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I go to where grandma lives with her son, mister Oshashio, and I see a lot of people gathered around their house.

That’s proof of how much people here love her.


I go in, and see grandma laying on her bed.

Miss Zeshihi and mister Sileva are next to her, with grim looks on their faces.

Grandma was looking well the last time I saw her, but now looks ill.


“You’re here Lerunda…”

“Yes… Grandma, are you in pain somewhere I can use holy magic to make it better! If you need medicine, I can make it with miss Zeshihi!”

Why are they looking so depressed I have a bad feeling about this, and talk to try to shake it off.

“Grandma, I…”

“It’s fine, Lerunda.”

Grandma says with a weak voice.

It sounds like she’s given up.

“…That is not why I’ve collapsed, Lerunda.”

It sounds like she’s given up, but at the same time she doesn’t sound sad.

“What does that…”

“Lerunda, I think my time has come.”

“Time has come…”


Living beings have a limited life span, and I’ve lived quite a lot for a beast person.”

She says with a kind look on her face.

Life span… In the village where I was born there was an old man who taught me things, and he died from old age.

Every living being dies eventually.

It’s obvious, and I understand that.

But when I’m actually faced with that reality, it has a big impact on me.

It’s like my brain understands it, but my heart doesn’t.

When living beings reach the end of their life span, they die.

“…Grandma, are you dying”

Saying this is devastating.

Really… Is she dying This shakes my heart so much, I feel like I’m going to start crying at any moment.

I look at miss Zeshihi.

Can’t she make medicine to heal whatever isn’t right She shakes her head, with a sad face.

“Lerunda… People die.

Everyone dies eventually.

I… Lived a long life.

I enjoyed my life plenty, so please don’t look so sad.”

Grandma smiles.

She doesn’t look sad at all.

She looks satisfied.

“But… If I…”

“No Lerunda.

You can’t make people live forever, even if you are the miko.”

Grandma can’t sit up in her bed.

She can still speak clearly but… Apparently her time is coming soon.


The miko is a special being, but not one that can do everything.

Why can’t my power do something about this When mister Athos died, miss Lan said it would’ve been worse if I wasn’t around, but I still hate it when I lose someone.

Still, there are things I can do nothing about, no matter how much I don’t like them.

A person’s lifespan ending is one of those things.

“I am satisfied with this.

Everyone is safe, and they all gathered here out of concern for me.

This is enough for me to be happy.”

I’m sad that grandma is going away, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I don’t understand how she can accept her death.

Maybe I will when it’s my turn.

All I can think about now is how sad it is.

“Thankfully, I don’t think I will die right away.

So… I want to enjoy the time I have left.

I want to enjoy this time with all of you.”


Grandma accepts that she will die soon.

She knows it somehow.

I’m very sad but… I want to enjoy the time she has left, just like she says, so I try to stop looking sad.

My heart hurts and I want to cry, but I love grandma, so I want to honor her wish.

“Grandma… We will think of how, to make this time fun.”

Grandma smiles gently.

I love her smile, it always makes me feel at ease.

My heart feels warm every time I see it.

It’s said that when people die, they return to the sky.

No one knows for sure where people go when they die, but I want grandma to start her journey without a care in her mind.

—Girl and grandma – Part two

(The miko goes to see grandma after she collapsed.

They talk, and she decides she wants to make grandma’s wish come true.)


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