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“Gray, prepare to cast your spell.

Scorpion warriors, charge forward and break through the enemys forward camp.

Undead soldiers, hunt down the enemy heroes! Move out!”

At the moment of Richards order, an orange-red fireball suddenly ignited in the hands of the flame demon commander on the war chariot.

It emitted an exceedingly hot temperature.

Even the light rays were distorted.

The fireball pulled out a long flame tail in the air with a wave of its hand.

It was like a rolling snowball.

Every time it flew a distance, it became stronger.

It had already become a terrifying fireball with a diameter of two meters after a distance of 100 meters.

“Everyone, activate the Sand Transformation and avoid that fireball!”

Richards expression changed.

The moment he gave the order, he activated the Sand Transformation first.

The C-rank Sand Transformation of a soldier was still unable to negate magic damage, but it could highly increase the ability to recover health.

At this critical moment, Gray continued to cast curse words.

The mind of the demon that besieged the scorpion warrior rumbled.

Its body suddenly stiffened, and confusion appeared in its eyes.

The scorpion warrior took this opportunity while it dodged and directly charged into the demon…


The fireball smashed right in front of the scorpion warrior.

Even though it tried its best to lower its body, the terrifying flames enveloped the scorpion warrior.

The flames were extremely violent.

Not only the scorpion warrior was enveloped, but all the demons in the surroundings.


Grays curse language controlled the demons in front and directly took all the damage.

The battle continued to sizzle.

The smell of burnt hair and the stench of blood and flesh filled every corner of the battlefield.

Flames rose.

The goat-horned demons buckled the four crossbows on the demon chariots, and arrows as thick as a babys arm shot out.

The thick arrows directly penetrated the troop in front, and Richard was right in the path of these arrows.

He only felt that his chest was empty, and a big hole had appeared.

The sand in the other parts of his body immediately filled up the hole.So he did not feel the air leak from his chest for too long.

Five minutes…! This fireball had a cooldown time of five minutes.

He had to overpower this flame demon commander within five minutes at all costs!

“Attack! Kill the demon commander!!”

In the endless flames, the scorched scorpion warrior suddenly rushed out.

The high temperature of the flame still covered its body.

Although its aura was much weaker, its combat strength was still there.

In other words, the undead with unique vitality, if replaced with ordinary life, three lives will also die.

The demons in front of them, whose movements were restricted, had their souls devoured by the fireballs, which allowed the scorpion warrior to charge forward more smoothly.

After the troops activated the Sand Transformation, these warriors ignored the attacks of the other demons.

Their target was the flame demon commander.

It was the gravest threat!

The bandaged mummy was no longer defensive at this moment.

All of them charged forward.

They wanted to tear a hole in the undead soldiers of the Axe of the Dead.


When the flame demon commander saw that these undead soldiers still dared to lunge forward, it could not help but sneer.

With a wave of its hand, the aura of the demons in front of him suddenly became violent.

[C-rank Bloodlust skill, strength increases by 50%.]

[C-rank Petrified Skin, defense increases by 50%.]

These two C-rank skills were pronouncedly much stronger than the 30% increase in attributes of the D-rank skills.

The aura of the demon troop in front of Richard increased explosively!

At the back, Richard continuously commanded the troop to break through.

For the first time, he felt heavy pressure.

But the more it was like this, the more eager and crazy he became.

Fresh blood ignited his fighting spirit.

“The scorpion warriors will spearhead.

The bandaged mummies will tie up the other demons.

Ignore the others and get as close to the demon commander as possible!”

Even though the demons had gained additional power blessings, his strength soared tremendously.

However, the Sand Transformation skill that Richard had bestowed upon them could help the soldiers and warriors deal with the physical damage.

It was a battle between commanders.

After the Twilight City troops annihilated more than five squadrons of inferior, fallen, and goat-horned demons, they finally approached within 50-meter range of the demon chariot.

The flame demon commanders hand heaved terrible fireballs again at this time.

Five minutes had passed.

“Its happening again!”

Richards pupils tightened.

“Gray! Prepare to unleash the Soul Command spirit! On my command!”

The flame demon commander needed a few breaths to congeal the fireball.

It is the only gap.


The mysterious spell from Grays mouth whispered…

Richard stared at the flame demon commander.

He waited for the flame in his hand to rise to a limit of the moment.

Drink cold.

“Do it!”

Richards orders were the supreme iron law.

And the dark light flashed on Grays body, prepared for a long time.

The flame demon commander grinned and was about to throw the fireball, but its arm stiffened on the spot in the next moment.

[Soul Command (A-rank) — Forcefully controls the enemys soul.

Command the enemy to make a move.

When the command is not given, the enemy will break free from control after 5 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.

Consumes 100 power magic.]

‘The flame demon is now under control!!!

Richard was pleasantly surprised as he waved his hand.


The troop of Twilight City surged forward once again.

As long as they charged into 40 meters, they would be able to enter the attack range of the Axe of the Dead…

Death was staring at the enemy.

The fireball that had lost control began to expand violently.

The terrifying and scorching temperature made the flame demon commander, whose mind was in chaos, feel a great danger.

The flame demon suddenly woke up from the chaos.

It sensed that the fireball in its hand was about to lose control.

Its face changed greatly and wanted to use the fireball to regain control.

However, the flame demon realized that… It had lost control of its body.

Then, under its gaze, the flame demon raised the fireball with its arm…and pressed it toward his face.

“Damn it!!”


The fireball that had gone out of control finally reached its limit.


The scorching flames exploded on the face of the flame demon.

The vehement flames engulfed its body and the flame demon around the chariot.

The crossbows and the four goat-horned demons on the chariot were on fire.

“Ah!!!” The flame demon excruciatingly expelled an incomparably shrill scream and jumped off the chariot.

However, the flames were too great, and one could only see the human figure writhing wildly.

Chains bound the 20 double-headed demons that pulled the chariot.

There was nothing they could do, even if they wanted to escape.

They were burned alive.

Those affected demons around the chariot who did not die still burned into cripples…

This scene that affected the battle situation allowed the scorpion warriors to seize the opportunity to break through and lunge forward.

They forcefully tore apart the demon formation in front of them and swiftly advanced to within 30 meters of the war demon chariot.

The scorching flames gradually dissipated at this moment.

The war chariot revealed a half-kneeled body.

Most of its face had already turned into dry bones as if it was a malicious spirit from hell.

The half-kneeling figures armor was starkly charred black.

But its chest pain that still heaved shocked the scorpion warriors.

The flame demon commander had unconsciously endured its own magic and was still alive.

The half-kneeling demon suddenly raised its head and looked at the scorpion warrior in front with extreme hatred.

The abyssal blasphemy carried endless unimaginable fury.

“Kill them!!! I will crush their souls!!!”

However, the moment the flame demon finished speaking, tomahawks with chains appeared in its sight…


It felt pain in the chest, neck, head, arms, abdomen… A new pain spread all over its body.

‘Clan! Clang!

When the last tomahawk struck its head, the flame demon commander only felt a pain that tore through its soul.

Its vision went black, and it lost consciousness…

‘Thump! It laid on the side of the war chariot.

Below was a raging flame that has not yet unextinguished.


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