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Chapter 234 – The father’s last moments

Why did this have to happen to me

I’ve become a slave.

I’m the miko’s father.

I should’ve gone to the great temple and be happy there until the day I die.

If only that Lerunda didn’t resent us so much…

Just thinking about that creepy girl makes me irritated.

If that thing we raised was at least a little grateful towards us, my wife would still be alive.

She and I managed to somehow escape during the conflict in Fairytrof.

Our future didn’t look bright if we stayed there, but even though we escaped, my wife still collapsed and died due to her illness.

I had nowhere to go, and before I knew, I entered the territory of the kingdom of Migha and was made a slave.

Why is this happening to me

I’ve heard some things about Alice too.

She was taken in by someone and she’s alive and happy, even though people say she pretended to be the miko.

This is so absurd.

Why did this happen to me I did so much for Alice too.

If I wasn’t a slave I would go to Alice, but I can’t do anything with this collar around my neck.

Good grief, and that Alice too… I raised her, and she’s doing nothing to save me from slavery.

I feel all this anger, but all I can do is obey my master.

Why does the father of the miko have to work as a slave It’s all because that thing’s not grateful to me for raising it, and Alice isn’t coming to my aid even though I raised her too.

What ungrateful children.

“Hey! What are you mumbling over there!!”

“Get to work!!”

The mansion where I’m working has a lot of slaves, including other races called beast people.

I’m treated the same as these people of other races.

That doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Why am I seen as equal to these beasts

So irritating.

My wife and I were so relieved when we escaped from Fairytrof.

I can’t accept how far I’ve fallen.

I’ll escape one day, and I’ll find Alice and that thing.

I’ll make them take responsibility for everything that’s happening to me.

I keep thinking this until eventually a slave uprising happens, and I do manage to escape.

The slave collar is still around my neck, but I know where Alice is and I’m going to make my way there.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that people accusing Alice of pretending to be the miko have revealed her location.

I’m going to a town on the border between Fairytrof and Migha.

The problem now is that it’s too reckless to cross the border alone.

Trying to sneakily make my way to Alice without anyone noticing probably wasn’t a good idea.

As I’m walking through a place without a single person nearby, I encounter a wolf.

Apparently the forest that’s both in Fairytrof and Migha is full of them.

This forest has been known as a place where people shouldn’t go for a long time, precisely because it’s full of monsters.

This applies to the area close to the forest too, because monsters sometimes wander outside.

However, since my village was close to the forest and was never attacked, and I myself have never been attacked by monsters, I got careless.


I hear growling.

The wolf is looking at me as if stalking its prey.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Go away!!”

I yell and try to run, but a human like me can’t outrun a wolf monster.


The growl is getting closer, and so are the sharp fangs and big mouth.

My life is flashing before my eyes.

The day I met my wife, when she gave birth, Alice and that thing, living in the temple…

These memories are running around in my mind.

Where did I go wrong What should I have done differently

The last thing I see is the wolf’s big mouth, and before I know it, I can’t even think.

—The father’s last moments

(The curtain closes on the father of the miko and her sister.

He loses his life with no one around to see him go.)


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