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Chapter 277 – Girl and people returning – Part three

“A village With humans”

“Yes, a human village.

And they said it belongs to a place called Kingdom of Lunid.”

“I’ve never heard of that country.”

“Yes, me neither.

This forest is so big, that we know pretty much nothing about what’s on the other side.”

As I listen to Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi, I get the feeling that we came really far.

We don’t know anything about the world beyond this forest.

What kind of people live there What did Mister Nirushi see

“There were mostly humans there, but there were people of other races too.

There were people that felt different from Mister Sileva and the others, but are probably elves too, and a race of people that is shorter than humans.

We didn’t see them in that village, but we spotted them in a bigger town.”

“Oh! Tell me more about them!”

“…Lan, I’ll explain more later, so just listen for now.”

Miss Lan is really excited to hear about races she’s never seen, but she settles down when Mister Nirushi asks her to be patient.

Still, elves that are different from Mister Sileva and the others Did they form contracts with different spirits instead of wind and earth spirits They did say that there are elves who form contracts with spirits of other elements.

I’d really like to meet them.

Almost all spirits here are earth spirits, and there are a few wind spirits like Freinet.

I wonder what the other spirits are like.

And what are those short people like

“From what we saw in that town, humans and other races seem to have a friendly relationship.

It’s not like there isn’t any trouble at all between them, but I thought what we saw was almost the ideal relationship.

It’s a very big country, so apparently they do have slaves, but they aren’t just attacking people because they’re beast people and forcing them into slavery.

We didn’t see any beast people, but that’s probably because there aren’t any in that country to begin with.

We didn’t get to look that deeply into it.

Also, we managed to get some money.

We memorized the route to that country too, so it will be easier to get there next time we want to go.

That’s pretty much all we have to report.”

“Finding a new country beyond the forest is a big enough discovery.

And I’m very relieved to see you all came back safely too.”

Says Mister Dongu, and I agree.

They went out to explore for the sake of this village, and I’d be happy to see them return safely even if they didn’t find anything.

I’m sure everyone here feels the same way.

“I agree, I’m also glad to see you came back safe and sound.

And you even brought us money from that country.

That’s good news.

And did you manage to hide that you are beast people”

“Yes, we made sure of that.

It should be fine, and we covered our tracks when we came back too.”

“That’s good.

This village is still small, and there’s still a lot we have to do.

It would be terrible if something were to happen, so we have to be very careful.”

Say Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi, and I think it’s true.

I’m excited about meeting new people, but we don’t know how this country we know nothing about will influence our village.

I don’t have a bad feeling about this for now, but maybe I will if I visit that country.

It would be terrible if that country had a bad influence on our village now that it’s coming together nicely.

Right now it feels like this pleasant time will go on forever, but that’s probably not true.

When Mister Athos died and we were chased from that village, the scenery around me changed in the blink of an eye.

The same thing could happen again.

“So, what about you What happened here”

“Let’s start with the dragon on Lerunda’s back.

The winged people’s god is a giant dragon.

This dragon wished to meet Lerunda, and she obliged.

And then when they met, this dragon god gave her a dragon which is a separate body of his.”

“Ah! You let her do something that dangerous!”

Mister Nirushi sounds shocked by what Miss Lan said, and the other people who were out exploring also turn my way.

“Lerunda didn’t have a bad feeling about it, and said she wanted to meet their god too, so she went after promising me she would make it back safely.

And since Lerunda returned with this separate body of their god, our relationship with Mister Villa and the other winged people is now friendlier.”

“…I see.

That’s fine I guess.

But isn’t it dangerous having it on your back”

Asks Mister Nirushi while looking at Doanea, who apparently doesn’t like it.

“Pikiiiiiiiiii! (What exactly are you implying I will do!)”

Doanea’s magic energy is starting to overflow… I have to stop it.

Doanea doesn’t like what Mister Nirushi said, so they’re trying to overpower him with magic energy, but Freinet and I rush to stop it.

—Girl and people returning – Part three

(The miko is excited about meeting new people as she hears the report, but doesn’t forget they have to be cautious.)


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