arm, Alice really is quite cute and lovable.




















Serious-senpai : [……This is bad, the sugar contents are too much…… Moreover, I could see a despair-inducing title with a ① added to it.

F- From here on out is where the real hell begins……]



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