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“I can’t be beautiful.”


Vian said as rubbed his lips roughly with his hand.

The beautiful red color was gradually becoming hazy.


It was so beautiful… I was surprised, though, because I didn’t expect him to put on the lipstick so easily.


“I’m sure Vian’s in a bright red dress will be stunning too…”


“What are you talking about I’m a man.”


Vian did not say anything else.

He seemed to be waiting for me to speak.


He was looking at me with some hope.


Maybe this was the reason why he and Victor didn’t get along 


Was he shocked to find out that his brother, the smart, strong, and cool man of his dreams, was actually a sloppy crossdresser … It’s possible with Victor’s personality.


“Why don’t you say something”


I thought about Vian’s words for a moment and then answered.


“You are attractive because the prince was a man.

It’s because you are neutral that you can be attractive in a way that women can’t.”


“My father and brother both despised me… It’s strange that I have the ability to attract people.

It’s frustrating.

I know being too involved with you is a terrible thing, but my brother and I are both getting more and more involved with you.”


Vian said this with a happy laugh.


What a lovely person he is.

I couldn’t recall the killing spirit he showed just a few minutes ago.

This made me wonder if the killing spirit was made up to protect himself.


“…I told you a secret, so you should tell me one, too.

This is unfair.”


Vian opened his mouth in disapproval.


“My secret”



You are full of secrets.

Your name Ria is probably not even your real name.”


As he looked at me, a demon and an angel suddenly appeared in my brain, each whispering.


[You’re being tricked, you better not say anything!!!]


[Now that you know the prince’s secrets, can’t you at least tell him one]


[What if he kills you for it It’s a trap!]


[But it’s not fair.]


…The angel’s voice was far too powerful.

And it was supposed to be my angel side that was stopping me!


I prepared myself and looked straight at Vian.


“I am Alicia of House Williams, one of the five noble families of the Duelkis Kingdom.”


Vian never looked away from me.

His eyes widened a little, but then his face broke into a smile.


“Isn’t that the best”




“You’re not supposed to be a lady, right I’ve never heard anything negative about the Williams family…what kind of mindset would drive you to achieve such high levels of skill I’m just stunned by your potential.

Oh! So, you can use magic too! I mean, how could you be a lady and end up with only one eye Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to bounce off any sarcasm.”


Vian was talking at an unbelievable speed.


He didn’t even give me a chance to respond.

I couldn’t answer all of his questions at once.


“You didn’t think I was a spy”


This was the first thing out of my mouth, and Vian looked a bit crestfallen, then immediately burst out laughing.

I was unable to sense any of the glamor he had earlier.


“The super high-spec daughter of Duelkis Kingdom was in Ravaal Kingdom I couldn’t imagine you as anything other than a spy! But isn’t it nice The Ravaal Kingdom will not be defeated so easily.”


Vian replied with a confident expression on his face.


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