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Chapter 302 – Girl and days without the educator – Part two

“Let’s go see Mister Douroean.”

“Pikiiiii (Let us.)”

“I’m going too.”

Doanea, Gaius, and I say.

Mister Douroean’s place isn’t that dangerous, so I can go with whoever wants to go.

The last time I went there, I had no idea what kind of being he even was.

But now we know exactly what he is, and Mister Dongu and the others don’t have a problem with us going.

Of course, that doesn’t mean kids like us can just go alone… It’s still kind of a long trip, and it feels like a big adventure for me.

That’s probably because I’ve barely left the village ever since we got here.

Reimar is coming with us.

She wants to come because she didn’t get to do it last time.

Mister Villa and the others will be coming with us, and take the opportunity to drop by their village.

They also say they want to be with Doanea, and apparently they feel like they have to come, since Mister Douroean is their god.

Shinomi also says she’s curious about all this, so she’s coming along.

“A dragon bigger than Doanea… I can’t wait to see him.”

“Shinomi, remember that last time Lerunda was the only one who talked to Mister Douroean.

I was too scared…”

That’s right.

Last time we went there, everyone lost their cool, so Freinet and I were the only ones who actually talked with Mister Douroean.

If he allows it, I’d be really happy if Gaius and the others could get along with him too.

“Pikiiiii, iiiii.

(Let us go, to see father.)”

Doanea sounds excited to meet Mister Douroean.

They don’t actually share the same memory.

Their shared memories end when they were separated.

Also, Miss Sinorn and Mister Sileva will be coming too.

We leave right away.

Our first stop is Mister Villa’s village.

It’s my second time going there, but I can’t help but be excited.

We all climb the mountain, and manage to follow the road without encountering any dangerous monsters.

Gaius and Shinomi look like they’re having fun.

The adults feel different than before too.

It feels more relaxed, like we’re having a picnic or something.

“What do you think, Doanea It’s the first time you’ve seen a mountain since your egg hatched.”


(Seeing it in my memories and seeing it with my own eyes feels very different.)”

Doanea is in a basket on my back, looking all over the place and sounding very moved by all this.

I guess knowing something from Mister Douroean’s memories and actually experiencing it are different things.

They may have been the same being at some point, but now they’re completely separate people.

Thinking about this makes me feel like dragons are really mysterious beings.

Even just the idea of creating a separate body is weird to me, so I’m really looking forward to asking things I didn’t get to ask last time.

What am I going to ask What am I going to talk about

That’s all that’s on my mind as I walk.

“Hey Lerunda, how big is Mister Douroean”

“A lot bigger than a house.

I look really tiny when I’m next to him.”

“That big… I’ve never seen a living being that big.”

I’m sure Shinomi heard about Mister Douroean from Gaius and the other villagers that came with us last time.

She’s smiling a lot, probably because she’s looking forward to meeting such a large being.

“I… Don’t want to get scared like last time… I’m going all the way there, so I want to at least try talking to him, but I wonder…”

“It’s all right, Gaius.

I’ll be with you.”

I try to reassure Gaius, who missed his chance to talk to Mister Douroean last time because he was so scared.

Mister Douroean said it’s unusual for someone to be able to stay composed and talk to him, but I hope one day he can relax and they can have fun talking normally.

I think about this while I talk to Shinomi and Gaius, and we reach Mister Villa’s village.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part two

(The miko goes to see the winged people’s god again.)



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