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Chapter 361 – Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part three

“Pikiiii, iiii (You left me, so now you need to pay a lot of attention to me.)”

“Sorry for going without you.”

I’m with Doanea, near the lake we built in the village.

It sounds like Doanea was lonely while I was in Migha.

The way Doanea speaks still sounds kind of pompous, but I guess they were worried because we haven’t been apart for this long since Doanea’s egg hatched.

It’s not like I could’ve taken a dragon like Doanea to a country of humans, but… Maybe one day, when this place becomes a big country where people are just used to having Doanea here, will I be able to take Doanea with me to other countries

Maybe that will happen if the day comes when I have to go to Migha as the miko.

But as I look at Doanea, I think about how even if that doesn’t happen, I want to at least introduce my family to Alice.

“One day, we will grant you your wish and take you to a country of humans!”

“You really like Doanea a lot, don’t you Mister Villa… Thank you for looking after Doanea while I was gone.”

“It was a privilege.”

As always, Mister Villa’s eyes sparkle as he looks at Doanea.

Mister Villa and his people worship Doanea and Mister Douroean from the bottom of their hearts.

This kind of worries me, but it looks like Doanea enjoys having the winged people around, so I leave it be for now.

I pet Doanea’s wings.

The scales feel cold.

I feel like Doanea’s gotten a little bigger while I was gone, but they’re still tiny for a dragon.

“Doanea, we can’t do it for now, but… We’ll go outside together one day.”



Doanea lets out a happy sounding cry and nods.

“But when that happens, please make sure you take us as well, Miss Lerunda.”

“Yes, but I’d have to talk to Miss Lan and the others first.”

Mister Villa and the others, the winged people, are a strange race.

Beast people can easily hide their ears and tails, but it’d be pretty hard for them to hide their big wings.

They’re very proud of their wings and the fact that they can fly too, so I imagine they’d hate the idea of hiding them anyway.

The people that came with us from Migha keep peeking at the winged people like they’ve never seen anyone like them before.

Also, they’re still saying they want to meet that god…Who is actually Gaius.

I see them saying that to Mister Nirushi and the others from time to time.

For Mister Nirushi, Gaius is just a wolf beast boy he’s known for a long time.

but for the ones that were attacked and enslaved by humans for a long time, Gaius is like a god because he can turn into a big wolf.

Sometimes I see Mister Nirushi with a troubled look on his face, because of this difference in perception.

I see him talking to Miss Lan and Mister Dongu about it too.

Mister Nirushi has been talking about saving the people enslaved by Migha ever since we met, but apparently having that wish granted isn’t the end of it.

It makes me think about how life goes on, and we always have to think about what comes next.

Saving them didn’t solve everything.

Even our dream to make a place where everyone can laugh together isn’t going to end the moment that becomes a reality.

The same goes for Mister Villa and the others.

I get along with Mister Douroean as the miko and received Doanea’s egg, so we have a friendly relationship with the winged people, but who knows if it will be that way forever.

They call me Miss Lerunda and acknowledge me ever since I received Doanea’s egg.

The winged people have been slowly getting closer to the other villagers too, but they generally don’t pay attention to people they’re not interested in.

Maybe it will be different when they have kids, and a new generation starts interacting more with us.

I want to make sure we’re still friends as this place changes and more people start living here.

I don’t want our relationship to turn bad after everything that happened, and after we started being friendly with each other.

Lots of things are going to change, and lots of things are going to stay the same, but I want our relationship to still be positive.

“Pikii, iii (What is the matter, Lerunda)”

“I was just thinking.”

I pet Doanea’s wings.

They feel nice and smooth.

They feel so nice and cool, that I start feeling drowsy.

Doanea says I can lean on them and sleep, so I take a nap.

When I wake up, I see Scifo is sleeping here too.

He wasn’t here before, so I laugh.

—Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part three

(The miko has a relaxing time with the dragon child.)



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