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994 - White God Festival, Middle-level ⑧

The aerial gondola ride was very enjoyable, with beautiful views and occasional explanations from Sky-san.

Sky-san is a very kind and caring person, and it was easy for everyone to ask her questions.

Even Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, who were a little nervous around her at first, had no problem asking her questions.



[……Sky-san, you’re very friendly, or rather, someone easy to talk to, aren’t you We’re grateful for that but, errr…… Being a God and all that, is it really alright I mean, won’t our actions be considered rude or something]



When Aoi-chan asked this, Sky-san spoke with a gentle smile.



[I think it depends on each person.

Of course, there are those who care about solemnity, and I don’t think that they’re mistaken to think as such.

However, I believe that the way to treat people should be tailored to each individual.

For me personally, I like it better when like this than being treated strangely exaggeratedly.]

[We’re also glad to hear you say that.]


Besides, being formal isn’t the only way to show respect to others.

Just by asking me with such concern is enough for me to know that Aoi-san respects me, which makes me happy.]



Sky-san really is a very nice person.

How should I say this…… I’m really glad that Sky-san was the one who guided us, or rather, I think I was really lucky that Sky-san was the one I drew from the garapon lottery.

For example, if it was someone like Chronois-san, even though she was kind and lenient at heart, we would have been intimidated by her majestic presence.



Especially for my kouhais Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, as well as Luna-san and Sieg-san, who don’t have as deep a connection with the God Realm as Lilia-san does, I think they would have been nervous just because the other party is a High-ranking God.

My family’s Anima, Caraway, Eta and Theta were basically not timid in situations like that, so they should be alright while Lilia-san, well, I feel like she would be just like usual, so I guess she’d also be alright.



[Sky-san! Where are we going next]



Hina-chan seemed to have already grown quite fond of the kind Sky-san,as she was talking to her with a happy expression on her face, which made me smile.



[I’m thinking of going next to an event everyone can participate in.

Since this festival is aimed at the general public, we have prepared opportunities for non-wealthy people to get their hands on luxury goods such as Shallow Grande.

One of them is a multiple-choice quiz, which is almost about to be held, so how about we try participating]

[A quiz]

[Yes, it’s a quiz where the emcee asks questions with four choices, and the ground is divided into numbers 1 to 4.

The players would then move to the place where they think the correct answer is.]



Is it something like those quiz game shows I saw on TV That certainly is easy for people to participate in, and even if the participants don’t know the answer, they would still have a chance of getting the question right.

Thinking that it sounded interesting, I decided to join their conversation.



[……That sounds interesting.

What kind of quiz are they going to have]

[The main purpose of this festival is the interaction between the Gods Realm and the rest of the world, so there are many questions related to the Gods Realm and the Gods.

For example, let’s see…… Like, they would have me appear on stage and ask “What kind of God is this High-ranking God” or something like that.]

[Uuuu, that sounds pretty difficult.

To be honest, I don’t have confidence in winning now.]

[Don’t worry, Hina-san.

I, Luna and Sieg have also never seen the aces of most High-ranking Gods, and I think there are more questions that we don’t know, but that should also be the same case for the other participants.]



Hearing Hina-chan’s anxious words, Lilia-san told her this.

I see, now that she mentioned it, High-ranking Gods originally only visited the Human Realm once a year on occasions such as giving their blessings to the rulers of each country, so most people wouldn’t know their faces or names.

Thus, it would end up as a game where luck is the major factor, and considering how this quiz is set up, it’s highly likely that the Gods that would appear would leave a lasting impression on the participants and remember them even after the festival is over.

In terms of letting people know about the God Realm, I think this is pretty effective and well thought out.



[Yes, besides, with our physical features, some of the questions are easy to guess.

For example, in my case, my hair and eyes are sky blue, so if you associate these factors with the choices, you may be able to narrow down your choices.]

[I see, if everyone is just completely guessing, Kaito-san would have an overwhelming advantage, but if one logically thinks about it based on Gods’ physical features, everyone would have equal opportunities.]



I think Aoi-chan’s words make sense.

I certainly am very lucky thanks to Shiro-san’s blessing, and if I choose completely randomly, it’s likely that I’d get the right answer.

However, if one had to choose based on thoughts rather than intuition, I wouldn’t be able to just let my luck lead me and I would be able to enjoy this game along with everyone else.

This suddenly made me look forward to participating in that event.
















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