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Chapter 282 – Girl and the second picture book – Part two

On the title page there is the same drawing of me and Reimar that’s on the cover.

‘The girl was taken deep into the forest by the horse.’

This text is accompanied by a drawing of me riding Scifo.

It says Scifo is taking me into the forest, and he looks really happy to see his drawing.

The gryphons are anxiously waiting for them to show up too.

I turn the page, while thinking they’re cute.

‘And then, the girl met gryphons.’

The illustration shows me standing in front of the gryphons and next to Scifo, with an uneasy look on my face.

I was scared of the gryphons at first.

It was scary being surrounded by monsters that were so much bigger than me.

It’s hard to believe I felt that way, considering how close we are now.

Someone who only knows us the way we are now would probably be surprised to hear I was ever scared of them.

‘The gryphons were kind to the girl.

This kindness made her feel at ease.’

The illustration shows the gryphons giving me things like fruit, and me smiling with a more relaxed expression.

The gryphons really were nice to me right after they met me.

‘And then, the girl fell asleep, as she felt relieved.’

I’m drawn sleeping surrounded by gryphons.

I look really happy sleeping with the gryphons and Scifo by my side.

We should all take a nap outside together next time.

‘And thus, the girl began to live in the gryphon’s nest.’

There’s a double page that shows me living with the gryphons.

It shows me brushing them, looking for fruit with them, and other things.

I feel really happy seeing these really precious days I spent with the gryphons and Scifo in book form.

‘But one day, one of the gryphons returned injured.’

This phrase is accompanied by an illustration of me looking panicked in front of an injured Reimar.

The little gryphons happily say ‘Gurururururururu! (We’re here too!)’ while looking at the picture book.

They’re all standing near me in the illustration.

‘The girl prayed, wishing for those who were important to her to never be hurt again.’

It shows me praying in front of the injured Reimar.

‘And then, a miracle happened.

The gryphon’s wounds were healed, and her feathers turned into a golden color.’

In reality, Reimar became golden while I was sleeping, but it was changed to her becoming golden right in front of me to make it easier to understand.

‘The girl and the gryphons’ hearts danced with joy.’

The picture book ends here, just as my prayer turned Reimar into a ‘knight of the miko’.


(I wasn’t in it a lot.)”


(I’m glad I was in it.)”


(And I’m glad we’re in the back cover too.)”



(Put me in it as well.

This is not fair.)”

“It’s going to be a while, but eventually I’ll be in a picture book too.

I can’t wait.”

Everyone voices their thoughts.

“What do you think Is there anything you want to change”


It’s all, really lovely.”

Miss Lan asks if I want to change anything, but I think it’s perfect.

She smiles after I respond.

Seeing her smile like this makes me happy too.

“Miss Lan, you’re going to be in a picture book soon too.”


Not in the next one, but I will eventually.

It’s a little embarrassing to think about myself being in a picture book like this, but this opportunity doesn’t come every day.

I’m strangely excited for it.”

“Everyone will be in it.

I can’t wait.”

It’s a picture book about me, and everyone in the village will be in it too.

A story about this place we’ve been building little by little.

How is everyone going to be drawn I can’t wait to see.

Even though I’m still a little embarrassed…

“I believe we should produce more picture books more quickly to teach everyone about Miss Lerunda’s greatness.

It’s important to keep records of her path by way of this story.”

“Mister Ilma, I agree that Lerunda’s picture books are important but… There is still a lot we must do in this village.

Not to mention that it’s more effective if there is some time between picture books.

And if we keep releasing one after the other, we will just run out of material.”

Miss Lan tries to calm Mister Ilma, who wants to keep making picture books quickly.

He peeks my way, but when I say ‘let’s make them slowly’, he completely turns his opinion and says ‘of course, if that is what you wish Miss Lerunda!!’.

This picture book should be ready for release before my next birthday.

The prototype is great, so I can’t wait to see the finished book.

Chapter 282 – Girl and the second picture book – Part two

(The miko’s heart races with excitement as she reads the second picture book.)


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