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Chapter 102 – Girl and magic training – Part two

Refine magic energy.

Picture magic.

Release magic energy in the form of magic.


When I release magic energy, I get tired, and feel like something left my body.

Freinet says it varies from person to person, but magic energy is something that keeps increasing.

She also says that most people don’t have magic energy, but I have a lot.

I take breaks from time to time.

I sit down on the ground, resting my back on Riruha, and look up at the sky.

This air feels nice, and the smell of the earth is nice too.

I really like these moments when I can relax with people I love.

It’s because I want to protect moments like these that I want to become stronger.

I love this daily life, and it’s very dear to me.

I love this casual daily life from the bottom of my heart, and I’m happy I get to spend my days like this.

I never felt like this in the village where I was born.

I never knew such fun, happy days.

That’s why this is all so important to me.

If I was given all of this from the start, I might have never realized how important it is to me.

“It feels nice…”



Riruha agrees.

I want to protect everyone and make a place we will never have to lose.

I want this daily life to go on forever.

These strong feelings are why I can do my best no matter how many times I fail.

“Riruha, Kamiha, Freinet… I like you a lot.”


(We do too.)”



“I like you too Lerunda.”

They say, and I smile.

I get up to continue training.

Over and over again, time and time again.

I keep repeating, and advancing little by little.

“…I’m floating.”

My body separates itself from the ground just a little.

It’s not flying, it’s just floating, but I feel like I made a little progress.

“You did it Lerunda.”

“I will, float even more.”

I say to Freinet, and try to float a little higher.

“Gurugurugururuu (What if she falls)”

“Guruguru! (We will catch her!)”

Kamiha is worried about what I said, but Riruha reassures me that they’ll help me.

They’re here for me even if I fail, so I don’t feel scared at all.

I focus my magic energy to control it better.

Up, up.

I picture myself going up.

Being able to float by myself, without anyone’s help, makes me really happy.

The things I can do are slowly increasing.


I go to a high place and look down.

There are trees as far as the eye can see, but I can also see the village we built with our own hands.

It looks different from up here.

There is a faint light coming from the small spirit tree, and it gives the village a sort of mystical look.

I can’t wait for it to become bigger so I can see what it looks like from up here.

I start wondering if I can move through the sky, but it looks like I can’t quite do that yet.

I’m sure it will feel great when I can move freely through the sky.


I look down, a little far away, and see a group of people.

They don’t seem to be from our village.

I get scared when I notice this.

Are people coming here to threaten us again We just started living in a new place, and I’m feeling really good about it too.


“Are they, being attacked”

It looks like those people are being attacked by some sort of monster that looks like a beast, and running away.

Maybe they are the kind of people that hurt my family and friends, but still…

“Riruha, Kamiha, Freinet, let’s help.”

I can’t just leave them.

Dying means never seeing that person again, like mister Athos.

It means never smiling or getting angry again.

It means that person completely loses their future.

I think that’s really sad.

When I think about it like that, I can’t leave them even if there’s a chance that they’ll hurt us.

I want to save people I can save.

—Girl and magic training – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko practices magic until she notices some people.

Even though they might be enemies, she wants to save them.)


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