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Su Qianrou knew that even though she was not accepted by Blue Whale Media, her talent was enough to attract the attention of the higher-ups.

The receptionist said that the CEO had watched her video

Thinking about this, Su Qianrou felt a sense of superiority.

Seeing her walk over, the receptionists immediately stopped talking.

“Please help me pass the message,” Su qianrou said loudly.

“I have something important to discuss with Manager Ren.”

“Hello, madam.” The receptionist bowed.

“Do you have an appointment”

“No,” Su Qianrou smiled.

“Im sorry, you need an appointment,” the receptionist said.

“Make an exception,” Su Qianrou said calmly, “Im the one you were talking about, Ms.


The two receptionists were shocked by her words.

One of them had indeed heard Su Jis song through Ren Guanghuas repost today, but she had not seen Su Jis face.

According to the higher-ups, Ms.

Su was gorgeous, but the one in front of them was…

The receptionists looked at each other and didnt know what to do.

Ren Guanghua came back just in time.

“Manager Ren,” the receptionist called out to him, “Ms.

Su is looking for you.”

Ren Guanghua didnt like people who showed up without an appointment.

He frowned and glanced at Su Qianrou.

Looking at her confident smile, Ren Guanghua suddenly remembered.

Wasnt this the second miss of the Su family

“What are you doing here The decision has been sent to your email, right” he frowned.

He continued walking as he spoke.

Su Qianrou followed behind him and kept on explaining why she wanted to join the company.

Because she said that she was the “Ms.

Su” in the video, no one stopped her for the time being.

Ren Guanghua stepped into the elevator and said firmly, “the recruitment process is strict.

I dont have the final say.

Please leave.”

He did not invite her in.

Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Su Qianrou added, “Im the daughter of the Su family.

Are you sure you dont want to ask for the CEOs opinion The Pei family and the Su family are close!”

Although Ren Guanghua knew that she was not the same Ms.

Su in the video, he thought it would be safer to call the boss.

The elevator door opened and Ren Guanghua called the CEO.

The phone was picked up at the last ring.

Ren Guanghua briefly explained what happened.

This time, he had learned his lesson.

He said everything in one go and didnt forget to emphasize that it was not Ms.

Su Ji, but her sister.

As expected, Pei Huai immediately lost interest after hearing this.

“Except for Su Ji, Im not interested in any other Ms.


“Yes, boss!”

After hanging up the phone, Ren Guanghua realized something.

In other words, if there was anything about Ms.

Su Ji in the future, he could report it directly to him

He took a deep breath and quickly entered the group chat.

He heard the sound of a car honk on the phone.

Was the boss outside

Suddenly, the image of his boss driving to school to peek at his crush appeared in his mind.

Ren Guanghua smiled wretchedly and quickly shook away those images.

What nonsense was I thinking

The boss was known for his workaholic nature, so he must be out for business.

The scene changed, and a Rolls-Royce slowly stopped at the entrance of Kyokushin.

Ren Guanghua, be more confident!

You were right!



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