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Chapter 372 – Girl and expanding connections – Part two

I hear that country is called Rezzed, and is a part of something called Confederation of Saff, and relations between that confederation and Fairytrof are turning bad.


“It’s a country composed of small countries.

Countries come in different shapes.

There are countries ruled by a king, like Fairytrof and Migha, but there are countries where a king doesn’t rule over everything.

For example, there are countries that don’t have a king at all, and are governed by a few representatives, and countries like the Confederation of Saff, that are a union of small countries.”

I didn’t understand what a confederation was, so I asked Miss Lan and she explained it to me.

There really is a lot I don’t know.

After I was abandoned, I experienced lots of things that broadened my world, but I still have a lot to learn.

I need to study more.

Learning about these things is good for the village too.

Still, Confederation of Saff…

It’s to the east of Fairytrof.

I feel like I’ve heard a little about them from Mister Ilma, but not much.

But I don’t get a bad feeling after hearing those words.

Probably more related to Rezzed than Saff.

I trust this feeling, so I figure it will be all right if we get involved with them.

“Miss Lan, I think my intuition is telling me we can get involved with them.”

“If that’s the case, they are probably not bad people.

But trusting that too much will probably cause us trouble at some point, so we adults should contact them first.”


“Also, it’s only one of the countries of the Confederation of Saff that say they want to get involved.

I guess a confederation has many different ways of thinking.

They might not be a perfectly united country.”

They’re seen as a single country, but have different ways of thinking.

There are people who want to use me, but there might be others who want to get involved with me for other reasons.

I don’t get a bad feeling from Rezzed, but there might still be people who don’t think the same way as the others.

We really need to be careful with how we contact them.

But still, going to the Kingdom of Migha probably has to do with it, but I really want to see places I’ve never seen, and talk to people I’ve never talked to before.

“I wonder what Rezzed is like…”

“I’ve never been there either, so I can’t answer that.

We should ask Mister Ilma about that, and then discuss with everyone how to get involved with Rezzed.”

Says Miss Lan, and I think she’s right.

We can’t ignore everyone else’s views just because I don’t get a bad feeling and want to talk to other people.

But if we’re going to deepen our ties to the outside world in order to turn this into a country, I think we should get involved with more people.

But why do they want to get involved with me anyway

Miss Lan says it’s a small country that’s been gathering information, and learned of my existence.

It’s not like I have been spreading the word that I’m the miko, so it’s incredible that they managed to find out about me with the little information that’s available.

Their ability to gather information must be really great.

And the fact that they asked to get involved with me through Migha, means that they know I’m involved with Migha too.

What kind of people are they

Why do they want to get involved with me

But it’s not like thinking about it is going to bring me the answer.

I won’t know what they want until we talk to them.

Afterwards, Miss Lan went around the village talking about getting involved with Rezzed, and asking people their opinions.

Some people have reservations about getting involved with the outside world, but most approve of it for the sake of our goal.

I guess it’s hard to get everyone’s opinions, now that there’s more people here.

We can still talk to everyone and get everyone united, but… I know that’s not going to be possible as the population continues to grow.

But anyway, it’s been decided that we’ll talk to Rezzed.

This is going to happen in Migha, because we don’t want to bring people to the village that we’re not sure are our friends.

I wanted to go to Migha too, but people convinced me to stay.

They say I can meet them after they make sure that won’t be a problem.

Only adults are going to Migha to talk to the people from Rezzed.

Kids are staying in the village this time.

I don’t know what our relationship with Rezzed will be like, but I just hope it’s a good one.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part two

(People from the miko’s village decide to meet with people from Rezzed.)



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